Day care worker gets 8 years on child porn charge

A former day care worker was sentenced to eight years in prison today after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography.

Renee Allene Lofton, 22, of Channelview, possessed more than 1,400 pictures and three movies of children being sexually abused, Harris County prosecutors said. There is no evidence, however, that any of those images depicted children from the day care, where Lofton worked for two months before her arrest, they said.

Lofton remained calm when state District Judge Don Stricklin pronounced her sentence, but her family gasped audibly and broke down in sobs.

Lofton’s fiancé yelled and cursed at the judge before storming out of the courtroom, but bailiffs caught up with him in the hallway and put him in a holding cell. The man was let go a half-hour later after he apologized for his outburst.

He and Lofton were supposed to get married in the next two weeks, a prosecutor said.

Lofton, who faced up to 10 years in prison, is the only woman known to have been charged with a child pornography offense in Harris County in the last several years. All other defendants prosecuted for the crime in federal or state courts since 2004 were men, records show.

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Day care worker gets 8 years on child porn charge

Well there ya go, fairness at it’s very best, my only gripe is that she didn’t get 10 times that 8 years…

The war against pedophiles and perverts is a never ending battle but this is one that can be called a victory, and one we can look to for encouragement, the ‘good guys’ still win one once in a while…

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3 Responses to Day care worker gets 8 years on child porn charge

  1. jo says:

    Why are people so surprised it’s a female? The paedo chat rooms are full of them. I hope I live to see the day that parent’s must be licensed, and crap like this is sterilized and not allowed to breed.

  2. BobF says:

    I think they need to investigate the finance. His outburst indicates he not only approves of her love for child porn but I would assume he also participates with her in this.

  3. LittleOleLady says:

    Totally agree with BobF here.. I can’t believe the guy would ‘be there’ for her after finding out she had/watched this filth much less still want to marry her unless he himself was either involved or knew.

    I shudder to think what may have/might happen if they married and eventually had children.

    People like this are a good argument in favor of forced sterilization.

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