White House Seeks to Allay Muslim Fears on Terror Hearings

If I’m not already on Obama’s list of domestic radicals, I soon will be! 😕

White House Seeks to Allay Muslim Fears on Terror Hearings

STERLING, Va. — As a Republican congressman prepares to open hearings on the threat of homegrown Islamic terrorism, President Obama’s deputy national security adviser visited a mosque here on Sunday to reassure Muslims that “we will not stigmatize or demonize entire communities because of the actions of a few.”

The White House billed the speech by the adviser, Denis McDonough, as a chance for the administration to lay out its strategy for preventing violent extremism. But the timing was no accident; Mr. McDonough was in effect an emissary from the White House to pre-empt Representative Peter King of New York, the Homeland Security Committee chairman, who has promised a series of hearings beginning Thursday on the radicalization of American Muslims.

“In the United States of America, we don’t practice guilt by association,” Mr. McDonough told an interfaith but mostly Muslim audience of about 200 here at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, known as the Adams Center. “And let’s remember that just as violence and extremism are not unique to any one faith, the responsibility to oppose ignorance and violence rests with us all.”

Mr. McDonough made no explicit mention of the hearings or Mr. King. But his speech came on a day when the back-and-forth over Mr. King’s plans crescendoed, from the airwaves of Washington’s Sunday morning talk shows to the streets of Manhattan to this northern Virginia suburb, an area packed with Muslim professionals, many of whom are extremely wary of Mr. King and his plans.

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White House Seeks to Allay Muslims’ Fears on Terror Hearings

Do you know who needs to FEAR these hearings? That Muslim loving Kenyan poser in the White House! That’s who needs to FEAR being fully investigated and brought to trial!

Barack Hussein Obama and his merry band of ne’er do wells spend more time supporting Islam and it’s evil, yes, I DID say EVIL followers than they do looking after the interests of America, and the principles that this nation was founded upon.

Obama and company spends more time appeasing Muslims, and making excuses FOR Muslims and their acts of EVIL, and more time apologizing for the actions of the United States than I am comfortable with.

Denis McDonough says, “And let’s remember that just as violence and extremism are not unique to any one faith, the responsibility to oppose ignorance and violence rests with us all.”

So tell me Mr. McDonough, where are all of these Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and other religions that are so prone to violence? Christians pretty much abandoned their religious persecutions a few years back, right after the Spanish Inquisitions ended if memory serves me…Islam has clung to their beliefs since Islam began.

And while I’m asking, is your ass kissing of these Muslim bastards going to bring out the ones that YOU and your master, Obama, keep trying to convince the American people are merely peace loving friends, allies and all around good Americans? Is it going to make them take a stand against those RADICAL Muslims that are waging war all over the globe?

No, it’s not!

The American people, most American people, already know that. Many in other parts of the world are rapidly realizing that Islam, and it’s practitioners, are nothing more than an evil cult of murderers, intent on global domination and the death of ANYONE that will not submit to their antiquated and violent beliefs.

The majority of Americans have long seen through the Obama regime and it’s cowardly display as it refuses to call acts of terror, heinous, murderous acts, what they really are, TERRORIST acts, simply because Obama doesn’t want to offend HIS Muslim brothers. And again, YES, I did say “HIS MUSLIM BROTHERS“!

Oh, but Obama would never say something like that? Really?

From Obama’s book Audacity of Hope: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

Obama proves his Muslim faith on an almost daily basis. Yet he is NOT investigated in anything that even remotely resembles an OFFICIAL capacity.

Obama takes this nation further into the abyss every day! He takes us further into financial ruin and closer to Muslim domination and Sharia law with his every America hating action. Obama seems to be dead set on the destruction of America. There are some in Congress and the Senate, as well as close to half of the American people, that seem to be happy with Obama, it shows in their complacency, and what I can only describe as apathy.

I am of the belief that Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of subversion and treason by his words and actions against this nation. I have had readers ask me, “How much treason is enough before Obama is brought up on charges?” and I just can’t answer that question.

But I can say this, in 1776 the colonists drew a line in the sand and took their stand for freedom from England. In 1836 Texans drew their line in the sand and took their stand for freedom from Mexico.

When do the American people draw their line in the sand? When do WE, The People stand and not only renounce, but remove these anti-American cretins that are giving our nation away in large chunks? When do WE, The People take a stand and say ENOUGH? When do WE, The People rise up and demand that OUR rights be restored? Convicted prisoners have MORE rights in this nation than do FREE citizens and ILLEGAL invaders!

Throughout the history of this nation Americans have fought for their rights and those of other nations. We STILL feed the world and combat tyranny and injustice as we find it. We still feed the hungry and clothe the needy. We send MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of our tax dollars to nations that HATE us, and seek to destroy us, hoping to buy their friendship as we care for their sick and hungry.

Wake UP America! We have needy, hungry and sick people right here in the USA, and we need to help them first. And I am almost certain that there is no Muslim Brotherhood anywhere in the Arab world that is making an effort to help us feed and clothe OUR needy!

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  1. minuteman26 says:

    Obama will stand with the muslims cause he are one. Obama is an enemy of this Republic.

  2. Katie says:

    When will MY fears be addressed?

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