Proposed construction at Rowlett Rd and Miller Rd

Proposed construction at Rowlett Rd and Miller Rd

An Op/Ed by TexasFred concerning the meeting to discuss the proposed housing project being affectionately referred to as Balch Springs on the Lake

Well, the meeting went off as planned, even if it was a bit late getting started.

It seems that the developer hadn’t anticipated the number of people that were in attendance. The room was set up for less than 40 people, at least twice that many showed up, some estimates said close to 100 people attended.

This meeting was a disaster right from the start. The developer had a very mild, very muted voice, and then they didn’t have a working microphone system for the best part of the meeting.

The A/C wasn’t doing it’s job for a crowd this size. Tempers were short and opinions were plentiful.

And what kind of a HOST throws a little get together in TEXAS, especially a HOST that’s wanting the approval of those in attendance? And doesn’t even offer up some kind of refreshments?

I mean, not a cup of coffee, not a bottle of water, not anything. And they held the meeting right at supper time too! Where I come from, that’s just down right inhospitable, and bad manners to boot.

The developer and his associates ran through their presentation, and were challenged at nearly every turn.

One of the assistants asked that we NOT question Mr. Holcomb, the developer, until AFTER he had had his say.

The questions persisted, some folks were highly agitated at these proceedings, and this same assistant again asked that ALL questions be held until after Mr. Holcomb was done speaking, except this time, she was obviously a bit angry. Body language and facial expression says a lot…

After Holcomb was through talking, the questions began in earnest, and to put it bluntly, the answers we received were less than satisfactory. Smoke, mirrors, deflection, generalities, *plants* in the audience to oppose anyone that had HARD questions.

Great tactics, if you’re dealing with MORONS…

There were some excellent questions asked by the residents of Rowlett. Serious, thought provoking questions. Well formulated questions that were well thought out and presented in a professional manner.

The answers TO those questions were, shall we say? Less than professional? All in all, Mr. Holcomb and Company handed out a HUGE line of B.S. at this meeting.

In MY opinion, this was the most unprofessional BUSINESS meeting I have ever seen! These clowns brought a steak knife to a gunfight! As ANY gun person can tell you, you just don’t take a knife to a gunfight!

This isn’t over, it’s a long ways from over, but the developer and his group of stooges now know, Rowlett is a buzz saw if the right buttons are pushed, and this matter has to get by the planning and zoning folks, then, if I understand it correctly, the Rowlett City Council.

The only question I asked was, WHAT is this going to do to our property values here in Rowlett? What can the home owner expect to see happen to their property value if this 4 story debacle defaces the landscape of our fair city?

They didn’t have an answer for that one, BUT, one of the aforementioned *plants* got up to tell me how she had 20 some odd years in the apartment management business and she KNEW that property values did NOT go down.

This *plant* cited her creds in the apartment mangers business and stated that SHE was from Chicago and had extensive experience in that market. I have to wonder? What was an apartment manager from Chicago doing at a Rowlett citizens meeting if she was anything other than a *plant*?

I asked her what proof she had to that matter. Did she have an in-depth study that had been conducted? Did she have a recent survey of this area that had determined this to be true? Was there anything in BLACK and WHITE that could be presented in evidence to back up her statement?

She, and I say SHE because SHE remains unknown to me, anyway, SHE told me that I would have to accept HER word and HER professional opinion as a fact.

I then informed HER that if SHE had NO hard proof, no substantiating facts with citation, all she had was an opinion, and everyone in that room had an opinion…

SHE shut up, I never got MY question answered and the meeting broke up with a lot of very pissed off Rowlett citizens leaving the meeting shaking their heads and vowing that this project would NEVER get off of the ground!

It was heard said, by quite a few, that ANY council person that supported this project would currently be enjoying their last term. Ominous to say the least.

There were also an accusation made against Mayor Harper, in a hushed whisper. An individual trying to say that Mayor Harper was behind this project and was encouraging it, supporting it, and that individual went so far as to infer that the Mayor *may* be a lot MORE involved…

Then I got the old *wink wink*, know what I mean? thing…

Those are NOT rumors, those are things that were said to ME.

I immediately walked away from this person, I have a very confrontational personality and I don’t deal in, nor listen to, unsubstantiated rumors against anyone, especially someone that I have great respect for, someone in the person of Mayor John Harper.

There are accusations of dirty politics being played with this project. There are rumors being started by certain individuals that sound a lot more like *losers remorse* and sour grapes than they do anything that remotely concerns looking out for the best interest of Rowlett.

There are some games being played and lies being told. There’s a political newcomer involved that is, more or less, nothing but a leech, and has attached himself firmly to the ass of a recent loser in a race for Mayor.

We, the citizens of Rowlett, don’t need games, lies and political grandstanding, we need truth, facts and dedication to community, that’s ALL we need to win, and with truth, we WILL win!

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11 Responses to Proposed construction at Rowlett Rd and Miller Rd

  1. Vigilante says:

    Too bad the good citizens of Rowlett could not be in attendance when those idiotic asses in New York City gave the ok to a bunch of Muslim goat lovers to build their mosque of hate near the World Trade Centers. It’s a good thing I’m not the building inspector because if I were, they’d be building it for the next 50 years.

  2. HoosierArmyMom says:

    Texas Fred Confrontational??? Well I never would have expected that from the Dixie Firecracker I know. LOL!!!!

    I think I would have looked at “The Plant” and told her straight up, Opinions are like assholes… EVERYBODY has one, and I want substantiated, factual proof!!! I wouldn’t trust anyone from Chicago and I probably would have told her that too!

    The tactics they tried to use (planting people) and trying to not answer the tough questions puts me in mind of Obozo and his Washington Criminal Cartel!!!!! Sounds like they are wanting to put up projects (probably to house the illegals when they get Amnesty through!) Fight on Rowlett!!!

  3. TexasFred says:

    @HAM: I am, despite some opinions to the contrary, VERY professional in PUBLIC meetings… If a writer, a reporter, a blogger, a public representative, anyone in the PUBLIC eye, is NOT professional in their presentation, they lose before they ever get started…

    The developer presented an extremely LESS than professional program, he was unprepared and he LOST before this ever got started…

    Why should I lose MY credibility in their process?

  4. TexasFred says:

    I have to wonder, is Gov. Chris Christie my BROTHER? I like this guy, a lot… He says what he thinks and stands for what he believes… He doesn’t make unfounded accusations, he doesn’t make unsubstantiated claims of corruption against his opponents and by God, he speaks so plainly that even a LIBBER can grasp his meaning… 😈

  5. BobF says:

    This is off subject. You haven’t mentioned it here but I assume you saw this: City of Austin bans travel to Arizona. Is Austin a liberal city?

    Austin Bans City Employee Travel To Arizona

  6. TexasFred says:

    Austin is the San Francisco of Texas… Does that answer your question?? 😛

    If Austin, Texas were swallowed up by a gigantic sink hole, Texas would be MUCH better off, even some of the so-called Conservatives in Austin are nothing more than moonbat RINOs..

  7. BobF says:

    That answers the question.

    The wife is in Mesquite right now. She’s going back in June and I may go with her.

  8. TexasFred says:

    Well c’mon down, maybe we can shoot a few targets!

  9. HoosierArmyMom says:

    Fred, I have no doubt you are a consummate pro when engaging in what you engage in best… summing up people and potential motives and issues that may effect the citizens under your watch. That is why you are trusted by many for the TRUTH. :-)

    I’m with you, watching Christie is pretty exciting, especially when looking to the election in November. Simply down to earth and straight from the hip! We need many more like him I think.

  10. BobF says:

    If I come down, I do hope to get together and meet you.

  11. TexasFred says:

    To Jonathon Brown: I asked a legitimate question regarding just what this development was going to do to home values in Rowlett, expecting an answer from the developer.

    I got a tirade from a *plant* in the audience.

    How is the onus for ANY substantiation my responsibility? You can’t substantiate a question you moron, you ask a question, in hopes of getting an intelligent answer…

    After reading your post, I am of the opinion that intelligence and personal interaction aren’t your forte…

    Just out of curiosity Jon, do you feel that being quite a ways distant from this project somehow insulates you and your home value?

    78** Killarney Ln
    Rowlett, TX 75089-7851

    And if you don’t encourage your *readers* to read MY post, WHY did you post a link to this post?

    Next time we have a meeting Jon, walk up and introduce yourself, stand your ground, don’t hide behind the anonymity of a blog with no picture of yourself…

    Next time, if you are feeling that the questions are simply incredulous, present your own questions, or, if you prefer, facts, along with citation to back those facts…

    As I told the *plant* that attempted to impress us all with her extensive knowledge of the Chicago market, no citation, well, you have an opinion, and you know the old axiom regarding opinions and everyone having one!

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