Woman Calls Police About ‘Fake’ Cocaine

ROCHELLE, Ga. (AP) – A woman was arrested after she called police to help “get her money back” after she was unhappy with the crack cocaine she purchased.

Juanita Marie Jones, 53, called Rochelle Police late Thursday night after she purchased what she thought was a $20 piece of crack cocaine, according to police reports.

She told officers she broke the rock into three pieces and smoked one, only to discover the drugs were “fake.”

She took Officer Joel Quinn and Deputy John Shedd of the Wilcox County Sheriff’s Office into her kitchen and showed them the drugs, police said.

She was promptly arrested on charges of possession of cocaine.

Woman Calls Police About ‘Fake’ Cocaine

There really isn’t too much to say other than how stupid can one person be??


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5 Responses to Woman Calls Police About ‘Fake’ Cocaine

  1. Basti says:

    I think the ding-bat is smoking something stronger than crack, Drano maybe?

  2. gunz says:


    They will undoubtedly want take her to get that cavity filled before processing…

    The one between her ears.

  3. Joe says:

    That would be funny, if it wasn’t for the fact that it is pretty much a typical stupid crackhead story. The sheer stupidity of people such as this idiot never ceases to amaze me.

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