Saturday Nights Presentation…

ATLANTA (AP) - With two black coaches in the Super Bowl for the first time, the historic accomplishment presents a welcome dilemma for many black fans: For whom to root? Many are not picking sides in Sunday’s game - they see Indianapolis Colts Coach Tony Dungy and Chicago Bears Coach Lovie Smith’s presence in the NFL’s biggest game as a win-win situation.

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Black NFL Fans Confront Welcome Quandary

Prejudice?? What prejudice?? No, just racial preference I guess, yeah, that’s it, preference… Hey dumbasses, forget the COLOR, that’s what you always tell the white man, root for a team… What would you do if it was 2 white coaches?? Piss and moan about how”Da Man done kept our black asses down” again?? And to the MSM for even posting this bullshit, WTF is on YOUR mind?? What a bunch of race baiting asshats…

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba (AP) - Abdul Helil Mamut’s good behavior earned him a spot in a medium-security compound at the Guantanamo Bay prison, where he slept in a barracks, shared leisurely meals with other prisoners and could spend more than half the day in an outdoor recreation area. But in December, the detainee was among dozens transferred from Camp 4 to the maximum-security Camp 6, the newest section of Guantanamo Bay’s military prison.

Full Story Here:
Life Harsher in New Guantanamo Unit

Put em in a tent, surround it with razor wire and shoot anyone that gets too close to the wire… Yeah, I know, it’s NOT politically correct… Sue me…

MIAMI — Michael Irvin was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday despite a troubled past, though voters denied entry to retired NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue. The former Dallas Cowboys receiver, who won three Super Bowls in the 1990s, got in on his third try.

Full Story Here:
Michael Irvin Among 6 Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame

What a deal, a ‘coke head’ with an arrest record gets into the Hall of Fame, outta be the Hall of SHAME… Now I’m pretty well convinced it’s a ‘fixed’ thing…

DEARBORN, Mich. — Twice recently, vandals have shattered windows at three mosques and a dozen businesses popular among Shiite Muslims along Warren Avenue, the spine of the Arab community here. Although the police have arrested no one, most in Dearborn’s Iraqi Shiite community blame the Sunni Muslims.

Full Story Here:
Sunni-Shiite Split in U.S. Is Widened by Iraqs Shadow

How long before these ragheads start blowing each other up right here in the USA?? To all you “We MUST rebuild Iraq and help the poor downtrodden Iraqi” I say this, if you love these asshats so damned much, move in WITH them and ALL of you tote your asses to raghead land and live happily ever after… It’s coming, right here in America, and it won’t be long either… Bet on it…

SEATTLE (AP) - A hard-to-treat strain of the virus that causes AIDS has been found in four gay men in King County, and authorities fear it could spread to more. There is no evidence that the troublesome strain of HIV is spreading rapidly, but its appearance underscores the need for renewed emphasis on safe sex practices, officials in the Seattle-King County public health department said Thursday.

Full Story Here:
Wash. Men Get Hard-To-Treat HIV Strain

I guess it’s too late to underscore the need for heterosexual and monogamous sexual practices… And imagine that, it’s developing on the liberal left coast, and with the way these people ‘mess around’, it’ll spread, and it’ll spread to bisexuals and then to straight people that sleep around and then to innocent victims that receive blood transfusions that are infected with this plague… These people reap what they sow, but when the innocent eventually fall because of this filth, well, that is the ONLY sad part of the entire thing…

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  1. Saturday Nights Presentation… at Conservative Times--Republican GOP news source. Says:

    […] Original post by TexasFred and software by Elliott Back […]

  2. ablur Says:

    I just posted a peice about Islam and being American isn’t possible. Everyone needs to read this. Our country is at stake!

  3. B.R. Says:

    “Life Harsher in New Guantanamo Unit” Promises, Promises. ‘Harsh’ my ass. If it were up to me, they’d REALLY know what ‘harsh’ conditions are. Look what happened when the govt gave some of them some reading material for mental stimulation (so they wouldn’t be ‘board crazy’ like their lawyers complain they are): What happened? The lawyers for the ‘poor’ prisoners complained b/c some of the material was NYT articles on SH’s execution. :) You just can’t win w/ these ppl. 1st complaints about lack of stimulation - give stimulation - get more complaints. Complain about lack of ‘privacy’ - give more ‘privacy’ - get more complaints.

  4. JD3 Says:

    There is an absolute 100% cure for AIDS…..tell all the gay men to sit down and shut up! ….and you are correct Texas Fred….when the innocent are affected by poor lifestyle choices it is a crime….like the first nurse to get stuck by an infected needle who died from somone elses poor choices…

  5. Robert Says:

    Well out of those articles, the one that strikes a chord with me is the Dearborn Muslims.

    We have said for a while that it wouldn’t be long before the R.O.P shows its true colors here. Splodey’s start going off in our land, and I’ll bet WE won’t be as tolerant as the Middle Eastern nations.. At least I Won’t be.

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