US: Raid of Baghdad’s Sadr City Kills 49

BAGHDAD (AP) - The U.S. military said its forces killed an estimated 49 militants during a dawn raid to capture an Iranian-linked militia chief in Baghdad’s Sadr City enclave, one of the highest tolls for a single operation since President Bush declared an end to active combat in 2003.

Iraqi police and hospital officials, who often overstate casualties, reported only 15 deaths including three children. Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said all the dead were civilians.

Al-Dabbagh said Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, a Shiite, had met with the U.S. commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, to protest the action. He was speaking on CNN.

Associated Press photos showed the bodies of two toddlers, one with a gouged face, swaddled in blankets on a morgue floor. Their shirts were pulled up, exposing their abdomens, and a diaper showed above the waistband of one boy’s shorts. Relatives said the children were killed when helicopter gunfire hit their house as they slept.

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US: Raid of Baghdad’s Sadr City Kills 49

Welcome to URBAN WARFARE 101, get use to it, this is what the face of WAR truly looks like, the terrorists, insurgents, al-Qaeda, whatever name you attach to them, they are NOT an army, they are nothing more than well armed thugs and gangsters, they hide among the people, the same people, in many cases, of their own free will, allow them to hide, they give them sanctuary, and in an attack against these cretins, there will be some regrettable casualties, THAT is a fact of life…

Unless the people of Iraq take a stand against these thugs themselves, and stop rendering them food, medicine and other accommodations, this type of incident will continue to happen, and there is NOTHING that can be done about it, when enemy combatants take refuge among the indigenous population, the indigenous population loses when the battle commences…

And by tomorrow the al-Jazeera propaganda machine will have kicked into high gear, AP and their colleagues will be running stories that reference the 2 orphanages and the children’s hospital that were destroyed by the Infidels as they attacked a peaceful neighborhood of Muslim goat herders and artistic craftsmen for no good reason, in fact, I’m surprised those stories aren’t already out there now…

Oh yeah, I forgot this one, Bloviating Zeppelin mentioned it a while back when there was a similar incident, the running dog Americans also leveled a factory engaged in the manufacture of baby formula, thereby depriving the innocent little babies of Iraq nutritious bottle feedings and forcing them into lives of despair and malnutrition, how could I have possibly left that little gem out??

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2 Responses to “US: Raid of Baghdad’s Sadr City Kills 49”

  1. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:

    That is precisely why I couldn’t care less about any of the so-called “civilian casualties of war” in ANY portion of the Middle East. Fuck ‘em. Blackwater? Bring ‘em on. Kill more. Troops making mistakes in targets? Fuck ‘em. Shit happens. Our ENEMY PURPOSELY wears the clothing of civilians, HIDES BEHIND civilians, takes REFUGE in civilian houses of the holy, fires 7.62 rounds from BEHIND mosques, non-combatants, children, women, and then roundly BITCHES AND COMPLAINS when any ONE of them are hurt or killed.

    People say we need to abide by rules. Fine; I don’t disagree on the face of that statement. But when an entire mindset, an entire religion, an entire philosophy wantonly conspires to abrogate the Geneva Convention (warring combatants wear discernible UNIFORMS, drive, fly or guide vehicles, planes or ships which are CLEARLY MARKED) then, as far as I am concerned, the gloves are OFF and the G.C. does NOT APPLY.


    How STUPID can we be? We still have NO idea of the VALUE of PROPAGANDA. We are being killed by our LACK of effective propaganda!


  2. Malagent Says:

    This is exactly the problem faced in Israel as well - rockets fired from homes or schools. People looking as though they are civilians shooting into crowds or strapping bombs to themselves. Any attempts to return fire or stop the threat are portrayed as senseless acts of of provoked agressation against innocent civilians.

    The stable areas of Iraq, yes there are some - are areas where the civilian population has done just as BV & TF suggest - They have stood up and took control. Basically they said their sick & tired of the thugs starting a fight & getting others killed so they stopped allowing or helping them do it.

    In the long run it will take years for stability to firmly take hold in Iraq & it will for the most part be todays children who secure it. Not with AK-47s & IEDs but with a strong desire for the freedoms they are being exposed to now. Just as Palestinian children learn to hate & fight the Iraqi children can learn to live.

    No one in the media or on the left wants to even give a passing mention to the positive things that have happened. Consider he recent BW incident, no matter the determination of liability, we should realize that every network in the world ran stories based on cell phone video shot on a Nokia phone by an Iraqi civilian. Now, do we really think that this would have been possible under Saddam? Even if an Iraqi civilian could obtain and use a cell phone can we really expect that a video from it would end up around the world within hours?

    Of course we couldn’t - It’s absurd. The children that are ten years old today will remember these freedoms and many others that have been available there to them and as they grow older they will want to retain those freedoms. An important aspect of this will be exposing them to western culture and media as well and that’s happening already. It will counter the older population who would rather teach hate & violence then live a prosperous life of freedom.

    It’s interesting to watch Iraqi TV, there are female reporters wearing regular clothes but the real story is in the news they report - it is often very accurate & positive on the situation, where as the rest of the world portrays it in the worst light possible. I think the Iraqi media is is more qualified to assess the situation than Brian Williams, Michael Moore or Wolf Blitzer.

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