To Save America, We Must Dethrone King Obama

Many of you know Lloyd Marcus from the TEA Party rallies and by his marvelous singing voice. Lloyd is more than just a singer, he is a patriot and his words are inspirational!

To Save America, We Must Dethrone King Obama

By Lloyd Marcus

Incredibly, Obama continues to boldly go where no other president has gone before. Apparently, none of the rules apply to him. Without consequence, at will, Obama ignores laws and the Constitution to implement his progressive/socialist agenda.

America’s first black president has morphed into America’s first king. All hail King Obama, our supreme ruler. Think about this folks, King Obama has put together his royal court of an unprecedented 32 czars who only answer to him. His czars consist of people who have socialist and communist leanings, many simply do not like America. King Obama’s czars, without congressional over sight, set new rules and regulations for our lives; boldly ignoring laws and the U.S. Constitution.

Given Obama’s unprecedented government overreaches, when we vote him out in 2012, will His Royal Obamaness surrender the Oval Office? Just kidding. Such a concern is a bit over the top. Right? Right?

Meanwhile, displaying an amazing total disregard for the sanctity of freedom, guess who cheers on Obama’s every unprecedented lawless “power grab” and dis of the Constitution; the despicable liberal media.

Most of the mainstream media are liberals promoting their progressive/socialist agenda while calling it journalism. A liberal black presidential candidate was their dream come true. Obama’s skin color was a gift from the liberal gods; the ultimate political trump card.

The Left exploits Obama’s black skin color as their “Weapon of Mass Intimidation”; a coat of armor insulating him from all opposition and reasonable critique.

Any supplicant daring to question or oppose His Royal Obamaness is forced to endure the liberal media’s “shock and awe” battery of accusations of racism and violent intentions.

Is it unfair to say Obama governs more like our king rather than our president? You be the judge.

Obamacare was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge. King Obama basically said “screw that! I’m implementing it anyway”.

DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) is the law. King Obama said in effect, “I don’t like that law and we are not defending its copnstitutionality.”

A federal ruling said King Obama’s deep offshore drilling moratorium in Louisiana is illegal and ordered it lifted. Again, King Obama simply ignored the federal ruling.

Federal immigration law is much tougher than Arizona’s new Law. The Arizona law says if someone is stopped for a traffic violation or suspected of a crime, they must show proper ID. Well duh! All Americans are required to show ID in such situations. King Obama wants members of a special ethnic group to be protected from such inquiry. Thus, King Obama has declared the Arizona law racist and is suing Arizona for enforcing “federal law”. King Obama views illegals as potential future new Democrat voting supplicants.

King Obama wants to force health workers to perform abortions whether they like it or not. The “Conscience Rule” protects health workers who refuse to participate in abortions or other medical procedures that go against their moral and religious beliefs. King Obama is working on rescinding that law.

If we have learned nothing else from the passing of Obamacare against the will of 70% of the American people we learned, legal processes be damned, whatever King Obama wants, King Obama gets.

And, let us not forget that King Obama fired the CEO and took over a private sector auto company. Thus, the birth of King Obama Motors.

And what about King Obama’s siege of the banking industry. After accepting TARP money, a bank chairman read the tea leaves of things to come; government running his business and dictating salaries. He requested to pay back the TARP money with interest. King Obama denied the bank chairman’s request and threatened “adverse” consequences if he persisted.

The new Black Panther Party is guilty of voter intimidation in Philadelphia. King Obama refuses to press charges against the new Black Panthers; now get this folks, because they are black. His royal enforcer, Attorney General, Eric Holder, who is black, told the House Appropriations subcommittee that the New Black Panther voter intimidation case demeans “my people.”

Holder went on to explain that the suffering of African Americans seeking the right to vote in the South in the 60s far surpass the intimidation white voters recently endured in Philadelphia. So much for any pretense of King Obama dispensing equal justice to all Americans. We’re talkin’ Affirmative Action justice.

King Obama is systematically taking control of every aspect of our lives. Cramming Obamacare down our throats was a huge step toward achieving his goal. Please read, “20 Ways ObamaCare Will Take Away Our Freedoms”.

Exempting themselves, liberals are notorious for making rules for us supplicants. Queen Michelle Obama recently feasted on high calorie greasy bar-b-que spareribs while seeking to federally mandate/regulate menus and portion sizes in schools, restaurants and etc.

Bottom line, King Obama is out of control. In 2012, We The People MUST raise up with pitchforks of votes to end King Obama’s tyrannous reign. American as we know and love it could be lost. Defeat is not an option.

As Vice Chair of The Campaign to Defeat Obama in 2012, I sincerely covet your support.

We are gathering “One Million People To Defeat Barack Obama 2012”. Please join us!

Please sign and encourage your friends to sign this petition at

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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I encourage you to follow Lloyd Marcus and his TEA Party activities. Don’t let the utter ineffectiveness or uber-Libertarian leanings of a few LOCAL TEA Party groups discourage you, there are still hard working patriots out there, and they NEED your support and encouragement!

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4 Responses to To Save America, We Must Dethrone King Obama

  1. WhoBeen says:

    You said it all Fred! Sometimes I think that what America needs right now is a temporary dictator…now don’t let that alarm you, I said temporary! His job would be to gather up all the left wing conspirators and either place them in these so-called FEMA camps and/or deport them. Wouldn’t it be great to see Obama and his entire family deported to Kenya? Yeah! In a heartbeat! The Clintons, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Boxer and the rest of them should be picking tomatoes in California. The New York Times would be mandated to print Bibles for the next forty years or else be deported with the Obama family. The Ninth District Court should be transferred to the Sahara Desert with only a days supply of water. Oh I could go on but let me leave you with this last wish… How ’bout Katie Couric, and Henry Kissinger be dropped off at some unihabited Island so that they could live happily ever after…

    I think I thought this up in a dream last night…

  2. BobF says:

    Obama has already declared the Defense of Marriage act unconstitutional and refuses to enforce it. He has defied two Federal Court rulings that directed he end his ban on oil drilling. In Obama we have both the Executive and Judicial branch of government. How long will it be before he legislates law, signs law, and rules it constitutional?

  3. WhoBeen says:

    Let me add one more thought…

    I may not entirely approve of hanging but I will chip in and buy the rope!

  4. WhoBeen says:

    Just finished up at the radio station….

    I read this blog and the one that follows over the radio.

    One of these days we will devote the whole show to the Texas Fred blog…

    Thanks, Norm

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