Iraq to Review Foreign Security Firms

BAGHDAD (AP) - The Iraqi government said Tuesday it would review the status of foreign security firms after a fatal shooting of civilians involving Blackwater USA, while radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr called for a ban on all the companies of “the occupiers.”

A series of bombings, meanwhile, ripped through Baghdad, killing at least 18 people and wounding more than 60, police said. The deadliest attack was a car bombing in a parking lot near the Health Ministry and the city’s main morgue that claimed seven lives. And three American soldiers were killed in an explosion near their patrol northeast of the capital.

The Interior Ministry said Monday that Blackwater - a Moyock, N.C.-based company that protects U.S. diplomats and other dignitaries and projects in Iraq - was banned from working in the country after Sunday’s deadly shootings that apparently occurred after a car bombing in western Baghdad.

The shootings have touched a nerve and raised scrutiny over what many Iraqis consider a mercenary force that runs roughshod over people in their own country.

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Iraq to Review Foreign Security Firms

MSNBC and USA Today are too lazy to actually write a story, they copied the AP story and slightly modified the title line…

Iraq reviews security firms’ status - MSNBC
Iraq softens stance on Blackwater, plans review - USAToday

I am going to piss off some folks with this one but I really don’t care, the truth is the truth and if you can’t handle the truth this is NOT the blog for you and I have long since stopped giving a damn about what the Bush Bots think concerning matters in Iraq…

There are many problems that keep the Iraqi dream of FREEDOM from coming to fruition, and George W. Bush is one of those problems, but he isn’t THE problem, he just protects THE problem, at least one OF the problems and that is our old buddy Mookie, radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr…

Look who raises the most hell in Iraq, look at who is most often quoted, other than al-Maliki himself, Mookie is out there making statements that are very critical of the American military, Mookie even goes to war against American forces occasionally, and the very reason that Ol’ Mookie and his Mahdi army are alive today is because George W. Bush is a gutless military leader that can’t find his ass with both hands and a roadmap…

When the U.S. Marines had Mookie and his Mahdi Army surrounded in Najaf a while back, Mookie and the boys took shelter in a mosque, and continued to attack our troops FROM said mosque, venturing out and taking shots at our guys and then retreating to the sanctuary OF that mosque as Marine Officers BEGGED for permission to put an end to this, you see, a mosque ceases being a holy building when armed gunman take it over and are killing your troops FROM that building, but George W. Bush, being the globalist, PC, no brains so-called leader that he is, denied the U.S. Marines the permission they needed to flatten that mosque and kill Mookie and company, so, now we have Mookie out there raising hell and stirring up passions against Blackwater, their compadres and the U.S. military in general, good call letting him live George, damn good call…

The guys at Blackwater won’t sit back and wait FOR those orders, they don’t bullshit around, they WILL remove the immediate threat and proceed with the business at hand, and that is the job that needs to be done, not only by private contractors but by our military as well, but as long as we have a CiC that is GUTLESS, as long as we have a CiC that is of the belief that we can fight a PC war, as long as we have a CiC that cares more about other nations than he does the USA, this is the bullshit we will have to put up with and forces like Blackwater will be very much in need and they WILL continue to answer the call, and by the way, our troops would answer that same call and do just as good a job if they were allowed to, all our troops need is a CiC that doesn’t have his mind set on taking the USA into EU style globalism…

Can you imagine what the U.S./Mexican border would be like if we had Blackwater guarding it and doing the job THEIR way?? Well, I can, and I am firmly convinced that something along those lines may be exactly what we need…

And to any that still haven’t caught on, yes, I am a strong supporter of Blackwater and their tactics, if you have a crowd of people surrounding you and your charge(s) and you draw fire from that crowd, you don’t take the time to ask a hell of a lot of questions, you remove the immediate threat, and if that threat includes the entire crowd, oh well, they were likely supporters of Mookie and his ilk and it was no loss anyway…

I have long held the belief that if you shoot at me you had better kill me with the 1st round because if you don’t I am surely going to do everything in my power to kill you and take me home to my wife and kids all in one piece, with a very clear conscience, THAT is the definition of a winner, you end your mission alive and well, with your staff and those folks you have been hired to protect alive and well, by doing so you have just won your part of the battle and anyone that can’t grasp those facts has never carried a weapon into harms way…

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4 Responses to “Iraq to Review Foreign Security Firms”

  1. Longstreet Says:

    AMEN, Fred! I’m all for placing Blackwater on our southern border! Matter of fact, if we keep a PC military, we’re gonna need Blackwater, and others of their ilk, to fight our wars for us! It is indeed a shame to train men to do the job… then NOT ALLOW THEM TO DO THE JOB… and hire merc groups, like Blackwater, to actually do the job. How much sense does this make? Huh?

    Go figure!

    Best regards!


  2. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:

    If you draw fire, you fucking RETURN it (you may enjoy my Wednesday post. And its accompanying graphic).


  3. gunz Says:

    Dead on assessment there bro, Bush does protect the problem and one has to wonder if al sadr is allowed to live for political reasons; I believe he is.

    And it may be the case with Bin Laden as well because with all the different forms of intel, technology, and weaponry he should of been dead along time ago.

    Ah, enter PC cowardice again…

    Blackwater on our borders?? I like that idea. :)

  4. bigdadgib Says:

    We must stop running and go ahead and fight.

    Let our men and women fight.

    That is what Blackwater was doing, fighting and they get beat up for it. That’s not right.

    If they shoot at me…. yep, I am shooting back


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