Russian Professor Predicts Fall of U.S. in 2010

Russian Professor Predicts Fall of U.S. in 2010

MOSCOW — For a decade, Russian academic Igor Panarin has been predicting the U.S. will fall apart in 2010. Now he’s found an eager audience: Russian state media, who are interviewing him twice a day.

A polite and cheerful man with a buzz cut, Professor Panarin insists he does not dislike Americans. But he warns that the outlook for them is dire.

“There’s a 55-45 percent chance right now that disintegration will occur,” says Panarin. “One could rejoice in that process,” he adds, poker-faced. “But if we’re talking reasonably, it’s not the best scenario — for Russia.”

Prof. Panarin, 50 years old, is not a fringe figure. A former KGB analyst, he is dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s academy for future diplomats. He is invited to Kremlin receptions, lectures students, publishes books, and appears in the media as an expert on U.S.-Russia relations.

Mr. Panarin posits, in brief, that mass immigration, economic decline, and moral degradation will trigger a civil war next fall and the collapse of the dollar. Around the end of June 2010, or early July, he says, the U.S. will break into six pieces — with Alaska reverting to Russian control.

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Russian Professor Predicts Fall of U.S. in 2010

For many years I have heard the rumors of the impending demise of this United States of America. For many years I wrote those rumors off as nothing more than wishful thinking by our enemies. Wishful thinking and hopes that our way of life would be destroyed.

The timeline stated in this story may be close to correct. The United States of America is on life support as you read this article. Our nation is very close to death, right now. Our finances are a wreck. Our politics are even worse. Graft and corruption are the order of the day.

Once upon a time, I would have fought ANYONE that said the American people and this nation were on the verge of falling. I no longer feel that way. I KNOW we are in a seriously precarious position. I KNOW that we really are on the verge of collapse. The last 4 or 5 years under George W. Bush, and his administrations rape of this nation, have made that fact glaringly apparent.

And to ANY that think Obama is going to be, or DO, anything better than Bush, think again. Bush has built the coffin this nation will be laid to rest in. Obama will dig the hole, hammer the nails, drop the casket in the ground and cover it up!

I would not be at all surprised to see a *civil war* in this nation. I would also not be at all surprised to see America splinter into several smaller nations. The far west would likely be Aztlan. The Mexicans would try to take Texas back but that would be their Waterloo. Texas will emerge as a nation unto itself, a relatively self sufficient REPUBLIC that has the rest of this Balkanized nation wanting all that we produce and control!

Those predictions by the Russian Professor are not at all out of the realm of possibilities. The *dire straights* that he refers to are here now, just not quite dire enough to bring us to our knees. Yet.

I truly pity many parts of this nation as well. Can you imagine Detroit or Chicago trying to be self sufficient? Can you imagine the *Chocolate City* being self sufficient even in thriving times? Those cities can’t maintain their citizens NOW. God help us all if this nation falls into total anarchy in the coming months!

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15 Responses to Russian Professor Predicts Fall of U.S. in 2010

  1. Basti says:

    Careful what you predict, it just might happen. Can you just imagine if the US broke into say four or five different nations! Then what happens to the nukes and all the bio-weapons the US has and what happens to the US military as a whole? And no the ‘new nations’ would not hook-up with foreign nations and in fact the break-up of the US would be a nightmare for the rest of the world. A worst case scenario run rampant.

  2. TexasFred says:

    Bill, I know… And I AM aware of the ramifications, it will not be pretty and the entire world WILL suffer for it…

    But I seriously do believe that we are on the verge of this very thing! I wish it weren’t so but unlike some folks, you and I and a few of our buddies, we don’t bury our heads in the sand and trust in the good of man…

  3. I agree Fred, we as a country will be very, very, different come next Christmas.

    If I’m wrong, good, but I can’t see the status quo remaining with the changes coming in the economy and the courts this January 20th.

  4. I wish to say I believed in a cheery future. But the mindset of many Americans is, these days, much different from generations ago. These are New Americans with entitlement mindsets and many inhabitants aren’t EVEN Americans and, as such, have no investment in the country anyway. No one wants to share a common language, no one wants to share a common culture, no one wants to clearly delineate our borders and secure our way of life, no one wants to even gaze into the future and make plans. EVERYONE simply wants EVERYTHING and RIGHT NOW. This country is rife with people clearly displaying and EMBRACING what I call “Historical Alzheimers.”

    I’ll say it now until I die: America IS in fact, the last and best hope for the entire planet. When we fail, if we fail, the rest of the nations will fail and darkness will envelope the planet.


  5. TexasFred says:

    BZ, I am hoping for the best but preparing for the worst…

    Unlike the PRK, we have WAY too many real live, well armed rednecks that will fight each other if we have no one else to fight but God help the bastard that gets in the middle of us…

    We’ll KEEP Texas, of that I am certain, and we’ll make it too, one way or another…

  6. Shooterman says:

    I would argue the breakup started long before George W Bush, say circa 1860. It has been mostly downhill since.

    I would also suggest the world, howbeit drastically changed due to the failure of this great experiment in self governance, shall continue to exist. We, as a nation, may not be here to see it, and out grandchildren and great grand kids may collectively piss on our graves for screwing up the tra-la-la we were supposed to keep for them. I fear not for myself as I’m an old man with most of my doings behind me, but I do fear for my grand babies and the unborn future generations of this country.

  7. ablur says:

    The world can not afford the failing of America. Every nation on the planet owes its existence and daily function to the activities and financial fortitude of this nation. We hand out more money in a year then most nations on the planets GDP.

    Those who seek our failure will soon fine their own failing. Mutual Assured Destruction has come a long way.

  8. Shooterman says:

    At the rate we are going, we shall either destroy our selves or change our complete way of doing things. No one said it will be pretty, but with the government continually growing and usurping the lifeblood and freedom of all Americans, there are not a lot of options we have left. We are looking a trillion dollar deficits this year and at least next, and it is almost a certainty, Bammy will add to them. Warfare and Welfare- the health of the nation.

  9. sovereign5481 says:


    The doomsdayers will never go away. Their predictions are camouflaged news generators, taylor-made for the moods of the public. I follow some Russian-language sites, they are saturated with these types of predictions, e.g. with the black president the U.S. will finally collapse, ha ha, etc (implying incompetence).

    Nonsense. The U.S. is still a superpower, whether one likes it or not. The capital–intellectual and real–is still there.


  10. TexasFred says:

    We are still a super power for now, Obama hasn’t had his shot a f*cking everything up yet…

    We WERE a superpower under Reagan, we were f*cked over by Clinton, Bush never restored the USA to it’s once prestigious status, and you can make book on this, Obama isn’t going to either..

    And I can seriously see the Balkanization of the USA, and if that happens, Canada is f*cked too! As is the rest of the world…

    The people that wish to see OUR demise seriously need to consider the ramifications thereof…

  11. thirdpower says:

    Could the US split over the next few years? Sure, it’s possible although unlikely.

    What is even more unlikely are the divisions this so called ‘expert’ has portrayed. I mean really Ky, TN, and WV joining the EU? Please. Texas rejoining Mexico? Yeah, that’s gonna happen. Alaska going back to Russia? Not. Not only do they have large chinks of the US military there (which would most likely revert to territory control if the SHTF) they also have an established state militia.

    We’re having lots of fun ridiculing this guy:

  12. TexasFred says:

    thirdpower, I have NO idea where that map you are using came from, it did NOT come from the story I am using from source.

    And I didn’t see any link on your post at your blog making reference to where it comes from either…

    EDIT: I see where the map came from, Wall Street Journal, that wasn’t there when I posted MY story, a link TO the map would be great instead of having to hunt for it…

  13. thirdpower says:


    The map came from the WSJ via the link at the bottom of the Foxnews story. It’s supposed to be based off the one he uses in his talks.

  14. TexasFred says:

    thirdpower, the American people don’t have the will to fight any more, the leaders in DC don’t have the BALLS…

    Do you think that we can hold Russia off if the USA went into full financial meltdown and depression?

    Do you think that yard-ape coming in to the Oval Office would even try?? Do you think he would be able to hold this nation together??

    Texas will NOT be ruled by Mexico, but the west coast may well be, bunch of NO BALLS pussies and PC no guns faggots that run that place, but Texas will kick Mexico’s ass just like in 1836…

    The rest of the nation?? I have no idea, there are far too many apathetic assholes that won’t fight if ya slap in the face…

    Not everyone is like you and me and the fine folks that WE associate with… :(

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