Some of what the Liberals Don’t Understand

Some of what the Liberals Don’t Understand

Do all of you little snowflakes, cupcakes, Homo’s and Lezzies, anti-American, Sharia loving fools want to know HOW Donald J. Trump was elected, or WHY he was? Well, here’s a dose of American TRUTH for all of  you butt-hurt twinkle-toed wussies.

A group of radical women *march*, or in some cases, waddle all over American cities to protest Donald J. Trump and to demand he be impeached for violating their rights. It is sad that some believe this, and actually, to some degree, hilarious as well, given the fact that President Trump hasn’t DONE anything to deprive ANY woman of ANYTHING.  

These dregs of womanhood need to wake up and realize; they aren’t being deprived of so much as one thing. We ALL have rights to do whatever we want to do. These women looked like *beached whales*, if they are deprived of ANYTHING it’s damned sure not food. They need to look into a mirror and take notice of their hideousness and ask themselves WHY.

On November 8, 2016 there was a 30 MILLION Woman march too you know; that’s the number of WOMEN that marched to the polls to vote FOR Donald J. Trump.

How weird is that?

Some moron named Aziz Ansari goes on Saturday Night Live and says Trump supporters now believe they have *permission* to be *racists* again? Seriously?

I was pretty much non-racial until Obama came along, until I saw through him, the rise of the NAACP, Black Panthers and the likes of Je$$ie Jack$son and Al $harpton as they claimed they were owed for the trials and tribulations of 150 or more years ago, all the while these people RAPED the Black community.

I don’t care what color you are or where you came from as long as once you come here you become an American, nothing more, nothing less.

I was pretty much uncaring regarding what anyone not from or actually IN America thought of America until those that took the most FROM America demeaned and belittled Her the most.

I am NOT a homophobe nor am I an Islamophobe. To have a phobia, or to be defined as some type of *phobe* indicates some degree of fear for that object or group that causes your phobia and I am NOT afraid of Homo’s or Muslims, I simply find them to be disgusting in their beliefs and practices.

I saw pictures of *protesters*, male, female, and who knows what some of them were, but they were carrying signs saying *Patriotism is Racist* and claiming that saying *America First* was dark and dangerous and reminiscent of the NAZIs.

If that’s the case then I really AM a racist, but it’s OK, that clown Aziz Ansari said we now have *permission* to BE racists since Donald J. Trump is the President.

What these *snowflakes* just don’t realize is this; I am not alone, there are many MILLIONS more just like me in America and we WILL fight you, we won’t riot, we won’t loot, burn and steal, we WILL come after YOU and we WILL destroy you in the street before we let this nation fall to despicable cretins such as yourselves.

My words are mean, cruel and hurtful? Get used to it you bunch of pansies and freaks, this nation, and the decent people OF this nation are standing up for America and what’s RIGHT and we will not allow filth and trash such as you to take America back.

YOUR leaders aren’t warriors, soldiers and honest men, YOUR leaders are actors and only know how to *PLAY* at being leaders, warriors and soldiers. Take a close look *cupcakes*, pay close attention to what REAL leaders are and ask yourselves this; do you want Jane Fonda and Madonna leading you into battle?

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19 Responses to Some of what the Liberals Don’t Understand

  1. cary says:

    Legal guns owned in the United States: Estimated between 256 and 300 million.
    Ammo owned: Roughly 50 rounds per weapon
    Estimated population of the US in 2016: 322 million.

    Math tells us that at the low end, 79½% of US Citizens are legal gun owners. Legal gun owners are overwhelmingly Conservative by nature.

    You snowflakes really want to try that on for size?

    • TexasFred says:

      I don’t believe they realize; they get by with what they have so far because the Police and Military are forced to fight under certain *rules of engagement*… Redneck racists and America 1st Patriots such as ourselves are under no constraints or obligations to do so…

      • cary says:

        My only constraint is how much ammo I can carry with me; my rule of engagement is fire until the threat is no more.

        Yeah, they’re in for a wake up call the likes of which they have never seen.

    • cary says:

      Walid replied to my comment - on my latest blog post. Simple skills, beyond many.

      However, he had a valid point. My math sucks.

      Let’s assume two weapons per legal citizen. That’s 128 million legal gun owners, still more than the liberals can/will/want to put up against us. Oh, three per owner? 85 million owners. 4 per owner is 64 million owners. OK, that’s a number the left will feel comfortable with.

      The problem with math is that math and statistics do not correlate. Some owners have one, some have more than 4. Regardless, one weapon in the hands of a pissed off patriot is more than any number of liberals can handle, as demonstrated daily by Moms Demand Action, MAGG, Every Town, Bloomberg’s Idiots, and many other groups.

      Snowflakes will still melt in the face of unrestrained opposition.

      • TexasFred says:

        Melting snowflakes ends the drought somewhere… 😛

        • dekare says:

          Two great sentences that spoke to me.

          “…you turned politics from something done by and for people to something done to them, for their own good. ”


          “Melting snowflakes ends the drought somewhere…”

          A good sentence is like candy to a reader. And I love me some candy.

          Also, who the heck only has 50 rds of ammo? Better yet, who has less than 50 rds that made the average only 50? I know how many rds of ammo I have and it took a damn lot of people to have none to get to that average of only 50.

          And these twits marching about telling me they are nasty and demanding to be equal. What they seem to be bitching about is something that obama could have addressed with them over his last eight years. But nope, the buy who is in office only one damn day, he is the reason their lives suck. At least give him some time to prove he did or did not do something. If you have a deep seated issue, the blame is not the guy who was not in charge.

          And what they hell is this crap with Scarlett Johansson and her not making enough money. WTF? She works for 3 months with her only job of memorizing some works and everyone else busting their asses to make her look good, and she gets paid MILLIONS….

          Am I supposed to feel bad? Cause if there is an equal pay issue here, I am damn sure cute little Scarlett is NOT the victim. I tell her what, she can trade me jobs, and I will pay her DOUBLE the highest salary of the top MAN at my job is paying. Is that fair? Will she agree and be happy with the money then?

          I saw the crowd, and it was hosted by rich women who know not what it is like to work for a living, adored by women, who looked to me like they did not have a man in their lives (for obvious reasons), or their beta male partner was just not doing it for them (gee…I wonder why).

          Either this division will calm or it will escalate. When they see that Trump really is everyone’s president, they will start acting human again. If not, and they continue with this nonsense, well, I liked the statement above how We The People…We The Militia, are not confined by the same ROE as the Military. They do NOT want a civil war. First of all, we have the guns, and they hate them. And do they really think that the men whose job it is to protect them and carry guns, will side with them? Cause I have to say…the vast majority of the guys in uniform are on our side.

          Here is my two cents to them. Don’t write a check your ass cannot cash.

      • skip best says:

        cay; your math doesn’t suck.
        like the rest of us old farts who come here, at least you graduated from sandboc.

    • skip best says:

      lol; isn’t that the truth?
      Trump to Meet With Mexican President on Immigration, Trade jan.31,2017

  2. wayne says:

    The phony million woman march paid for by Soros and his many faux organizations. As I read about it the majority of these “grass roots protesters” were paid to agitate. I’m glad to hear that the 200+ arrestees are going to be charged with felony rioting which carries a pretty hefty penalty if convicted. Lets hope the new DOJ is serious. This shits’ gotta stop. I do hope we don’t have to go to the mattresses though.

  3. BobF says:

    You notice that all these rioters stay in the large cities and urban areas. They never venture out into small town rural America. To do so they would be met by heavily armed Americans ready to defend their communities and you can bet local law enforcement would be standing there with them.

  4. Capt. Ron says:

    I believe the winds of change will blow for the better, and at gale wind power. GOOD!
    By the way, I’m part of your statistics, Mr. Cary. 😉

  5. dekare says:

    ..also, a note on Fred’s comment kept nagging on me that it was a movie I had seen, but could not place it. Then it hit me….see “Team America: World Police”. That is pretty much what will happen when actors and liberals challenge REAL men. (Damn if I cannot get that one scene out of my head though).


  6. Petermc3 says:

    Surely it was Males in the R&D labs of women feminine hygiene product companies who made Modess and Kotex muffin pillows old technology with the development of the tampon. So c’mon girls, ladies, women and trannies give the men some credit, huh?
    Imagine the added unhygienic trash in the streets of DC if…I mean most of these incredible bulks appeared as though they were in their “period of confinement. “

  7. skip best says:

    oh brendan; did you have your head inthe sand when all of this happened under that ugly mud-sucker who we, the people, just fire and threw him and his monkeys out of the white house?

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