Former Mayor John Harper vs The World — Part XII

Former Mayor John Harper vs The World — Part XII

Who would have thought that there could possibly be another chapter in the continuing saga of FORMER Mayor John W. Harper? You would think that John Harper would be too embarrassed to send this out to the good citizens of Rowlett. Apparently not.

I do know this, if I was one of the people that Harper was endorsing, I would contact him immediately and TELL HIM, not ask, by God TELL HIM to keep his opinions to himself.

from: John Harper – [email protected]
reply-to: John Harper – [email protected]

to – undisclosed recipients
date: Wed, May 11, 2011 at 8:45 PM
subject: Please vote for…

My friends…I have spent the last several weeks wondering what could have been. I apologize for letting you down and resigning before the end of my elected term. The unwarranted attacks on me and my family were too much to endure along with the other family issues that Debra and I are trying to manage. I hope you understand. I love the City of Rowlett and only hope for the best for all of us. But, I remain concerned.

I am encouraged that Randy Mays and Chad McEntee are running for City Council. Although they have not asked me, I wholeheartedly endorse them both. We need to completely change the City Council this election and the next election. Kilgore and Phillips are not the solution…they are the problem. Please vote for Randy and Chad on Saturday.

Did you notice the chicanery surrounding the Special Election to replace me as Mayor? Any candidate must complete all the required paperwork to run for that office by the end of the business day on Monday. That will make it very difficult for anyone to complete the requirements in such a short period of time. I wonder if this is done on purpose to assure that Todd Gottel is your next Mayor. I hope not.

I do not endorse Todd Gottel for Mayor. He does not have the inner strength…the core values…that are necessary to lead our City to its destiny. I am asking each of you to please, please consider the sacrifice that I made and you do the same for our City. We need new leadership! Please consider running for Mayor! Remember…get your petition to the City Secretary by 5pm on Monday.

I have moved on but remain concerned and will continue to be concerned until the Special Interests in the City are no longer in charge. Please help make that change.

Please vote on Saturday. Vote for Randy and Chad. You can find your precinct by going to  Then, file for Mayor or encourage your neighborhood leader to file!

Best wishes…John

John E. Harper, Ed.D.
(214) 284-6972

Here is my response to John Harper:

8:51 PM (1 hour ago)

from: TexasFred - [email protected]
to: John Harper – [email protected] 

date: Wed, May 11, 2011 at 8:51 PM
subject: Re: Please vote for…
mailed-by 8:51 PM (1 hour ago)

Take your line of lying BULLSHIT and send it to someone that will believe it…

YOU are the biggest damned LIAR I have ever seen, and that takes some doing… You whine and cry like some libber that just got his ass kicked…

The ATTACKS? The ones that happened in YOUR delusional mind? I have NEVER been so disappointed by a politician in my life…

Go away John, take me OFF of your email list, you are DONE in Rowlett, and anyone that you support is done too…

Seek professional mental help, you seriously need it.

Bcc: My list of Rowlett citizens.

There are some very hilarious communications taking place in the background, I sent this message to MY contacts:

Maybe HE should file and run against Todd, lets have a real THROW DOWN and see who supports Harper and who doesn’t… Anyone that does is as delusional as he is…

And one of the responses I got back was: 

Fortunately he can’t. Otherwise, the voices in his head might have him believing the masses are crying out for his return. (You know how those siren voices obscure the pitchforks and torches, making you think they are outstretched arms from the swirling smoke and haze, calling, beckoning.) He is being called, for sure, but I think the destination is not where he thinks.

To which I responded:

Well, he’s hearing *something*, and frankly, I think it’s his ass talking… :twisted:

The best thing John Harper could do would be to go away quietly, but that isn’t his style.

Harper has lied about the *attacks* against his family, they never happened. I challenged him, and demanded PROOF of those attacks, yet NONE has come forth.

All of this from a man that claimed to be FOR Rowlett, from a man that, just a very short while ago, sang the praises of Todd Gottel to anyone that would listen to him, a man that called Todd Gottel his “best friend and most trusted ally”.

Harper has come perilously close to slander in his words against Todd Gottel. Harper has intimated that Rowlett elections and candidate registrations are possibly being *fixed* in such a way as to favor of Todd Gottel.

If that is the case, if ANY of Harper’s suspicions/hallucinations are even remotely correct, if elections are being *fixed*, or *rigged*, perhaps Dr. Harper needs to come forth with proof OF those incredibly weak allegations.

Oh, wait, Harper never has proof, all he has is accusations and suspicions, because after all, the entire world is out to get poor John Harper and his family.

Now I don’t know what you call the stuff John Harper is dishing out in YOUR part of the world, but here in Texas, a guy that talks trash and has nothing to back his play is called a BULL SHIT ARTIST, or, simply, a LIAR. 

I am quite serious in my words to Dr. John Harper when I say, “Seek professional mental help, you seriously need it.”, the sooner, the better.

A special P.S. to Babs and Jerry, I went after John Harper, and as a point of order, he’s NOT a woman, so, your baseless accusation that I only go after women in my blog posts is once again proven wrong… :P

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12 Responses to Former Mayor John Harper vs The World — Part XII

  1. capitalisa says:

    Truly a sad story. I wasn’t aware that you ever “go after women in your blog posts,” just after the idiots :)

  2. TexasFred says:

    Lisa — The last 2 IDIOTS that I went after just happened to be women, it was in comments of other threads, and apparently, they know one another…

    Birds of a feather perhaps? :P

    They’re both locals, one has a serious reading comprehension problem and the other one throws the *SEX* card like Je$$ie Jack$on throws The Race Card

    You know, the old *You’re a bully and you only bully poor innocent, defenseless women like me* routine, the *SEX* card… :P

  3. mrchuck says:

    I’ve always wondered why “politicians” always sound like third graders when they get into verbal fights.

    Maybe because they quit “learning” after the third grade??

  4. Bull says:


    I’ve been out of the blogging world for quite a spell now. Been busy learning new things and working on community events here in Mobile. (And God knows, this city needs help!)

    Because of all of this I’ve not kept up with your blog like I used to. Damned shame, too! Seems y’all have had FAR more horse shyte coming out of your Mayor’s Office than we have here.

    It is my considered opinion that almost all politicians are on the shady side of nuts, but your man there is crazier than a cootie in a whore house. Getting rid of him this easy was a fine bit of luck, (though I’ll wager it was ‘work’ on someones part. Probably yours. :)

    At any rate, good bye to bad rubbish!

  5. TexasFred says:

    Did you notice the chicanery surrounding the Special Election to replace me as Mayor? Any candidate must complete all the required paperwork to run for that office by the end of the business day on Monday. That will make it very difficult for anyone to complete the requirements in such a short period of time. I wonder if this is done on purpose to assure that Todd Gottel is your next Mayor. I hope not.

    John, you ignorant ASS…

    That filing time period is only affecting anyone that washes out in the Council race this Saturday…

    Filing for Mayor has been open for some time, since 05-04-2011 I am told, and the timing OF this Special Election is because of YOU… Because of YOU, your quitting and the 120 day rule to hold a new election, a special election, one that costs Rowlett money…

    John, you need to think before you speak, stop the lies and just quietly fade away into some obscure part of Rockwall since you seem to believe that you are so *loved* there…

  6. TexasFred says:

    Bull — I was only a small part of it, I merely chronicled the event… :twisted:

  7. Fred,
    To be more specific, except for those currently running, the period to file is 15 days, May 4 – May 16. The required paperwork is nothing, basically name and address and appointing a treasurer, who can be yourself. I did it standing at city hall in 10 minutes. That part of it can even be notarized by city staff, so it’s one stop shopping. The only thing that takes any effort is getting 25 signatures on petitions (which, incidentally, can not be notarized by staff.) So, it’s 12 days to get 25 signatures, which period includes two full weekends. If that’s a “very difficult task” for someone who believes they’re qualified to be Mayor, then they are as delusional as John.

    As always, John carefully omits a few operative (and inconvenient) facts to reach his point.

    As you correctly note, it’s a chore only for someone currently running. However, if you’re running and lose, running for Mayor may not be your next best option. Even if you are the type who can’t take a hint, everyone running knows the drill and should be able to easily get it all done in a day if they are thinking ahead at all. It’s called contingency planning.

    I think, although you can’t take this to the bank because it’s a rough calculation, that if John had resigned on or before Apr 15 (four days earlier than he did), we could have combined the runoff election and the special election, saving the taxpayers a bundle of money. Of course if John had turned in his keys like he was asked to do, we could have saved the taxpayers some money too. And if John had not lied … etc, etc.

  8. TexasFred says:

    Chris — I guess I should thank John, he has given me some great blog material… :P

    He’s the gift that keeps on giving, sadly, he’s giving Rowlett *The Shaft*…

  9. TopGun says:

    “I do not endorse Todd Gottel for Mayor. He does not have the inner strength…the core values…that are necessary to lead our City to its destiny.” – John Harper

    There’s not one lick of difference between Obama and this cat, Harper. They are both 100% Narcissists.

    Obama talks trash. Harper talks trash.
    Obama talks down to people. Harper talks down to people.
    Obama can’t lead. Harper can’t lead.
    Obama is a hypocrite. Harper is a hypocrite.
    Same. Same.

    LOL…hey John, I know you’re reading this blog. Tell us, If YOU had “the inner strength…the core values…that are necessary to lead”……how come you got kicked out off office? Do your brain cells fire long enough to figure that one out? Did you read the directions you got with your Ph. D., so you would know how to use your education. Obviously not. Your actions are an embarrassment to the Republican Party you align yourself to. You’re not a Republican, because your actions, like I stated from the beginning, are an exact duplication of how Liberals act, NO CLASS, NO MORAL VALUES.

    I hope Todd sues you for Libel.

  10. TexasFred says:

    TopGun — *Technically* he didn’t get kicked out, he had the entire Council, every City employee and most of the citizens demanding that he QUIT, or face impeachment and recall…

    The recall process was started, papers had been drawn up and all we were waiting for was to see if this clown missed any more City Council meetings… I was personally going to be the one to file the petition request.

    Then he quit… He’s a wuss, he’s a narcissist, he’s an egotist and most of all, he’s a borderline sociopath, and that borderline is VERY thin…

    Harper saw the writing on the wall and he quit rather than face the charges that were about to be brought against him and the utter disgrace they would have been…

    So, now he sits back crying about all of those attacks, the ones that didn’t happen, as he denigrates the best City Council Rowlett has ever had…

    Here’s the thing, all of those “unwarranted attacks” on him and his family, the ones that “were too much to endure”, are outright LIES and that makes John E. Harper a LIAR!

    I challenged Harper to offer proof of these ‘attacks’ and he was unable to do so, or he just ignored the opportunity to do so.. Had Harper offered PROOF of these ‘attacks’ it would have given his at least some vindication and would have made the Council, and everyone involved look like fools… Supposedly, these attacks happened in Council meetings, work sessions and Executive sessions, all of which are documented by video and audio evidence… We’re ALL still waiting for that proof to surface…

    As I said, John E. Harper is a LIAR, and now he’s a crybaby sucking on a bottle of sour grapes, so to speak… I’m fairly certain that grapes ARE involved… :twisted:

  11. TopGun says:

    Oh, and John, if you decide to come on here and chat, grab you a new name since you can no longer use RowlettMayor. Maybe see if WashedUpNarcissistPastMayor is available?

  12. TexasFred says:

    TopGun — It just so happens, WashedUpNarcissistPastMayor is available! :P

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