Bin Laden’s luxury hideout raises questions

Bin Laden’s luxury hideout raises questions

ABBOTTABAD, Pakistan (AP) - Osama bin Laden made his final stand in a small Pakistani city where three army regiments with thousands of soldiers are based not far from the capital - a location that is increasing suspicions in Washington that Islamabad may have been sheltering him.

The U.S. acted alone in Monday’s helicopter raid, did not inform Pakistan until it was over and pointedly did not thank Pakistan at the end of a wildly successful operation. All this suggests more strain ahead in a relationship that was already suffering because of U.S. accusations that the Pakistanis are supporting Afghan militants and Pakistani anger over American drone attacks and spy activity.

Pakistani intelligence agencies are normally very sharp in sniffing out the presence of foreigners in small cities.

Sen. Carl Levin, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said bin Laden’s location meant Pakistan had “a lot of explaining to do.”

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Bin Laden’s luxury hideout raises questions

That last paragraph made be laugh out loud. :P

Are you old enough to remember *I Love Lucy*? Ricky finds out that Lucy has made another dumb, bone-headed mistake and he says, “Lucy, joo got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

Yeah, that remark about Pakistan having a lot of explaining to do broke me up!

“I think this tells us once again that unfortunately Pakistan at times is playing a double game,” said Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, a member of the Armed Services Committee.

Sen. Susan Collins, RINO-Maine, is a waste of skin. ‘Unfortunately Pakistan at times is playing a double game’. Really? Seriously? She wants to go with that?

Bloggers, many bloggers, myself included, have tried on numerous occasions to point out that the Pakis were as complicit in the hiding, logistical support necessary for bin Laden to live in the lap of luxury. 

A senior Pakistan intelligence official dismissed speculation that bin Laden was being protected.

“We don’t explain it. We just did not know - period,” he said, on condition his name not be released to the media.

Suspicions that Pakistan harbors militants have been a major source of mistrust between the CIA and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency, or ISI - though the two agencies have cooperated in the arrests of al-Qaida leaders since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, including several in towns and cities outside the border area.

The Pakis, much like most any other group of Arabs and Muslims, can’t be trusted any further than you can see them. They are the sworn enemy of America and ALL that we stand for. Arabs and Muslims will stand together against us no matter their internal differences. WE are the Infidel, WE are the enemy, and I am certain that as I type this, there are Arab and Muslim groups planning reprisals against us and our allies.

For years, Western intelligence had said bin Laden was most likely holed up in a cave along the Pakistan-Afghan border, a remote region of soaring mountains and thick forests where the Pakistan army has little presence. But the 10-year hunt for the world’s most-wanted man ended in a whitewashed, three-story house in a middle-class area of Abbottabad, a leafy resort city of 400,000 people nestled in pine-forested hills less than 35 miles from the national capital, Islamabad.

Here’s something to think about concerning *Western Intelligence*, Western Intelligence sources are what led us to war in Iraq, on what has been proven many times over to have been faulty intelligence.

The United States, and President George W. Bush were 100% correct to go to Afghanistan and wage war against the Taliban and al-Qaida. That was the mission that needed to be conducted and the one that we should have prosecuted to a successful conclusion, even if it meant making a helluva mess in Pakistan. They are, after all, turning out to be far less than a trusted ally.

The compound, which an Obama administration official said was “custom built to hide someone of significance,” was about a half-mile (one kilometer) away from the Kakul Military Academy, one of several military installations in the bustling, hill-ringed town.

“Personally I feel that he must have thought it was the safest area,” said Asad Munir, a former ISI station chief in the northwest. “Abbottabad is a place no one would expect him to live.”

Personally, I believe the Pakis knew Osama bin Laden was there. I do NOT believe that it would be possible to hide someone of his notoriety and distinct, easily recognized physical features. Someone knew, someone was paid off. Osama bin Laden was living a relatively comfortable life.

That doesn’t happen easily in that part of the world, and lets face the facts, there were numerous retired Paki military officers and the Paki equivalent of West Point was very close near by.

Someone turned a blind eye to bin Laden being there.

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15 Responses to Bin Laden’s luxury hideout raises questions

  1. Gawfer says:

    Speculative conversation:

    Obama: So Joe, they’ve found a bunch of discrepencies with my birth certificate. What are we gonna do?

    Biden: Well Barry, we still know where Bin Laden is. That would be a great distraction.

    Obama: I was gonna hold off on killing him ’til just before the primary.

    Biden: If you don’t get these folks off you birth certificate soon, there won’t be a primary for us.

    Obama: Okay, well can we make it look like I get the credit?

    Biden: Sure we can! the Media believes anything we tell them.

    Obama: Okay, kill him.

    Biden: Well, we did last year, and have is carcass on ice. We’ll pull up the DNA tests then tell everyone we dumped him into the ocean.

    Obama: ???

  2. TexasFred says:

    Gawfer — Check this YouTube…

  3. Gawfer says:

    Yeah, I watched that, and boy that raises a lot of questions. The second question regards the twins that were supposedly born the following day, but had certificate numbers sequentially lower the Obama’s number. Another problem is in 1961, the race ‘African’ was never, ever used. the term Negro was used to describe blacks.

    But what the hay?! We got Bin Laden, right?

  4. Steve Dennis says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that Pakistan knew where he was and was sheltering him. There is no way this man was allowed to build such a fortress right next to a military complex and not have it raise eyebrows unless they were in on it.

  5. mrchuck says:

    Pakistan HAS nuclear weapons, and has threatened to use them against India, if India invaded them. Pakistan and India are mortal enemies.
    Having Osama Bin Laden live there, protected there, means that he has political power there at the highest level.
    Bin Laden could of been the nuclear bomb tyrant.
    Pakistan has always received our tax dollars as a political gift. NO MORE I say!!
    Also purge all Pakistani’s who are living in the USA.
    I’m tired of this bullshit.
    I am ready for the war that is coming here to our soil.

  6. TexasFred says:

    Mr. Chuck — 100% SPOT ON!

    The Pakis have screwed America over. They take our money, tons of money, and they hide out Osama bin Laden.

    I know we’ll be accused of racism but I am past the point of caring, this nation is at war, and we CAN bring it to a conclusion, but it’s going to take some HARD choices and secure borders to do so…

  7. minuteman26 says:

    As mrchuck stated the Pakis are the real problem and they have nukes. A war between India and Pakistan might cleanse the air in the region. IMHO the Pakis and the CIA knew bin Ladens location for a good long while.

  8. Always On Watch says:

    I am absolutely convinced that the Pakistan military knew that Osama was in that compound. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Musharraf himself knew.

    Now, all who know me know that I despise Obama. However, he was correct to order our Navy SEALS to go in without notifying the Paki authorities.

  9. TexasFred says:

    AOW — I KNOW that there is a helluva breakdown in U.S. Intelligence, there has been since back into the Clinton years when Bill and Hill dismantled the CIA and ripped the military to shreds…

    GWB had a weakened Intel network, Obama must still have, most sources are saying bin Laden was in this place for at least 6 years…

    And as much as it pains me to say this, it WAS Obama’s administration that got the bastard… Sad… Very sad…

  10. BobF says:

    Most Americans refuse to accept the fact that Islam is more than a once a week, go to church religion. Islam is a way of life and a theopolitical form of government which controls their daily lives. Non Muslims will always be the enemy. Their Koran states this and they believe it with all their mind, heart, and soul.

    To give bin Laden a proper Muslim burial according to their customs and traditions, just ensured to billions of Muslims that he is now in heaven with his virgins. It doesn’t matter if we know different. What matters is that they believe it. That can be one heck of a motivator for jihadists.

  11. extex_cop says:

    Great info Fred….I’ve sent this on to a lot of my friends to view.

    Well we all know Obama is one of the worlds biggest liars…if not the biggest. He has lied about his Birth Certificate…and he is probably lying about the death and burial of Osama.

    Osama Bin Liden…Obama Bin Lyin….2 terrorist that need to be done away with….both are killing the American way of life.

  12. The Flag Man says:

    They HAD to know he was there. Anybody building a house(fortress)this close to a military installation was surely to be checked out by their intelligence just like we would do. They knew, and they were laughing at the stupid Americans for giving us billions while we hid this bastard.

  13. Bob Mack says:

    The Pakis, much like most any other group of Arabs and Muslims, can’t be trusted any further than you can see them.

    As, apparently, even the drogues surrounding Obama have realized.

  14. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    You’d have to be a fucking RETARD or a Leftist (oops, same thing — with apologies to retards) to think the Pakis didn’t know preCISEly where and how long OBL had been living under their noses, protected by a knowing government with a full military garrison close by. And Hillary saying the ISI had provided information to US in order to take down OBL? Pure and unmitigated BULL-FUCKING-SHIT! Stop, I say — STOP ANY and ALL funds to Pakistan! But, of course, our Apologist In Chief absolutely won’t go there.

    Everybody reading Fred’s blog KNOWS what taqqiyah is. Do what I call the Logical Extension.


  15. Joanna says:

    it is few minutes after 12:30pm local polish time (6 hours ahead of EST…06:30am NY time)
    just over the last few hours of my morning watching the news for few minutes here and there…
    we got a total confusion…
    4 choppers…2 choppers…
    one of them shot down…malfunctioned…
    …bin laden armed…not armed….
    his wife dead…just wounded…
    …and than we have the Pakistani’s …
    ….were they involved?….
    maybe not…they say, they did not know nothing about it…
    …wait a minute….
    …obama….. want to tell us you have ordered Special Forces to get Osama bin Laden in a concealed operation….???…
    and ….BRAG ABOUT IT???!!!!
    not only obama is making himself a BIGGER fool in front of the World….
    but he is dragging our Special Forces down with him!!!!!…
    ….ohhhh….yeah…..the pictures are too “GROSS”…
    after “Friday the 13th” movies
    I am sure Americans are not able to handle



    …as of this morning all of Europe is raising an issue of the “LEGALITY” of such action….

    call me naivete…
    but I remember presidential actions with a comment:
    ‘The President is being informed….
    …the President is in a constant touch…
    …the President is given the present situation….

    we have a “president” WATCHING !!!!!
    the killing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and still ….
    can not get the RIGHT INFO!!!!!!

    you treasonous piece of…… rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    is the PHOTO ready!!???
    ….is anyone reading the PhotoShop manual to avoid layers???…….
    …..are all the FACTS lining up!!!??

    …I seriously think he (obama) is either drinking or on drugs….

    …a personal comment….
    over the past 35 years I am working with people …every day and all day long…
    NONE!!!!!!…of my friends, clients, relatives…. lived past 5 years with kidney problem and on kidney dialysis…
    ….last Sunday my 52-year old cousin past away after 3 years on kidney dialysis….
    (OBL was not only suffering from kidney’s malfunction, infection…etc…he was a diabetic, and suffered froma chronic low blood pressure….)
    all that was known well before 2001 September 11th horror!!!!!!
    ….matter of fact I known his condition from 1997 Cleveland Clinic treatment….

    ….I know it is a shock…
    …OSL IS !!!!!!! L O N G !!!!!! GONE!!!!!!!

    and whatever obama is spinning is a bunch of …..!!!!….

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