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New Orleans scales back on rebuild

Friday, October 12th, 2007

NEW ORLEANS - After struggling for months to come up with $1.1 billion for stage one of New Orleans’ hurricane rebuilding plan, city officials faced with growing public frustration intend to move ahead with a drastically scaled-back first step of $216 million.

The blueprint being released Friday by city Recovery Director Ed Blakely is far more modest than the one he issued in March. But he said it will at least get the rebuilding started and give the public desperately needed signs of progress — which, in turn, will encourage private investment in New Orleans.

“Plans help you make progress,” Blakely said.

The plan — the general outlines of which were approved by the City Council earlier this year — is not the radical remaking of the city urged by some urban planners who wanted to see a New Orleans with a much smaller footprint, and with people moved out of flood-prone areas.

Instead, it largely embraces Mayor Ray Nagin’s settle-where-you-will philosophy, while also endorsing the removal of blight and the creation of parks, affordable apartments and vibrant communities.

All I can come up with is one thought, New Orleans is SINKING, why do these numb-skulls want to dump billions of dollars into rebuilding it?? It’s not going to be there that much longer, why should the taxpayers of this nation have to finance a half-assed rebuilding and a massive cash theft?? That’s what you’ll get if you hand Louisiana politicians $6.1 billion dollars, and I think someone in the Federal government may have realized that little fact…

And let’s face one more fact, that $6.1 billion would take away from Mr. Bush’s war effort in Iraq, he can’t allow that to happen now can he??

By one estimate, rebuilding New Orleans could cost $14.4 billion in private and government money and take at least a decade.

Well, look at the bright side, spread over a decade that’s only $1.4 Billion a year, not too bad if you say it really fast, I just wonder how many hurricanes will hit New Orleans in that 10 year period?? Do you suppose that there will be a Cat 4 or 5 blast New Orleans off the map and take those billions of dollars with it??

But two years after Katrina laid waste to much of the metropolitan area, the rebuilding is slow, stymied by red tape, bureaucratic infighting and what some see as a lack of political leadership.

Lack of political leadership?? Wait a minute, the have ‘Chocolate Ray’, the Dark Knight of New Orleans, and his faithful minion, Chief Warren J. Riley, and oh yeah, the re-elected William ‘Cold Cash’ Jefferson himself, how much more competent leadership can you possibly have?? Throw in Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco and hell, you have a ‘four of a kind’, 4 Dems, ALL crooks with their hands out taking anything and everything that’s not nailed down, how can the MSM be so cold hearted as to call that a ‘lack of leadership’??

That is New Orleans leadership at it’s very best…

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New Orleans scales back on rebuild

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Road Home shortfall becoming clearer

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Road Home shortfall becoming clearer
Posted by
The Times-Picayune
October 11, 2007 11:05AM
By David Hammer

As the Road Home gets closer to nailing down how many applicants are eligible for rebuilding grants, Louisiana is getting a clearer picture of the program’s budget shortfall and how much it will need from Congress to fill the gap.

The state’s worst case scenario is a $6.1 billion shortfall, down from $6.6 billion a month ago. The Louisiana Recovery Authority, using calculations provided by the state’s Road Home contractor, now estimates that several thousand of the program’s 184,000 applicants will be ineligible for grants.

The most likely shortfall will be $5.4 billion, with 164,084 eligible applicants, according to the LRA’s analysis. The state has approved $1 billion from its budget surplus and other federal funds to close part of the gap. The LRA also is hopeful that the Federal Emergency Management Agency will follow through on promises to start releasing $1.1 billion for home elevations and future storm mitigation, which would reduce the estimate of how much is needed from Congress to $3.3 billion.

In the worst-case scenario, in which 173,960 of the applicants make it through the process and are eligible for at least some grant money, Congress would have to kick in a little more than $4 billion. The uncertainty in the numbers is due to about 29,000 applicants who haven’t showed up for a face-to-face appointment with a Road Home housing adviser. The program typically settles who is eligible when they show up for the appointment, are fingerprinted and provide detailed documentation of their home’s damage.

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Road Home shortfall becoming clearer - Times-Picayune -

This is a great article and I have NO issue with the author, but what it doesn’t point out to the casual observer is this, the money is mostly, if not fully, going to New Orleans and the surrounding area, an area that truly was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and also an area that IS sinking, quite rapidly according to some sources…

New Orleans Is Sinking - Popular Mechanics
New Orleans Is Sinking, New Orleans May Sit In The Gulf Of Mexico In 90 Years - CBS News
ScienceDaily: New Orleans … The New Atlantis?
BBC NEWS Americas New Orleans ’sinking even faster’
NPR : Satellite Imagery Shows a Sinking New Orleans

Those are just the ones I grabbed from Google in a 2 minute search…

I had some folks from NOLA tell me I didn’t know what I was talking about, IF in fact NOLA is sinking it is the fault of the oil companies and their drilling, well, NOLA has been sinking for a hell of a lot longer than there has been oil exploration in the area, oil has been drilled there for less that 100 years, so, his little argument went right out the window…

One person responding to my comments on the story said I wasn’t from there and had NO idea of the problems they faced, well, as any regular reader here knows, I am FROM Louisiana, I just had the good sense to leave, and I am well aware of the problems Louisiana, and NOLA are up against, you can’t shake a bush in that state that some of my kin folks don’t come running out from under it…

I wish the folks of Louisiana ALL the best but I take issue with BILLIONS being spent to rebuild a sink hole, just as I take issue with BILLIONS being WASTED in Iraq…

I keep hoping that once my girls graduate from college they might leave Louisiana too, I know that if plans go accordingly, my son and his fiance will be leaving there, financially, they have to, and to be completely honest about it, the educational opportunities OUT of Louisiana are much better, much higher standards, and that is important to me, for the sake of my grandchildren…

I’m not blasting the state of Louisiana, not at all, but if the last person to leave NOLA will just pull the flush handle, we’ll ALL be a lot better off…

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Anger, Sadness Mark Katrina Anniversary

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - On the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, anger over the stalled rebuilding was palpable Wednesday throughout the city where the mourning for the dead and feeling of loss doesn’t seem to subside.

Hurricane Katrina made landfall south of New Orleans at 6:10 a.m. Aug. 29, 2005, as a strong Category 3 hurricane that flooded 80 percent of the city and killed more than 1,600 people in Louisiana and Mississippi. It was the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States.

I have great sympathy for the folks of New Orleans, those that lost their homes, their businesses, their fortunes, I have great sadness for the 1,600-1,800 folks that lost their lives, and I extend my sympathy to their families over that loss…

The response by the government over the last 2 years has disappointed the folks of New Orleans, I know it has, I have friends and family from there and have family in South Louisiana, I have seen the damage, 1st hand, up close, not just on the news but with my own eyes and I have to say, when Katrina hit there was nothing that the government, state or federal, could have done to alleviate the damage that massive hit brought on…

The immediate response TO that area could have been a lot quicker in my opinion, but the Louisiana Army National Guard, the organization that is tasked with those type of immediate responses, the 156/256th BCT was in the process of pulling out of Baghdad and were staging in Kuwait for their return home when Katrina hit and there truly was nothing they could do…

The Mayor of New Orleans failed his city, he failed miserably, he left thousands of his citizens in the path of Katrina while he moved himself and his family to a safe place, he left those people there to die, he didn’t issue a mandatory evacuation order and he didn’t enforce that order, but even then there would have been people that ignored evacuation orders, they always do, and Hurricane parties are well know events…

The New Orleans police broke down during the pre-Katrina time period, they were taking their families to safer places as well, and I don’t blame them for taking care of family 1st, but thousands were left behind that may have left New Orleans IF they had had a way to leave, like, oh, maybe all those school buses that were left in place, empty, in ruin…

Protesters planned to march from the obliterated Lower 9th Ward to Congo Square, where slaves were once allowed to celebrate their culture. Accompanied by brass bands, they will again try to spread their message that the government has failed to help people return.

“People are angry and they want to send a message to politicians that they want them to do more and do it faster,” said the Rev. Marshall Truehill, a Baptist pastor and community activist. “Nobody’s going to be partying.”

I know there is sadness and anger in New Orleans, I have sadness and anger too, part of my sadness is caused by knowing that there are people in New Orleans that haven’t got the mental capacity to understand that New Orleans Is Sinking, and as this article points out, New Orleans - The New Atlantis? is a REAL possibility, and make no mistake, New Orleans is ’sinking even faster’ than in the past, and here’s the source of MY anger at those who remain in New Orleans, WHY should I put MY tax dollars into a futile attempt to save New Orleans from it’s inevitable disappearance??

Some estimates I have read state that New Orleans needs a cash infusion in the $30-35 BILLION range just to have a fighting chance, and that’s just to protect against future hurricane damage and doesn’t address the fact that New Orleans is sinking into the swamp…

If the elderly, the infirm and physically ill need a helping hand to get OUT of New Orleans and are willing to leave that sink-hole, great, that’s money I am willing to spend, but to pour BILLIONS of our tax dollars into a place that’s disappearing anyway?? Not MY money, and if the residents of New Orleans are too stupid to see this for themselves, let them stay there, let them pay their own way in life, and let them sink into the mud WITH their beloved city…

Maybe there’s a reason the Feds aren’t pouring BILLIONS of dollars into New Orleans, money that New Orleans says it needs, maybe our government isn’t as foolish as some believe it to be…

Maybe they realize that some things just aren’t worth the cost of saving…

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Anger, Sadness Mark Katrina Anniversary

Planck’s Constant get’s it too!

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