Thursdays Thoughts… 02-15-07

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - U.S. and Iraqi troops moved into a Sunni neighborhood in southern Baghdad on Thursday, while insurgents struck back with car bombs that killed seven people. In southern Iraq, British troops sealed off the border with Iran to prevent weapons smuggling.

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Car Bombs Kill 7 Amid Iraq Crackdown

Well, not as many as in ’some’ bombings I suppose… Let’s face it, the attacks are going to slow down a bit, but this ’surge’ is not going to stop them, it will only slow them down, to stop this crap it’s going to take a lot more than we’re prepared to do at this time, some folks think I’m anti war, well, I’m not anti war, I am anti ‘half-assed’ war, and that’s what we’re engaged in, we tell em we’re coming a couple of weeks in advance, they clear out, it looks good on paper and it’s nothing more than a joke, a sad joke perpetrated by a President that has NO idea of how to fight a war…

WASHINGTON (AP) - Democrats, expecting House passage Friday of a resolution opposing President Bush’s military buildup in Iraq, are turning their sights on an even loftier target - the Pentagon’s multibillion-dollar budget. Congress next month is to consider Bush’s request for nearly $100 billion more for the war, a request that promises to become a new battleground over his Iraq policy.

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Democrats to Focus on Troop Funding

The Dems are dead set on stopping the funding for a poorly planned and poorly prosecuted war, isn’t that a big surprise?? I wonder?? If Bush had actually gone into Iraq, when he had the majority support in both houses and a big chunk of America, and turned our troops loose and let them actually DO the job they should have done instead of this PC ‘we don’t want to offend anyone’ bullshit that Bush is SO fond of, would the Dems feel different today?? And would BOTH houses still be Republican controlled?? I think the answer to both of those questions is yes…

HERSHEY, Pa. (AP) — Hershey is cutting 1,500 jobs over three years as part of a plan to scale back production and move some manufacturing to Mexico, the candy maker announced Thursday. When the plan is complete, Hershey’s will make its chocolates and other candies at fewer plants and have a lower overall cost structure. About 80% of Hershey’s manufacturing will take place in the U.S. and Canada. (snip) Results lagged due to weak merchandising, the company said, as well as a recall of products made at a plant in Canada after salmonella bacteria was discovered.

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Candy maker Hershey to cut jobs, send some manufacturing to Mexico

And Hershey somehow thinks that the Mexicans are going to make a higher quality product?? Every day we’re one step closer to a North American Union

MIAMI — Retired Miami Heat guard Tim Hardaway said Wednesday that he hates gay people, but later said he regretted the remarks. “You know, I hate gay people, so I let it be known. I don’t like gay people and I don’t like to be around gay people,” he said while a guest on Sports Talk 790 The Ticket. “I’m homophobic. I don’t like it. It shouldn’t be in the world or in the United States.”

Full Story Here:
Former NBA Star Tim Hardaway: ‘I Don’t Like Gay People’

I wonder why some people will say things like that and then not have the courage to stand behind their convictions?? Surely he didn’t get pressured by the NBA or any endorsements he may have had?? Ya think?? Letting $$$ stand in the way of his true feelings??

SALT LAKE CITY — Most of the thousands of Bosnians living in the Salt Lake City area are refugees of war, and all of them are toughened by the experience of making new lives in a new country. (snip) The number of Bosnian refugees in the Salt Lake City area has been estimated to be 3,000 to 7,000, most of them Muslims fleeing violence by Serbs in the early 1990s.

Full Story Here:
Anti-Bosnian Backlash Feared in Utah

For me, it’s not the fact that the guy was from Bosnia, I don’t care WHERE he was from, I look at the ‘religious’ affiliation this time, and I am firmly convinced that if given the opportunity, many Muslims WILL commit acts of heinous violence right here in the USA… And unlike Mr. Hardaway in the previous story, I don’t make statements and then recant because it wasn’t popular or because it pissed someone off, I make NO SECRET of it, I hate Muslims and Islam and consider them to be the scourge of the earth…

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  2. Basti Says:

    I don’t know about gay people? Gay is suppose to mean happy! I have no problem with happy people! Now on the other hand I despise queers with a passion.

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