Hamas leader denies Nazi genocide of Jews

Hamas leader denies Nazi genocide of Jews

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) – A Hamas spiritual leader on Monday called teaching Palestinian children about the Nazi murder of 6 million Jews a “war crime,” rejecting a reported U.N. proposal to include the Holocaust in Gaza’s school curriculum.

A senior Israeli official said such statements should make the West think twice about ending its boycott of Hamas, in place since the group seized Gaza by force in 2007.

Hamas spiritual leader Younis al-Astal lashed out after hearing that the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, the main U.N. body aiding Palestinian refugees, planned to introduce lessons about the Holocaust to Gaza students.

Adding the Holocaust to the curriculum would amount to “marketing a lie and spreading it,” al-Astal wrote in a statement.

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Hamas leader denies Nazi genocide of Jews

Who are you going to believe? You own eyes? Jews that have documented pictorial accounts of the Holocaust? U.S. war records that have fully documented the Holocaust as REAL? Or an Islamic moonbat? A member of Hamas that claims the Holocaust never happened and is being used as a tool by all of those *Evil Jews*?

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20 Responses to Hamas leader denies Nazi genocide of Jews

  1. Margaret says:

    As hard as this picture is to look at, we need to be shown more pictures of the things that have happened in history to wake people up. People seem to forget what we are fighting for over seas for this country. I am sure Obama will not have a problem with this as he seems to enjoy praising Palestine over Isreal. Our administration pretty much ignores the people in Iran dying for their freedom and instead wants Zalaya put back in power. How much more needs to happen for people to realize that we are going to end up like these countries one day if Obama has his way!!!

  2. Basti says:

    When Americans first discovered the Nazi Death Camps ‘Ike’ visited them and ordered that a visual record by made of them. ‘Ike’ said that if this wasn’t done that some time in the future someone would say it didn’t happen.

    ‘Ike’ was more right than he knew. Even with the visual record and first hand testimony on record the fact that it did happen is being denied.

    Not the first or last time this has happen of course. History is filled with examples of ‘history denied’ because it doesn’t fit into the current agenda of someone.

  3. johnhum says:

    Yes, we need to have these pictures, distressing as they are. Also, the 9/11 pictures as well. We simply cannot afford to forget or ignore the terrible danger that lurks in the darkness ready to strike when our guard is down. Remember these dangers when going to vote in 2010!!!

  4. HoosierArmyMom says:

    With Obama’s agenda and actions looking more and more like it’s out of Adolf’s playbook, it does not surprise me that nothing would be said by the Administration. Probably because they would like to do the same to Christians here in this country. And you can tell me that our big ole Bureaucratic government didn’t know about the plans to spring the Lockerbie bomber in trade for a phat oil contract either! Obama probably gave his blessing to Allah on it.

    Anything that goes against the core of Islamic extremism is sure to be “denied” by terrorists and moonbats everywhere. Our founding fathers would be puking if they could see what’s going on right now.

  5. Gawfer says:

    As a youth of 12 years old, I had the opportunity to visit Dachau concentration camp. Even at a young age, I understood the inexplicable hatred expressed in the genocide of 6 million human beings.

    All that is left is a monument with an eternal flame burning on behalf of those who lost their lives and a small museum with many more photos and artifacts.

    Younis al-Astal’s speech is simply another example of why Islam cannot be taken seriously as a valid religion of peace, but should be considered a clear and present danger to all free people, and shows that our current President’s head is so far up his butt he needs a flashlight to tie his shoes.

  6. Silver Fox says:

    It simply doesn’t fit into Hamas’s overall plan to acknowledge the Holocaust—they have demonized Jews and made them less than human in every word they utter. They don’t want anyone, anywhere feeling sorry for Jews, now or in the past. And furthermore, I suspect that many in leadership positions just don’t believe the Holocaust happened.

    Strange the New Holocaust Deniers are those forces on the left—-I can recall many years back certain extreme right wing groups in this country did the same thing-a few of them are around today(skin-heads,etc.), but now the vast majority of Jew-haters are located on the political left and their numbers are growing there as the American left’s support for Islamic radicals increases.

  7. hardheadedtexan says:

    I wish Israel would exterminate Hamas so we can say Hamas never existed.

  8. hardheadedtexan says:

    I don’t know how accurate this web site is, kinda gave me the creeps. We better get a President with a set of balls or the Christians may be next. History does repeat itself.

    Current map of active terrorist websites around the world.

    Map of Terror - Google Maps

  9. Gawfer says:

    According to the map there are at least four hits in Illinois… Imagine that 🙁

  10. Katie says:

    This is nothing new. Just look at the Arab world. They all deny the Holocaust. They deny the fact that they supported Hitler over the Allies.

    The Holocaust is not taught in Muslim countries. Hitler is looked upon as a hero (he killed more Jews than they ever did).

    How can the West support Hamas? Easy in one word: OIL!

  11. TexasFred says:

    Katie, look at the accusations that are floating about the Lockerbie bomber and OIL and Scotland… Damn shame I tell you…

  12. Vigilante says:


    We do have a president with balls!! Just look what that camelbangin fuck has accomplished, and all with his “in your face” attitude. What someone needs to do is slit that basturds nutsack and run his legs through it. We need the GOP TO HAVE SOME BALLS for starters, and start dancing on the three amigo’s (pisslosi, dingy harry, and obamanure)faces till they get throwed out of office. C’mon 2010/2012

  13. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    All excellent points made here. And more defeatism by the Obama Administration that looks upon Islam and Islamist Terrorists as effectively foiled by nothing more than common civilian cops. FBI “in charge” of interrogations. Rights read. US Constitutional affordations made to those who absolutely REFUSE to adhere to ANY Geneva Conventions.

    This is simply insane.

    Yes, oil has a percentile of involvement. But the Obama and Leftist refutations DENY domestic drilling of our OWN sovereign oil and propane fields. They’d much rather despoil the environments of OTHERS. Sacrifice the little brown bodies of some OTHER country.

    The US, please understand me, folks — has enough domestic PROPANE to make ourselves COMPLETELY gas-independent. But we are being STOPPED from tapping our OWN resources. Further, it is estimated that there is enough OIL off the Fornicalia coast, within our 12-mile limit, to COMPLETELY remove ALL of Fornicalia’s debt and then place the state into the BLACK.



  14. hardheadedtexan says:

    Vigilante you have a way with words. ha
    I bet Hamas gave big $$BUCKS$$ to get Dumbo into office. We’ll never know though. I’m sure they stuffed his pockets with lots of money. And I’m sure the Three Amigos will be able to take care of their Great great great grandkids with their money from Hamas.

  15. Silver Fox says:

    Revisionist are hard at work and have been for years rewriting the history books for our colleges and high schools and their work has for the most part gone unnoticed. We are now seeing the effects of their efforts on the college campuses and even in high schools. The left set it sights some time ago on the youth of the nation and their “hate American” idealogy has caught on and many support the rantings of Rev. Wright and those like him and see America as the villan on the world stage. The left hates the Jewish state and is becoming more and more pro-islamic. Many, very many on the left are now denying the Holocaust for it does not serve their purpose. Isarel is being linked to the old Colonialism and is being condemned at every turn. The Jewish state stands virtually alone one the world stage now that Obama and his are siding more and more with the Islamic states. Hamas is not the problem, but only a symptom of the times—the rise of rampant Nationalism and Islamicism are the real enemies. Obama know this but he has chosen to side with these forces instead of activily defying them.

  16. Always On Watch says:

    A Hamas spiritual leader on Monday called teaching Palestinian children about the Nazi murder of 6 million Jews a “war crime,” rejecting a reported U.N. proposal to include the Holocaust in Gaza’s school curriculum.

    First, let me spit on the U.N.

    There, that feels better.

    I’ll say this for the Islamomaniacs: they are committed to their evil cause and train their children in the way of that Islamomania. Is the West doing the same? Not enough!

  17. minuteman26 says:

    There are a bunch of leftist Jews sidding with Obama and his Marxist agenda who seem to have forgotten the Holocaust and have thrown Israel under the bus. These people are both traitors to this country and Israel. Mostly from Fornicalia, New York, New England, Florida and of course Chicago.

  18. Silver Fox says:

    You are right Minuteman, many Jews on the left side with Obama not only here in this country but in Israel as well. The Meretz(vitality) party there is full of them. If those in that group had their way Israel would cease to exist as we know it.

  19. Katie says:

    Not true Silver Fox. Obama’s approval rating in Israel is 4%. In the US he is dropping fast in the Jewish Community. In 2008 he received 78% of the Jewish vote, as it looks he will receive 15% in 2012.

    BTW Meretz is so unpopular in Israel that if elections were to be held today they would get 0 seats in the Knesset. They only have 3 now, and no power. But they never did. They are too oddball for Israelis.

  20. hardheadedtexan says:

    Wow, 2008 he received 78% of the Jewish vote?

    barry HUSSEIN obama. Just his middle name should have been a clue.

    Just don’t hold your breath waiting for Obama to take up for Israel.
    Never mind Israel or the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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