Hutchison ‘pleased’ to have Cheney endorsement

Hutchison ‘pleased’ to have Cheney endorsement

AUSTIN — Former Vice President Dick Cheney is supporting U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in the Texas governor’s race and will formally unveil his endorsement at a Nov. 17 fundraiser in Houston.

“I am so pleased,” Hutchison said on WBAP Radio in Dallas on Wednesday. “I respect the vice president so much. We’ve worked together. He knows my record as a conservative in the Senate.”

Cheney was often depicted as a conservative hard-liner in the Bush administration and, as such, could help boost Hutchison’s support among conservative activists in her bid to unseat Gov. Rick Perry in the March 2 Republican primary.

But Perry’s campaign suggested that the endorsement from a Washington political figure will have little effect in swaying voters in Texas. “It’s not surprising considering they both worked together in Washington for so long,” Perry spokesman Mark Miner said. “The Washington establishment usually sticks together.”

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Hutchison ‘pleased’ to have Cheney endorsement

With Dick Cheney endorsing Kay Bailey Hutchison I feel it just further reinforces the belief that SHE (Hutchison) truly is a *Washington Insider*, a RINO, a member of the *club*! And that is NOT what Texas needs. We need Texans that are true Conservatives and not a part of the all too corrupt Washington machine.

There are a lot of folks saying Vote Democrat, and for me, that simply isn’t an option, not at this time, not during the primaries. Possibly, in the BIG election, maybe, but very doubtful. I would do so if Perry were to lose to Hutchison and the Dem candidate presented better credentials as a real Texan, a REAL Conservative and was not tied to Washington.

Hopefully, it won’t come to that choice, hopefully we will have a choice between Rick Perry and the other guy.

RINOs, Republicans In Name Only, have given this nation, and the GOP away. They have become nothing more than a different version of the Democrats, Dem Lite if you will. RINOs must be banished, forever banished from the GOP if the GOP is going to resurrect itself and become a real, viable and believable force in American politics again.

RINOs, people like Hutchison and John Cornyn, can’t be allowed to keep on representing Texas, we’re NOT RINOs, were Texans, and we’re CONSERVATIVES.

Cheney endorsing Hutchison carries about as much credibility as Sarah Palin endorsing Rick Perry. Palin is popular on many fronts with desperate GOP members. They see her as some sort of SAVIOUR, a Joan of Arc, some type of Knight in shining armor and they feel she’s going to save the GOP from themselves.

I said all I need to say about the credibility Palin carries when I wrote this piece: Sarah Palin – An American Quitter.

Palin QUIT on Alaska, I don’t care how many ways her fans try to use semantics to justify her actions, she QUIT and that’s all there is to it. That is why she has NO credibility with me. She couldn’t take the heat and she bolted for the door. Suppose she QUITS on America too? She very possibly could.

I’m a hard core POLITICAL blogger. I AM a right wing Conservative. I’m NOT politically correct and have no plan on becoming so. I am highly opinionated and my opinions are not easily changed, and NEVER are they for sale.

I’m not here to make casual friends, I am here to speak the truth as I see it. That will offend many on the left, probably ALL on the left. It’s going to offend a lot of folks that proclaim that they are Conservatives too, the ones that support people like Hutchison and Cornyn, BOTH of which are SOCIALISTS, proven by their vote for bailouts under Bush. They both are less than enthusiastic about border enforcement as well. EPIC RINO!

I will NOT support ANY RINO, I detest RINOs. I don’t support Sarah Palin in ANY way. I do NOT support John Cornyn or Kay Bailey Hutchison in ANY way, they are RINOs and are a part of the problem and not the solution.

Some are going to scream, cry and rip their hair out as they proclaim, “Sarah Palin isn’t a RINO!”.

Oh yeah? Who was she VPOTUS running mate with? Just the biggest RINO in the Senate, John McCain.

I detest Ron Paul! He is a miserable little creep and his supporters are some of the most obnoxious moonbats I have ever seen. If your idea of Conservatism is defined by supporting him, Palin, Hutchison, Cornyn or the like, we are NOT going to be friends. You may NOT like my views on the current political complexion of the GOP, but you will always know this, I WILL SPEAK THE TRUTH as I see it and I will support REAL Conservatives, not RINOs!

That’s the great thing about a blog, I can speak MY opinion freely, if you agree, great, read and comment and we can form our own alliance, if you disagree, save us ALL a lot of time and take yourself on down the road. There’s a lot of places for you to support the candidate of YOUR choice, this is MY place to support MY views and choices.

I am tired of the RINOs and their falsehoods. I am tired of the Dems and their falsehoods as well. I am fully convinced that we CAN save America, but it’s NOT going to happen until ALL good people open their eyes to the evils of the Democrats and their allies, Dem Lite, the GOP in its current configuration.

We are in for a fight America, RINOs and Libbers are the enemy. And I hope that folks will see who the RINOs REALLY are, and are not seduced by their charisma or physical beauty.

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9 Responses to Hutchison ‘pleased’ to have Cheney endorsement

  1. minuteman26 says:

    Agree with you Fred. Can’t figure Cheney out on this one. His endorsement of “Bailout” is shall we say less than conservative. GOP is on a drinking binge and needs to hit rock bottom so it can be built up in the proper “we the people” manner.

  2. Silver Fox says:

    Moderation is not and has never been my game—I detest moderation in politics. To me moderation shows a weakness in political beliefs and values and a willingness to compromise ones principals. I’ve been labeled an extremist as far back as the elecion in 1964 and the Johnson landslide. I find few candidates I can totally agree with , but generally those far too the right of center are my cup of tea. I know little of Texas politics, but Kay Bailey has taken stands in the senate that I did not support. From what I’ve seen of Rick Perry he does seem like a decent guy and a straight shooter. I love the truth from politicians and hate double talk. As for Sarah Palin I haven’t come to any firm conclusions and will withhold judgement. I'[ve opposed Cheney’s stand on immigration and some other things. I hope I can find a near perfect candidate in the next election and I will be watching for that rare bird—I just pray they are not extinct. A straight-shooting post Fred, have to give you credit for speaking your mind. But then thats nothing new for you!

  3. Robert says:

    Well, like I’ve said before Fred…I’d trade your idiots for our “Saviors” any day.
    We got Arnie who isn’t fit to carry Perry’s water bottle after a brisk walk.

    But as I’ve learned, the real power in state and federal government rests in congress. I don’t care if you had Barry Goldwater himself running the state, if the legislature is occupied by a bunch of Marxist/socialist libturds NOTHING will get changed or fixed. The way to get our country back is to change the faces in the senate and the house, the way for you to keep Texas is to keep the idiots out of office…Good luck.

  4. TexasFred says:

    Robert, Hutchison leaving the Senate to come home and run for Governor is a GREAT thing…

    It gets her RINO ass OUT of the Senate, hopefully Rick Perry will kick the crap out of her in the State race and then we have Michael Williams running for Hutchison’s seat in the Senate… Williams is a Conservative… Hutchison is a miserable RINO!

  5. WhoBeen says:

    Ref (Silver Fox): ” I hope I can find a near perfect candidate in the next election and I will be watching for that rare bird—I just pray they are not extinct.”

    Come fly with me!

    A rare bird from Alabama…would like to run for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District as an Independent…I’d run for President if I knew I had a snowball’s chance in hell!


  6. BobF says:

    I haven’t liked Cheney since he was SecDef and fired General Dugan, the Airman’s General, at the beginning of the Gulf War and replaced him with General McPeak. McPeak who was hated by both officers and enlisted personnel later became Obama’s main military adviser during the campaign Cheney also retired the SR-71.

  7. Robert says:

    Fred, I sure hope you are right. IF she is unemployed you think she’d move to Cali and get the ball rolling up hill? She’d be a step up from what we got and that’s a damn shame.

  8. Mr Pink Eyes says:

    It seems like too many Republican leaders support candidates just because they have an ‘R’ after their name, Newt is another example of this. What difference does that make if the RINO is going to vote along with the Democrat agenda? I don’t understand the thinking, other than as you said, it is just a big insiders club.
    If Sarah Palin is on the ticket at all the 2012 election is doomed, I don’t see how she can possibly win a national election, I don’t know who the new Conservative leaders are going to be but it is time for them to step up.

  9. Patrick Sperry says:

    I’m still at a loss on this. Something just doesn’t seem right about it.

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