Border Patrol agent shoots at migrants throwing rocks

The El Paso Times - A Border Patrol agent in El Paso opened fire at a group of suspected migrants who were throwing rocks, in what officials described as part of a growing number of assaults on agents along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The agent, whose name was not released, was not hurt and no one was believed to have been shot in the incident. It happened Tuesday along the Rio Grande off the César Chávez Border Highway near Fonseca Drive, agency spokesman Doug Mosier said.

About 8 p.m., the agent, who was alone, approached a group of four or five men who began throwing rocks, one of which came close to hitting the agent in the head, Mosier said. The agent fired his handgun at least once at the group, which dispersed and ran into Mexico.

“We are still not sure where the rocks were thrown from, but we do believe they (attackers) started out on the U.S. side of the river and ended up south in Mexico. The whole incident took place in the riverbed,” Mosier said.

Authorities in Juárez were contacted, but the men were not found. An investigation into the shooting continues.

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Border Patrol agent shoots at migrants throwing rocks

And we can thank the current administration, and their LACK of proper border security, as well as the prosecution of ‘other’ Border Patrol agents who were only doing their jobs…

Every time an incident of this nature happens on OUR soil, and the perpetrators and not dropped in their tracks and left in place as a WARNING, we only empower the WETBACKS that much more, and these attacks WILL continue until such time as out BP agents and troops on the border are given permission to use deadly force…

And I don’t give a DAMN if it was ‘just a rock throwing incident’, it IS an ILLEGAL invasion and it happened on OUR soil, and that is an act of WAR…

Definitive action MUST be enacted, and the time is NOW, today it’s rocks, the next time it may well be AK-47’s…

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  1. Border Patrol agent shoots at migrants throwing rocks at Conservative Times--Republican GOP news source. Says:

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  2. Basti Says:

    I seem to remember something in the oath that all presidents and military people take. “To defend this country against all foes both foreign and domestic.” The current POTUS along with most other American politicians have have not upheld that oath. We need a real change of command in this country from the POTUS right on down through Congress and the court system. Sadly I don’t see that coming because the American people won’t rise up and demand that our country be defended and not from Iran, but from right here at home! (See Illegal Invaders & Muzzie-Moonbats for examples of those we need defending from right here on our home-soil)

    All it would take would be say 55 to 60% of Americans to demand this change and then you’d see the ass-kissing politicians change their tune.

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