Elena Kagan chosen by Obama for Supreme Court

Elena Kagan chosen by Obama for Supreme Court

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama on Monday nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, declaring she would demonstrate the same independence, integrity and passion for the law exhibited by retiring Justice John Paul Stevens.

If confirmed by the Senate, Kagan would become the third woman on the high court. At 50, she is relatively young for the lifetime post and could help shape the high court’s decisions for decades.

The former Harvard Law School dean “is widely regarded as one of the nation’s foremost legal minds,” Obama said. He introduced her in the White House East Room as “my friend.”

Kagan said she was “honored and humbled by this nomination.” She called it “the honor of a lifetime.”

“I look forward to working with the Senate and thank you, Mr. President, for this honor of a lifetime.”

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Elena Kagan chosen by Obama for Supreme Court

I guess by now everyone knows, I am NOT politically correct. If they don’t, they soon will.

Regarding Elena Kagan, Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a fool, he picked a Jewish woman, one rumored to be a lesbian, because he feels no one will have the stones to question her simply because she’s Jewish, and thought by many to be a lesbian.

He knows that no one wants to appear anti-Semitic or less than sexually tolerant, it’s as simple as that. Political Correctness, and the expectation of same, reigns supreme within the Obama White House!

I can’t prove that Kagan is a lesbian, but the rumors have been out there for a very long time. Even Wikipedia had devoted a paragraph to that supposition, but it has apparently been scrubbed from their pages now.

Rumors continue, and when coupled with Kagan’s outward appearance, well, who knows?

A week ago, Ben Domenech wrote a blog post about ten candidates rumored to be on the short list of nominees for replacing John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court. He asserted that Elena Kagan, Obama’s Solicitor General who is reputedly at the top of said list, “would please much of Obama’s base” and “follows [the] diversity politics of Sotomayor with [the] first openly gay justice.” CBS News then secured permission to republish said post as a column in their online opinion section, which they did for Thursday’s edition.

All hell broke loose. SOURCE

I’m not making hard accusations against Kagan or her sexuality, but the story is out there.

I didn’t start the stories about Kagan being a lesbian, but I don’t particlarly question the validity OF those stories that are out there either.

Sometimes, the sins of your youth can come back to haunt you. That may or may not be the case for Kagan, time will tell. Tiger Woods didn’t think a parade of whores would ever come out of the woodwork and speak against him. Just sayin’.

Obama cited what he called Kagan’s “openness to a broad array of viewpoints” and her “fair mindedness.”

I suppose that’s why Obama likes Kagan so much. She does have an openness to a broad array of viewpoints. So far, I can’t find even one of those viewpoints that so much as remotely resembles a view of Conservatism!

“She’s an acclaimed legal scholar with a rich understanding of constitutional law. She is a former White House aide, with a lifelong commitment to public service and a firm grasp of the nexus and boundaries between our three branches of government,” Obama said. Kagan served in the Clinton White House.

Isn’t Barack Hussein Obama thought to be, at least by some, a scholar of constitutional law?

Sure, Kagan has great educational credibility, but has she ever been a practicing attorney? Has she ever tried a case before a Judge? Any Judge? Does she have ANY concept of what it’s like to stand before the bench? I would think that should be a requirement before you’re allowed to sit ON the bench!

All of the classroom education in the world can’t fully prepare you for real life happenings.

Kagan’s schooling is wonderful starting place, but what has she done with that education? I am thinking that to take a law professor, even one with an exceptional academic background, and placing them on the highest court in the land, would be akin to taking a recent graduate from flight school and giving them a pilots seat on the Space Shuttle.

Kagan was formerly dean of Harvard Law School and Charles Hamilton Houston Professor of Law at Harvard University. She was previously a professor of law at the University of Chicago Law School. She served as Associate White House Counsel under President Bill Clinton. SOURCE

It really doesn’t matter I suppose, Barack Hussein Obama wants her on the SCOTUS, and for now, the Democrats have control of the U.S. House and Senate.

That too shall soon change!

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18 Responses to Elena Kagan chosen by Obama for Supreme Court

  1. Robert says:

    Fact is I couldn’t care less if she was a carpet cleaner or a firehose inspector, what I care about is her belief in constitutional law. Her views on the interpretations of the law and if she will be legislating from the bench as most liberpuke judges do.

    Fact is we could have done much worse than Kegan IMO, she’s a flatline or a slight uptick from Stevens….Liberpuke for a liberpuke… no change in the courts make up.

    Now we must pray that the REAL SCOTUS Judges remain healthy and can weather this period of Obama’s reckless era.

  2. minuteman26 says:

    Any friend of Obama holding any position in the fed govt is not a good thing for this country.

  3. Katie says:

    She is unqualified not due to her sexuality, religion, or sex, but due to the fact that she has never tried a case in court, sat on the bench, or defended a position. She has been an academic her whole career.

  4. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Damn. Who does she look like?

    Uh. . .

    The Janets. . . ?


  5. TexasFred says:

    Paul Blart - Mall Cop… 😛

  6. Patrick Sperry says:

    Umm, the flying pig pic that I used to use..? Myself, I could care less if she is a carpet muncher. What I care about is the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I don’t see any liberal, gay or straight, that will uphold what made this a great nation.

  7. Tish says:

    I did/do judge a book by the cover. Because when I saw her…I just shook my head. I mean this country is so far freaking left it’s making me sick to even call myself an American. And worse, we’re letting it happen. *deep breath* LORD SAVE us.

  8. mrchuck says:

    OK, OK,,,,,I want to know,,,,from any man that has had sex with her. Yeah, the conjugal type.
    Anybody out there? She is 50 years old. Someone really knows.

    She will be Obama’s pawn on the Supreme Court.
    Surely, someone has vetted her inside and out.
    We will know soon, when the confirmation hearings start.
    Someone knows,,,,,..

    Anything that mongrel, illegal president does is always due to an agenda,,,,.

  9. Steve Dennis says:

    Barack Obama does seem to pick candidates that he feels the opposition will be afraid to attack, rather than selecting the best person for the job. In this case, I think that what he found most attractive about Kagan was her lack of a paper trail. Nobody knows what she really stands for, although if Obama selected her I am sure we can figure it out, and this seems to be a real problem for the left because they wanted a bonofide liberal.

  10. BobF says:

    I’m not sure how we’ve could have done much worse than Kagan? I found this about her: She signed a legal brief that asked the Supreme Court to overturn the Solomon Amendment, a law which allows the federal government to bar funds to universities that refuse to allow military recruiters on campus. Harvard and other colleges wanted to refuse the recruiters because of the military’s policy on homosexuals. But the Supreme Court in 2006 unanimously upheld the Solomon Amendment, 8-0.

    The most liberal judges on the Supreme Court upheld the Solomon Act. If even the most liberal SCOTUS judges upheld the act, what does that tell us about her?

  11. WashingtonArmory.com says:

    She has about as much experience being a Justice as OweBambi has as a “world” (Cough Cough) Leader, I actually didn’t expect much more from the community organiser! I am sure that Hillbilly is stewing that she didn’t get the nod from “the One” Hmmmm, That being said I wonder, Will the Clinton “death list” get another name longer soon???

  12. Longstreet says:

    Elections have consequences. This is one of them.
    Lord help us! We absolutely MUST win in November to save our country!


  13. WashingtonArmory.com says:

    After foing some research, I have (No surprise here) that Kagan is another socialist supporter, She has written papers “lamenting” the decline of socialism in the U.S.A. and as I posted before has no real experience on the bench. Also as posted in several articles she is anti military, And seems to be favoring a bigger government. to be honest in my opinion less than 50 years ago if a president had appointed her to the Supreme Court of these United States he would have been brought up on treason charges! I don’t think yoiu could have picked a more “stealth” anti american candidate for the highest court in thes land. I urge all of us to begin the letter writing to our senators! I know that the junior senator from My state (NH) will just blindly tow the party line but I am going to send her a few scathing letters expressing the opinions of “the people” Judd Gregg is a Rino wuss but I still think we can get him to oppose a socialist Justice on the supreme court.

  14. minuteman26 says:

    Any senator voting for Kagan must be made known that he/she has committed political suicide by doing so. If you vote for a Commie; you are a Commie!

  15. WashingtonArmory.com says:

    Hmmmm, Re reading the posts here I think I have found her only qualification to “judge” as Mr Chuck aptly pointed out Ms, Kagan is clearly a Bar-O-Meter, The ugly chick at the bar that you Judge whether it is time to leave or not, therefore her qualification is that you can judge the time to leave by looking at her. (yeah I can be mean) But otherwise I see nothing and I do mean nothing that would qualify her as a supreme court justice.

  16. Always On Watch says:

    I discovered some pertinent information about Kagan. Most disturbing about that information is that she favors extending the power of the executive branch. As if BHO hasn’t already gone beyond the Constitution with his wielding of power as chief excecutive of the United States!

    Kagan is an Obamabot. Period.

    She will serve him and undermine our nation.

    Her appointment to SCOTUS won’t really change the tone of this particular court. But when Ginsburg retires….

    I look for Ginsburg to resign next year.

  17. jackflash says:

    I work in Michigan. The choice of Kagan has to be better than one of the other possible appointees: Jennifer Granholm (she gives me the willies).

    Gov. Gennifer is a dual citizen like Obama. Oh, Sorry, Obama appears to be a quadruple citizen (Kenya, UK, Indonesia & US?). I think he should keep his citizenship options open. Might come in handy some day. The way he has multiple social security cards and citizenships, he could have applied to be a citizen of Pakistan while he was there in the 80’s.

    Back to Kagan. A friend of mine said she looks like Barney Rubble. I said; “yeah, I can see the resemblence but I don’t think Barney smoked”.

    This is my first post with Texas Fred. I hope I did not offend anytone except the folks mentioned above.

  18. WashingtonArmory.com says:

    Jack Flash, What have you got against Barney Rubble anyways? LOL.

    OK Fred, I have been hard at work looking for the “smoking gun” that we all know is there when OweBambi does anything and I found this article pointing out her slant on Firearms and the Constitution.

    Elena Kagan’s Opposition to Gun Rights

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