Oregon Gov. Will Live On Food Stamp Diet

(CBS/AP) Oregon Democratic Gov. Ted Kulongoski and his wife, attorney Mary Oberst, have enough money to get by and meals are generally no problem.

But things will be different this week.

This is Hunger Awareness Week in Oregon, and for the next seven days, Kulongoski and Oberst will be cutting way back – down to the budget one would live on if relying on food stamps – a diet they hope others will also follow for a few days to better understand the plight of those who have no choice.

They’ll spend just $3 a day apiece on their meals, $42 in all, to match the amount spent by the average food stamp recipient in Oregon.

“I’m gonna probably go back to what I remember in college, Top Ramen and hot dogs,” said Kulongoski.

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Oregon Gov. Will Live On Food Stamp Diet

Oh my God, the honest, heart felt compassion of the Dems, I am SO touched, he’s gonna live on a food stamp budget for a week, WOW, what a guy, that’ll give him full and comprehensive understanding of the entire welfare system and what it needs to do, and NOT do as well… {/sarcasm}

Here’s what all these compassionate, progressive, bleeding hearts don’t get, welfare and food stamps aren’t supposed to be a way of life, that’s NOT a desirable lifestyle, but because of the empowerment the recipients get from the Dems and their ilk, many people in this nation DO live on food stamp budgets, welfare, free health-care from county hospitals, WIC, and a myriad of other government programs that will allow them to survive, not grow, not flourish, just get by

These programs were supposed to be stop gap measures, designed to give temporary relief to our most underprivileged in a time of need, and to those facing some sudden distress due to circumstances beyond their own control, a hand up if you will, but there are many in this nation that have been raised in the welfare system that have never risen above it, even with the free educational opportunities that often accompany other welfare programs…

The government needs to limit, severely limit, the parameters OF welfare, it can’t be an open ended program that lasts forever, people must be motivated to rise above WELFARE, but motivation is something that has to come from within, and if a human being has no personal drive, nor the will to overcome their personal maladies, it’s NOT our responsibility to keep on feeding them, and paying them to squirt out even MORE welfare recipients…

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  1. Basti Says:

    It’s Socialism and it began when FDR was elected and its gotten a bit worse each year. Now its feed me, house me, give me daycare, and protect me from those evil Conservatives and their guns. And its going to get worse, much worse. Socialism/Communism is like a snow avalanche when it starts. First its a few snow flakes moving downhill and then its a few shovels full, and finally its a roaring torrent that sweeps everything before it. We are at this moment looking a roaring torrent square in the face. (Also see the song ‘Just another brick in the wall,’ for another example.)

    Be fun to come back a 100 years from now and see what the US looks like then. (Assuming someone doesn’t give it away before that, and that’s not beyond the realm of possibility) Anyway assuming there still is a US in a 100 years I’m betting its a ‘Nanny/State/Socialist/Communist State’ that would make Lenin green with envy.

  2. GUYK Says:

    Brother Dave Gardner once quipped, ” When you see a poor man down..kick him! Give him the incentive to get up.” Lot a truth to that..

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