Douchebag of the Week - Sept. 28

Douchebag of the Week - Sept. 28

For his efforts to micromanage ALL aspects of American life, for his efforts to curtail summer vacation, in an attempt to further brainwash OUR children, for his indecisive approach to the Afghan war, for his shameful appearance at the United Nations, for his gutless refusal to support Israel, for his even more gutless canning of the eastern European missile defense program.

President Barack Hussein Obama

Pres. Barack Hussein Obama;


This award can be presented to many deserving individuals and groups I believe, and I am always open to suggestion concerning the next recipient! 😈

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14 Responses to Douchebag of the Week - Sept. 28

  1. TexasFred says:

    As said before, I am open to new suggestions towards weeks end… Past transgressions, in other words, NOT RECENT, doesn’t count…

    If you want to nominate a DBotW, email me at and tell me why your nominee should be DBotW…

  2. ChicagoRay says:

    My first laugh of the day…a double win for a double dick. Thanks Fred

  3. cary - Botan Ichihara says:

    At the rate he’s going, it looks like he’ll be sweeping this award for some time…

  4. HoosierArmyMom says:

    In 70 days time, the man Obama himself appointed to head the effort in Afghanistan, has spoken with the narcissistic POTUS a grand total of ONCE!!!! During this time he has found time to go on Dave Letterman, vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, and embarrass us all at the UN, but no time to help General McChrystal!

    And what about his assurances that he would give time to the opposition in the Senate on the Health Care issue??? Once again it is a LIE. No effort has been made by the White House to honor what the POTUS claimed. The Senators and Representatives have been trying, but the White House isn’t having it.

    BHO is much more than a douchebag… he’s a traitor to this country and I hope after the 2010 election, he is removed from office!!! Once again TF, you chose the OBVIOUS choice!!! With each passing day, I resent the stupid people who elected this jerk more!

  5. Trencher says:

    Fred you know allot of the other douchebags are going to think that you are picking him in favoritism because he’s POTUS.

  6. Silver Fox says:

    Barry is on a roll—keep it up guy. You’ve got my vote! Keep up the shit..ty work.

  7. ozarkguru says:

    I would love to see the following receive the award : 1) they deserve it, and 2) I can advertise the appropriate award.
    1st Nominee:
    Rep. John Murtha (PA) - traitor or the Corps falsely accusing Marines at Hadathia of rape and murder on the House floor where he could say these untrue things and escape prosecution; recognized by his colleagues and the nation as the King of Pork - the “Controller of all Pork earmarks in the House”; and personally ripping us off with the Murtha Airport - for more justification see my comments on the following blog -

  8. ozarkguru says:

    2nd Nominee:
    Rep. Marion Berry (AR) - voted for cap-and-trade to get it onto the floor of the U.S. House. After voting for the bill, Nancy Pelosi patted lap dog Berry’s behind and allowed Berry to vote against the bill on the floor since his vote no longer mattered.

    Between 1996 and 2000, farm and land-holding companies that Berry owns with relatives in eastern Arkansas have received $750,449 in federal crop subsidies, per USDA records.

    Berry would like to be known as the king of pork. (but of course Murtha is in his way); 83% of Berry’s contributions are from PACs & 95% of those are from out of state. More info at Boot Berry or search the ARRA News Service

  9. TexasFred says:

    Murtha has been suggested before, but, as said before, I am open to new suggestions towards weeks end… Past transgressions, in other words, NOT RECENT, doesn’t count…

    Murtha is yesterdays trash…

    If you want to nominate a DBotW, email me at and tell me why your nominee should be DBotW…

  10. hardheadedtexan says:

    King of Douchebag’s.

    He is on a roll………………

  11. hardheadedtexan says:

    I wonder what Obama’s polls are in Texas. I mean honest Polls. I don’t know of anyone who supports him. And all of a sudden no one is admitting voting for him.

    I just see on the news where he has support and I think “Who supports him?”

  12. odumbjohn says:

    Fred, you are going to give douchebags a bad name.

  13. TexasFred says:

    Not intentionally… 😕

  14. Patrick Sperry says:

    And Fred owes me yet another keyboard! The visual had me laughing and spewing a Harp Lager so hard…

    Seriously, I think obamanure really won it. Even with all the other nonsense that went on this week.

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