3-year-Old Girl Dies After Alleged Burning by Mother

HALTOM CITY, Texas — A 3-year-old who was the youngest of three severely burned sisters died Tuesday, and police said her mother, accused of setting the girls on fire, will be charged with capital murder.

The 3-year-old, whose name was not released by police, died after being taken off life support, Haltom City police said. Her two older sisters, ages 5 and 7, remained hospitalized in Dallas, but their conditions were not being released.

Authorities said their mother, Alysha V. Green, put her daughters in a closet, poured gasoline on them and set them on fire Saturday. The 29-year-old already has been charged with serious bodily injury to a child, which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Green, who also was burned, remained hospitalized Tuesday. Her condition was also not being released, and police said they did not know whether she had an attorney.

Neighbors — who rescued the girls, sprayed them with a water hose and covered them with wet towels — said the 7-year-old stood in the yard screaming, “Why, mommy?” Neighbors said that the youngest was the most severely burned but that the older girls suffered severe burns on their lower bodies.

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3-year-Old Girl Dies After Alleged Burning by Mother

This has been one of the most pitiful scenarios I have seen, comparable to the sadness I felt when the mother hung her 4 children and herself, that story is HERE, and the mother who cut off her babies arms, HERE and the Andrea Yates case, the mother that drowned her children, and then there was the case of Darlie Routier, a mother convicted of stabbing her 2 sons to death…

I can’t even begin to comprehend the madness that must consume the mind of a parent that could that them commit such a horrendous act against their own children…

And these cases are all from right here in Texas, and that’s something else that really gives me great cause to wonder, what in the hell is it with Texas mothers?? ALL of the above cases are TEXAS cases and I know it’s not ALL the mothers in Texas but wow, the most horrendous child murders you can imagine and all of them right here in the immediate D/FW area…

I feel so sorry for the children, they are innocent victims, they didn’t do anything to deserve this horrific treatment, they are victims of their mothers insanity, it has to be insanity, what else can it be?? No rational person carries out those acts against anyone just for kicks, much less their own children, and I do not at all believe that an insanity plea should be an ‘out’ for the perpetrator, example, in the case of Dina Schlosser, there has already been talk of placing her on parole…

If you kill your child like this, hang them, dismember them, drown them, stab them, a child, your child, an insanity plea shouldn’t be a cop out, an insanity plea shouldn’t even be a consideration, capital murder charges should be the order of the day, and those verdicts should come back reading guilty as charged and should be handed down freely, with clear conscience, surely this world would be a better place without these monsters…

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4 Responses to “3-year-Old Girl Dies After Alleged Burning by Mother”

  1. Basti Says:

    I’m sick of the insanity business, the post birth business, and they were on drugs business. I’m also sick of these people getting parole or slaps on the wrist for committing these horrific crimes. To my knowledge there has never been a society in history that condoned the murder of children by their own parents. (It has been done in conjunction with religion, but now wholesale by parents)

    However it seems to me that in today’s Western world we are close to condoning child murder by parents. We get all het up when a child molester does this, but you seldom hear that sort of outrage when a parent does it. IMO, when a parent murders their own child that is much more horrific than when a stranger does so. You expect a parent to nurture, love, and protect, not to murder.

  2. Hambo Says:

    T. F.,

    Long ago, I came to the conclusion that “anyone can have children, and those who probably shouldn’t ALWAYS do”.

    It’s a tragic fact of life that a critical mass of ‘breeders’ spend more time discussing and debating which television to purchase than they do discussing all the long term - 20 years, minimum - ramifications of bringing a child into the world.

    As Twatney Spears demonstrates, “oops” is no substitute for a prolonged, thoughtful discussion of parenthood BEFOREHAND.

    It’s my considered opinion that Old Ka-Boom (the Biblical God) made reproduction much too easy. Maybe he can fix that, along with several other items, when he releases the Humanity 2.0 upgrade.

  3. gunz Says:

    It’s a complete and total betrayal of the worst kind, the 1st precedence of just slapping a mother on the wrist has allowed more and more of this to happen…

    The more this kind of injustice goes on and the more these women are more less slapped on the wrist compared to the death penalty or life in prison, then more children will undoubtedly fall victim.

    Some hard damn sentencing needs to happen as a harsh example that this will not be tolerated.

    Give these children some damn justice, PROPER justice.

  4. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:

    A bullet to the brain, RIGHT NOW, that’s all this c-word deserves. Fuck the “trial.”


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