A letter to Mr. James Comey, Director Federal Bureau of Investigation

I received this via email and I have not found anything to debunk the letter written by Hugh W. Galyean (FBI Agent, Retired). This is a LONG post too, and if you read it all you will find I have some commentary at the end of this story.

EDIT TO ADD; one of my friends messaged me, he was raised with Hugh Galyean and is very familiar with his background and assures me this is 100% real and accurate..

A letter to Mr. James Comey, Director Federal Bureau of Investigation

September 2, 2016

Mr. James Comey, Director Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

Sir, I am writing regarding your public statement in July, 2016 informing the American people that the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton was being closed without referring it to a Federal Grand Jury or the Attorney General of the U. S. for a decision whether or not to indict her. Strangely, you eloquently laid out enough of the evidence deduced from the investigation to strongly indicate there was abundant evidence uncovered during the investigation and interview of her to not only indict but to convict her in Federal Court. However, you personally re-worded and soft-pedaled the actions she took as Secretary of State describing her actions as “extremely careless” in using a personal email and un-secured server for her communications while Secretary of State. You rewrote the statute, which is not your job.

As a retired Special Agent of the FBI, I have standing to write this letter. My thirty years in law enforcement, including 22 years as a Special Agent with the FBI have given me the knowledge, expertise and experience to question and confront you for your perplexing actions, which (as you well know) were outside the normal standard operating procedure of the FBI and Federal judicial procedures. Some of the finest people in the world proudly carry the credentials of FBI Agent and you have soiled them and not allowed them to speak. But I will not be silent.

Sorry, but NO SIR, MS Clinton was not merely careless or extremely careless. She was not even negligent or grossly negligent (as the statute requires). Hillary Clinton was knowingly purposeful in her decisions and actions to set up a server under her exclusive control and possession in order to control what information was available to the American public and Congress regarding her actions as Secretary of State. Furthermore, she took those government owned communications into her personal possession after leaving her position and knowingly and willingly attempted to destroy them so her nefarious actions could never be known or used as evidence of her corrupt moral character against her. Sir, what possessed you? Did you cave in to political pressure to unilaterally come to this decision? I fear that is the case, and Rule of Law be damned. I am embarrassed for and ashamed of you. You have set a precedent that can never be rectified and certainly not justified. Shame on you, Sir. You ought to resign right now in disgrace for what you have done to tarnish the reputation of the finest Law Enforcement Agency in the world. for entirely political reasons.

Normally, an investigation will be assigned to an agent, or team of agents with one being the Case agent, or the lead investigator. When the investigation is complete, an investigative report will be presented to the U.S. Attorney for the Federal District involved. It would be the U.S. Attorney who decides whether to decline prosecution for that investigation. NOT the FBI agent. But in the Clinton investigation, YOU (unilaterally) decided not to forward the investigation to the U.S. Attorney or the Attorney General of the U.S. but, instead, personally made the decision not to prosecute her or even provide the information to a Federal Grand Jury. You were wrong to take this upon yourself. Sir, in order to indict a subject, only a preponderance of evidence , or 51% is needed for probable cause to exist. You did not think even that level of probability existed? Who do you think you are fooling? What judicial proceeding did you think you were following?

Throughout my years with the FBI, I (along with my fellow agents) took great pride in conducting each investigation in an unbiased manner regardless of the subject’s position or standing in the community. All were treated equally under the law. But you, Sir, decided to allow this corrupt, evil and nasty human being to go free and unchallenged for her treasonous actions (yes, treasonous, in my opinion) which threatened the security of this nation. Furthermore, you stopped short of investigating the Clinton Foundation as a RICO case (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization. This is a RICO case if there ever was one. Even an untrained person can tell from the communications which were recovered that Hillary Clinton spent more time working for the Clinton Foundation while Secretary of State than on State Business. It may be argued that Hillary did not do any State business UNLESS the Clinton Foundation benefitted. You decided to just let this uncomfortable truth alone without addressing it.

I will conclude with this: Following my retirement from the FBI, I volunteered for a 12 month tour of duty in Afghanistan as a Law Enforcement Professional, embedded with U.S. forces as a subject matter expert in counter-terrorism investigations. For most of that year I operated outside the wire patrolling with the troops, interviewing witnesses to IED incidents and gathering evidence on the bad guys. The results of my work would then be reported through secure channels to the Commanding Officer. All reports and communications were required to be transmitted via secure and encrypted devices. Occasionally my remote location in the mountains of Afghanistan made transmission impossible and I would have to fly back to Bagram Air Base in order to securely report to the Commander of the battle space. It would have been convenient if I could have just called the Commander on my personal cell phone or written him an email on my personal laptop. But, had I done so I would have been reporting classified information via an unsecured device and it could have been compromised.

These were, relative to Secretary of State communications, low level classifications of Secret. Had I ever sent even one in such a manner I would have been prosecuted and sent to Federal Prison for 20 years or so. That is how serious this violation is considered.

Now, because of you, Hillary Clinton is allowed to continue her RICO activities and is running for President of the United States, the most powerful position in the world. You have trampled on the Rule of Law and destroyed the trust of the American people in the FBI and in unbiased enforcement of the law. How do you sleep at night? It is time for you to go and work for the Clinton Foundation.


Hugh W. Galyean
(FBI Agent, Retired)

I know that members of Law Enforcement, on ALL levels, are angry at the FBI Director, James Comey, and I am fully aware that active Agents can’t make a statement in regards to this matter, but RETIRED FBI Agents can, and apparently are speaking out.

Sadly, there is nothing that neither can nor will be done as long as Barack Obama is in the Oval Office and his personal sycophant, Loretta Lynch is in charge of the Department of Justice.

James Comey and Loretta Lynch are neck deep in the Hillary Clinton scandals, at least as far as I am concerned; Did the FBI chief lie to Congress about the Hillary Clinton email probe?

Of course he did, and rank and file Agents KNOW he did. That is why the FBI has lost the credibility they once had, all because of the actions of the current Director, and the only thing that can repair the damage is a dissolution of the current hierarchy within the FBI and having them replaced with LAW OFFICERS that are dedicated to the enforcement of Federal law and are not involved in the political games being played in Washington.

Nothing will come of this IF Hillary Clinton becomes President.

I see, posts on Facebook asking, “Should Trump call for the arrest of Hillary Clinton? Type YES, type AMEN, shout halleluiah and *Praise Jesus* and it will come to pass along with your million dollar Lotto win but only IF you share this with 35,000 of your closest friends within the next 47.3 seconds” or some such crap.

The truth is this; Trump can call for Obama, Clinton and all the rest to be arrested and imprisoned from now until hell freezes over and it won’t mean a thing unless HE, Donald Trump is POTUS and names his own Attorney General and Cabinet.

Surely no thinking person actually believes that this den of thieves is going to take up an investigation of themselves, not one that won’t return a *no bill* from a Grand Jury.

Unless the cancer called The Democratic Party, and their enablers, the GOP, RINOs and apathetic cretins are removed from power all that will happen is one President will pardon the predecessor and so forth and so on into a never-ending cycle of crime and corruption.

As long as a person such as Loretta Lynch is in charge of the DOJ there will NEVER be a deep, comprehensive investigation of people like Obama and Clinton ever come to fruition.

This nation has one chance to save itself and it will entail a RISE of Patriots, led BY Patriots, not politicians, and it will be violent.

This nation was BORN of revolution; revolution may be the only way to save it and the TRUE American way of life.

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8 Responses to A letter to Mr. James Comey, Director Federal Bureau of Investigation

  1. Wayne says:

    HEAVY DUTY. I don’t know what to say except that if we had an honest PRESS they would have this letter plastered all over the place. Free press is in the Constitution but who gives a rats ass about that old document anymore? This country needs an enema.

  2. mystere says:

    Fred, I’m going to post a link on my Facebook page to your blog post and forward the link to another blog site run by a former aide to President Reagan, Mike’s America Blog to be exact. Mike has heard of your blog, and stopped by to read it before you were off line due to your move. He fully understands the case, having worked for Ronald Reagan, and has met the Clintons before and seen how vile they really are. On a side note, is your computer back, or did you use your wife’s computer to post this?

  3. dekare says:

    Two things come to mind. If Trump wins, he has stated he will personally set in motion, the investigation and hopefully, conviction of hiLIARy. And for this, I fear for him. The clintons have had a manner of dealing with those that could do harm to them that end in death. The clintons do not allow loose ends to remain out there. And with a Trump presidency, they know that this could be their demise. They are backed into a corner. And like all wild beasts in this situation, they will lash out with deadly consequence.

    A Trump presidency is not just the end of the clintons’ political careers, but an end to their very way of life of crime and corruption. And with their connections, I do not put it past them to make and attempt on Trump’s life.

    And then there is my second thought. If Trump loses, I fear that know one who is outside the uniparty that can truly make a positive change and bring us back to what our Founding Fathers planned for us, will ever run for president ever again. I mean, if a guy like Trump, who really does have a decently clean background, and a butt-load of money to make a run for president, can’t win, then why would anyone else ever try?

    I am sure that this attempt my Trump to become president has been taxing on him way more than just the money costs. To be honest, I am amazed at how he has done it physically.l I am younger than him by over 20 years, and I am not sure I could handle his schedule. Every day he is in another state giving a speech at a rally of thousands and tens of thousands….EVERY DAY…and sometime two a day, in different states. The man is a damn machine. How many other super wealthy guys would undertake this horrendous amount of work and expense, in both wealth and health? Not many. And if all they can get on Trump in this last ditch effort to sway the public to believe he is evil, is a thirty year old accusation that he touched a women, or that more than a decade ago, he bragged who easy it was to get hot women in Hollywood, well then Trump must be a damn boy scout. ‘

    If the media spent a tenth of the time on hiLIARy’s crooked foundation of bribery or her benghazi disaster or her email scandal, the world would have rid itself of her years ago.

    So, if Trump loses, no sane person would ever again try to fix this mess we call a political system. And that is what we need. Not another crooked politician that sees office as a personal ATM machine for themselves and not for the good of We The People.

  4. minuteman26 says:

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. So said Thomas Jefferson. If Clinton wins it will be time to refresh that tree.

    • Wayne says:

      I feel the same way minuteman. I don’t think it will start with the Republicans, Christians or anyone else on the side of our Constitutional Republic. It will start with the Progressives allied with their muslim brotherhood allies. That’s just how I see it.

      • cary says:

        … and we WILL finish it.

      • Edwar B. Levy says:

        I feel the same way. Where has our honest media gone. Can it be that we no longer any media: Print, TV, Radio, Social in this once great Republic, that can get a letter like this out to a “blind” public.
        It is a fact that out of 320,000,000 people, we do not have the pick-of-the-liter, but two runts running for office. As a senior, who has served his country with honor, I fear for my children & grandchildren like I have never been so afraid.Even in the 50’s when we hide under our desks, wore name tags, etc did I have so much fear. What does America have now. “I have eyes but I can not see, I have ears but I can not hear, I have lips, but I can not speak” WE must start all over, with a new 2nd major party, because the likes of: Bush Family, Romney, Ryan and the rest of the #never Trumps have given us a Dem President for at least the next 8 years, likewise both House and a super liberal Supreme Court for the next 20 years. Yes, I blame the GOP for its own downfall. and our corrupt media

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