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Minutemen Go Inside Latino Immigration Meeting - Racism Espoused, Calls for Violence Against “Whites”

by Linda Muller - Minuteman Project -

NAHR meeting. Dr. Armando Navarro (white T-shirt

There are many radical Latino groups calling for the violent overthrow of their “white” oppressors and the return of the American west to the mythical Aztlan from which they believe their land was stolen. Many Americans do not believe these fringe groups have any power and influence, so they dismiss them as harmless. Yet these groups continually draw U.S. Congressmen and staff members to their meetings. Corporate benefactors and foundations contribute funds and other means of support that enable these groups to thrive and proliferate. Recently, two representatives from Jim Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project attended a meeting of the National Alliance for Human Rights, whose coordinator is Armando Navarro, a professor at the University of California, Riverside. Minuteman Project National Spokesman Raymond Herrera and National Rally Coordinator Robin Hvidston, two of Gilchrist’s most street-savvy rally organizers, were alarmed by the racist rhetoric that permeated the meeting, punctuated by calls for violence against “white” people.

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Bushwack said: “Just a little “proof” that we are missing out on our chance to be racists, I mean damn, if Mexicans can call for violence against White people just for being White, I guess it is acceptable for White’s to do the same….. Just saying.

Oh wait that would mean White people would be Racists…. Again, WHY IS IT ONLY WHITE’S CAN BE RACIST?”

Stolen from: American and Proud

And I say, if this is the case, and the wetbacks want to take it to the street, let’s get it on, I won’t walk around with a threat hanging over MY head…

Our own government won’t stand against this invasion, they lock up our own Border Patrol agents and Law Enforcement officers, well, if it comes to an open fight, maybe our ineffectual, Mexican loving POTUS will see the light… Maybe…

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  1. From American and Proud… at Conservative Times--Republican GOP news source. Says:

    […] Original post by TexasFred and software by Elliott Back […]

  2. Basti Says:

    Maybe we can get aburningenergy (From my blog, who’s so upset about the white pride post) to give us his insightful comments on this one. (Cue wild rolling of eyes)

  3. TexasFred Says:

  4. Malinda777 Says:

    I have my 380 all dusty in the safe. Perhaps it’s time to dust it off.

    FREE (thanks to the troops), WHITE, and OVER 21… White, Conservative, and DAMN PROUD of it all.

    That doesn’t make me bad, just makes me who I am. I want EVERYONE to act like human beings and be proud of who they are too.

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