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La. GOP bars independents from its party primaries

March 15th, 2009 . by TexasFred

La. GOP bars independents from its party primaries

SHREVEPORT — The question of whether to let independent voters into Louisiana’s Republican Party primaries turned out to be almost no question — the vote was 114-5 to solidify the party’s “no.”

“We knew it’d be pretty lopsided. We didn’t know it’d be that lopsided,” party chairman Roger Villere said afterward.

The Republican State Central Committee made a bylaw of what had been a policy that only party members may vote in the primaries. That means it now would require a two-thirds vote to open the U.S. House and Senate primaries to independents, rather than a simple majority.

Independents and third-party members can vote in Louisiana’s federal Democratic Party primaries.

Some Republicans say that sends independents into the Democratic primary, making it likely that the Democrats will have a more conservative nominee who is harder for a Republican to beat.

That argument didn’t make much impression on most of the delegates.

“I liken it to people in church,” said Lloyd Harsch of New Orleans. “When the Baptist church is electing a pastor, it doesn’t have Presbyterians, Methodists and Roman Catholics join in to say who they’d like as pastor of the Baptist church.”

The next such elections are in 2010, with House races and Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter’s run for a second term.

La. GOP bars independents from its party primaries

I am going to keep this short and to the point. The GOP/RNC is made up of the most STUPID bunch of individuals imaginable.

As long as the GOP/RNC continues to work in this manner, as long as they continue to be simply another version of the DNC, ie: Dem Lite, as long as the GOP/RNC continues to relegate Independent Conservative to the lower bowels of the party, this nation will continue to suffer through RINO administrations like that of George W. Bush, the administration that would have been had John McCain been elected and the one we have now, from Obama and Company, as they bleed this nation dry!

And some folks wonder WHY I won’t make a hard core pact and give my affiliation and loyalty to the Republicans…

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Jindal: GOP must return to fiscal discipline

February 25th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Jindal: GOP must return to fiscal discipline

WASHINGTON — Republicans responded to President Obama’s first address to Congress on Tuesday by vowing to work with the White House while also holding fast to principles of limited government and fiscal discipline.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who delivered the Republican response to Obama’s speech from the governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge, called on his party to return to core values and object to massive government spending intended to boost the economy.

“Democratic leaders say their legislation will grow the economy. What it will do is grow the government, increase our taxes down the line and saddle future generations with debt,” Jindal said, according to excerpts released by his office before the speech. “It’s irresponsible.”

Jindal, 37, was elected in 2007 and is one of a crop of Republicans whose star power has risen since the 2008 election. He recently gained attention for refusing millions of dollars in unemployment assistance bound for his state in Obama’s $787 billion stimulus plan.

Full Story Here:
Jindal: GOP must return to fiscal discipline

I heard quite a bit of criticism regarding the Jindal response. The substance OF the response was great. Admittedly the delivery was not the best I have ever seen from Bobby Jindal. But you have to remember this, he was not speaking to Republicans and Conservatives only, he was speaking to the nation, the Dems, the hard core libbers, the pro-abortion nuts, the anti-guns cabal, all the assorted moonbats. He had to keep it relatively sedate, otherwise, he would have gone so far over their heads it would have been ridiculous.

Lets face it, tonight was NOT Jindal’s best effort at speech making, far from it, but he was head and shoulders above George Bush on GWB’s best day!

Jindal says that the GOP must return to fiscal discipline and I fully agree with that statement. The GOP has to return to REAL Conservatism, that is what made the Republican party so great for so long. The GOP must oust ALL of the RINOs from their ranks, otherwise it’s just more of the same old thing.

What the GOP can’t do is present candidates that divide their party even farther than it already is. They can’t force a candidate like John McCain on this nation and tell us that HE is the best they have to offer. If that’s true, then the GOP is beyond repair. John McCain was one of the worst choices the GOP could have made. The choice of McCain is as much responsible for the Obama victory as anything or anyone out there.

McCain was viewed by Conservatives as an angry old man that was a lot closer to the Dems than he ever was to the GOP. McCain was viewed by many in the GOP as just another version of George Bush. Those 2 factors alone were more than enough reason for some to vote Obama and for some to vote for a 3rd party candidate.

Those are the reasons Barack Obama is president. It’s not because Obama is rich and powerful, he’s not anything special as things in general go, he was different and unique and he wasn’t Bush or McCain. That is what lost this last election and the GOP is by God responsible for that loss, 100% responsible!

Bobby Jindal says he doesn’t want to run for POTUS in 2012, but he should. Jindal says Louisiana needs him, and that is the truth if ever the truth was spoken. Louisiana has long had the reputation of being ultimately corrupt and Jindal is working as hard as anyone ever worked to rectify that situation and dispel the stench that hangs over Louisiana politics.

The USA needs Jindal too, and many more just like him. Young men and women, energetic, Conservative and not corrupted by the temptations of *old school politics*. America needs men like Bobby Jindal and we need them now more than ever before. If we survive the next 4 years under Obama, these words will ring even more true in the ears of all America!

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Michael Steele elected RNC chairman

January 30th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Michael Steele elected RNC chairman

WASHINGTON – Former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele beat out South Carolina GOP chief Katon Dawson in the sixth round of voting at Fridays Republican National Committee meeting Friday, becoming the first African-American chairman of the party.

The two Republicans fought for the national party chairmanship Friday after Mike Duncan, former President George W. Bush’s hand-picked national GOP chief, abandoned his re-election bid in the fact of dwindling support.

Duncan’s departure ensured a fresh face at the beleaguered GOP’s helm as Republicans seek to rebound from back-to-back defeats in national elections that gave Democrats control of Congress and the White House.

After five rounds of balloting, former Maryland Steele and Dawson were locked in a close race, though neither had reached the 85-vote majority needed to assume the party’s top spot. Steele was six votes shy with 79, while Dawson had 69.

Full Story Here:
Michael Steele elected RNC chairman

Congratulations to Michael Steele, I wish him, and the RNC much luck!

That said, it appears that a lot of bloggers are almost ‘giddy’ with joy at the election of Steele to the position of Chairman. I am sure Steele is a great choice, I hope he is because right about NOW would be a really GREAT time for Steele to make EVERY effort to move the RNC back to some TRUE Republican roots, and as far away from being nothing more than *Dem Lite* as is possible. No more RINOs! EVER!! RINOs have destroyed the Republican party.

If the RNC doesn’t go back to being REPUBLICAN, if the RNC doesn’t stop trying to be as much like the Dems as they can, I will STILL be an Independent, and the Republican party will continue to be the party of weak-assed old losers, John McCain, and will continue to lose Congressional and Senatorial seats to the Dems.

Am I being a hard-ass?? You bet I am, it’s time to fight or forget it, and I am NOT going to support ANY candidate that’s not Conservative 1st, not until such time that the RNC becomes the party of true Conservatism, and nothing BUT Conservatism!

One story I saw leads off with Michael Steele becomes first black RNC chairman. Personally, I don’t care if he’s green with purple polka-dots. It’s what kind of JOB he can do to bring the Republican party back into line with CONSERVATISM, that is the goal that must be kept in sight!

Without the Conservatives of this nation the Republican party can forget ANY election, and I personally know many Republicans that are now far more inclined towards pure Conservatism than they are the RNC party policy. Steele had best keep this in mind, otherwise, being a Republican means about as much as it did under the last RNC chairman.

Return INTEGRITY to the RNC Mr. Steele, if you can do that, then there is a great possibility the Republicans can take this nation by storm in 2010!

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GOP a dying breed in New England

November 9th, 2008 . by TexasFred
GOP a dying breed in New England

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – A generation ago the Republican Party was the dominant political force in New England, populating the region’s congressional delegations with moderates like Connecticut’s Lowell P. Weicker Jr. and Rhode Island’s John Chafee.

But today’s GOP, led by a more socially conservative wing of the party, is finding votes harder to come by.

Voters on Tuesday cast out Connecticut’s veteran Rep. Chris Shays, the last New England Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives. Sen. John Sununu was voted out in New Hampshire, leaving that state’s Judd Gregg and Maine’s Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe as the only Republicans among the region’s 12 senators.

Shays’ loss to former Goldman Sachs executive Jim Himes marks the first time since 1969 that southwestern Connecticut will be represented by a Democrat in the House.

Full Story Here:
GOP a dying breed in New England

It’s NOT just in New England, the Republican party is self destructing, and doing so in HUGE chunks. Straight PARTY politics are destroying the Republican party. The GOP is killing itself by moving, in a not so subtle manner, to the left and by allowing themselves to be taken over by RINOs, Republicans In Name Only!

The Republicans have lost nearly all concept of conservatism and what it means. The RNC has become nothing more than a shadow of it’s former self, they are what I often refer to as *Dem Lite*, and a while back I was very pointed in expressing my opinion of John McCain and his LACK of ANY conservative traits, and I also pointed out that without a solid voting block of true conservatives, a Republican could NOT win the run for the White House, and I was correct.

We have got to start right now, begin preparing for 2010 and 2012, and by preparing I am saying that WE, as a group of bloggers must encourage, must DEMAND that the RNC to return to the conservative roots that made them so great during the Reagan years. We have got to find and promote NEW faces, real CONSERVATIVES, not RNC party hacks, America is NOT going to fall for that any more I think, at least I HOPE they won’t.

I am thinking that Obama is going to turn out to be such a horrendous disappointment, even to the left, the Libs, the Dems, all but the most hardcore moonbats, that it should be rather easy to get a conservative candidate on the ticket and to the White House in 2012.

Lets face it, the 20% approval that Bush currently has was one of the primary causes for Obama being elected by such a wide margin, many, myself included, believed that McCain was going to be nothing more than a continuation of the Bush administration, and I personally believe McCain was a bald-faced pandering liar when he visited the NRA and made his declarations of being a *gun person*, McCain has made his career by being an anti-gun person, and I am still seriously convinced that had he been elected, we would have all seen *more of same* in the world of finance and a hell of change on his gun stance once he was in a position of power!

The RNC knew McCain wasn’t the one, many of us, political and gun bloggers, pointed out from the start that McCain, Giuliani and the like were NOT the conservative candidates that we could or WOULD support, now perhaps, the RNC will listen.

When lame-assed old bastards like McCain are the very best that the RNC has to offer, it’s time for the RNC to take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask themselves, WHY did so many people turn their backs on the Republicans? Why did so many Conservatives vote for a 3rd party candidate?

The reasons boil down to nothing more than honesty and integrity in one’s beliefs and actions, and I personally had NO belief or confidence that the RNC possessed any more honor or integrity than the DNC, and now the ball, as they say, is in the RNCs court. If the RNC continues along the same lines as they have for the last 8 years, and if Obama is NOT a total disaster, the elections of 2010 will garner even MORE support for the Dems and 2012 could mark the end of freedom in this nation.

The RNC has a lot of work to do in the days ahead, and rebuilding the Republican party of old should be *Job 1*, if it’s not, and if the RNC doesn’t fall back on the conservative platform that made them so great, they have no one to blame for their continued failures other than themselves.

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