State of the Union: It’s the economy, again

State of the Union: It’s the economy, again

WASHINGTON (AP) - Standing before a nation clamoring for jobs, President Barack Obama will call for targeted spending to boost the economy but also for budget cutting in Tuesday night’s State of the Union address, his first in a new era of divided political power.

To a television audience in the tens of millions, Obama will home in on jobs, the issue of most importance to the public and to his hopes for a second term. Though war and other concerns bid for attention, the president has chosen to lean heavily on the economy, with far less emphasis on Afghanistan and Iraq, terrorism and foreign affairs.

Specifically, Obama will focus on improving the education, innovation and infrastructure of the United States as the way to provide a sounder economic base. He will pair that with calls to reduce the government’s debt - now topping a staggering $14 trillion - and reforming government. Those five areas will frame the speech, with sprinklings of fresh proposals.

Yet no matter how ambitious Obama’s rhetorical reach, his speech at the halfway point of his term will be viewed in the context of his new political reality.

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State of the Union: It’s the economy, again

I will be forced to suffer through this debacle in the halls of democracy tonight. I don’t want to watch, I can think of a lot of other things I would rather do tonight.

In an attempt at unity following an attack on one of their own, some Democratic and Republican lawmakers will sit together at Obama’s speech. Others have dismissed that idea as superficial. The focus on tone comes a year after Obama’s rebuke of a Supreme Court decision in his State of the Union speech led Justice Samuel Alito to mouth back, “Not true.”

Justice Samuel Alito won my undying respect for that. Unlike the spineless MORON, Joe Wilson, and his “YOU LIE” comment, and almost immediate apology, Alito stood beside his words. Hopefully ALL of the Conservative Justices will boycott this dog and pony show.

Watch, don’t watch, it’s your choice.

For me it’s like a train wreck, you just can’t turn away, and there will be some *drama* tonight.

Of course the SOTU speech Obama will be giving, his prep speech for a future defense argument I am guessing, will NOT be *the drama*. Obama is going to defend his actions, the actions that have taken America into the TRILLIONS range of budget deficit. Nothing new there.

The DRAMA will be the way the *dance card* is arranged.

I have seen a few assumed to be Conservatives making comments on other blogs that THEIR Senator or Congress Critter will be sitting with the Dems in a show of unity.

These comment makers see nothing wrong with a show of unity, and if that’s what it really was, there would be nothing wrong I suppose, but all this is going to be is an attempt by the Democrats to show that THEY do indeed still pull the strings in Washington.

A circus act coupled with a puppet show, and Obama as the puppet master.

ANY so-called Conservative GOP Senator or Congress Critter that crosses the aisle should have a target placed on their seat for the next election.

I don’t want non-partisan BS in the Hallowed Halls, I want a damned DOG FIGHT, and I want the GOP to kick ass and take names, not make a date for drinks and dinner.

But it’s going to cause massive gridlock Fred‘ you say…and to that, I say GOOD. Gridlock means that Obama isn’t taking us further into the TRILLIONS of dollars of deficit that we are now seeing.

These clowns are acting like it’s high school and they want to be sure and sit with the popular kids. Well, my experience has been, the popular kids went on to be drunks, dopers and multi-divorced losers.

Conservative INTEGRITY! Sitting with the ENEMY, and Democrats ARE the enemy, does nothing to instill a sense of trust in our elected, thought to be Conservative leaders.

Conservative INTEGRITY, maybe they ALL need to look that up. ANY that cross the aisle tonight need to be sure to look it up. Their constituents need to MAKE THEM look it up, and come next election, those elected officials that DO cross the aisle need to join the ranks of the unemployed.

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12 Responses to State of the Union: It’s the economy, again

  1. deh1030 says:

    You are right, watching this tonite is torture beyond belief. They should subject “detainees” to this! The idea of Dems and Repubs “sitting” together is stupidity beyond belief. This is all the lamestream media can concentrate on “Who is sitting with who??” This is really another example of “Dumb & Dumber”. The ONLY GOOD THING is that maybe we will not have to see Pelosi jumping up and down like a Jack-in-the-box.

    Hey Fred, on the “you lie”, did you mean Joe Miller or Joe Wilson?

  2. TexasFred says:

    Wilson… Damn, I have too much going on, thanks Miss D.. 🙂

    Correction made…

  3. GM Roper says:

    I intend to watch the dog and pony show, maybe liveblog it and the Republican Response. Live blogging is dependent on the laptop being in the Living room where it doesn’t always get the signal via Wi-Fy.

    I will have both a bottle of bourbon and a bottle of Pepto-Bismol handy and sip either depending on the circumstances.

    Good post Fred.

  4. James Shott says:

    I have a meeting tonight.

    I hope it runs long.

  5. Robert says:

    I was thinking about live blogging it and putting a CROSSHAIR graphic up every time the camera panned to the “Date Night” cam. But then I’d have to watch the liar in chief, tell more lies, and listen to the MSM’s orgasmic moans at his angelic voice…FK THAT…

    I posted my feelings on DATE NIGHT in DC yesterday, and it amazes me that someone in the conservative realm would see this as an “OKAY” deal. It’s not. It’s a slap in the face and an admission of guilt. “Come sit with me Republican so we can show the people that you aren’t really violent even though you caused the Tuscon shooting”…. Yeah, that’s helpful.

    I’d rather watch reruns of the Jeffersons.

  6. minuteman26 says:

    Will not be watching. Its all bullshit.

  7. Longstreet says:

    I’m with mm26! HA!


  8. NativeSon says:

    Not watching it-I have a bone in my leg… 🙂
    Plus, I have a DVR 🙂

  9. Bob Mack says:

    Anybody see Obama’s Marx-speak message to Russia after the terror attack? The one in which he professes “solidarity” with the Russian people? There’s no doubt in my mind that this guy’s an out-and-out communist. SOTU? Precarious.

  10. BobF says:

    Democrats sure made fools of the Republicans at the SOTU speech. With them all intermingled together, I noticed that when Democrats stood to applaude Obama, the TV cameras panned a whole room shot from behind. Since it was a wide angle shot and from a distance with the light darkened, it made it look like everyone was standing and applauding. Other than that, here’s the best response to the speech.

  11. TexasFred says:

    Bob — This whole thing was, by design, Democratic design, engineered to make Obama and the Dems look better, it was smoke and mirrors, but it was all over the TV, and now the damned Dems have gained the HIGH GROUND, all because the GOP was totally stupid and had their heads buried in their asses…

  12. Always On Watch says:

    Well, I watched BHO’s propaganda/campaign speech. I’m teaching American Government/Current Events (from a conservative perspective) this year.

    My students and I will analyze the speech during our next class session. In fact, one of my students, “Wildstar,” has commented on BHO’s nonsense at my blog. Yep, Wildstar is a young conservative — a real conservative, not a RINO.

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