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I told y’all he’s nothing but an Internet Troll

And as I expected, YOU are an immature FOOL Two Tours, an internet TROLL, I said you ‘wished death upon me’, not threatened it you illiterate wretch, A very personal message to my fan Two Tours, your lack of reading comprehension is showing… Thank you for making the case FOR me, and the claim of very recent retirement, after the claim of a State Department assignment, well, that is so very convenient, as I said, you’re nothing more than an internet troll, and by the way, thanks for sending 2 emails, that’s all it takes to ban you completely so now even I don’t have to see your mundane and childish drivel… Adios Two Tours… Stay in the EU, you’re a perfect fit…

Author : Twotours (IP: ,

E-mail : [email protected]
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I never threatened you with death, post the comments I sent to you… Another lie on your part.
My posting was - Stop whinning and just die !

So you take that as a threat ?

Do all the calling you want, I have nothing to hide and I do have a right to free speach, no matter who I work for.

I dont really know why you like to post lies, but I guess its the controll issue with you. So, I broke no laws with what I have sent you, so stop getting your petty little redneck readers all riled up over little old me.

See fred, I dont give a rats ass if your sick OR ready to die, just get it over with and stop all the whinning about all your ailments, typical old people shit, whinning about all your sicknesses.

To your readers, dont care what you say about me on HIS site, your all a bunch of fools or better yet. REDNECKS !

So, once again, post when/where and how I threatened your life fred.

See, you cant !

Author : Twotours (IP: ,

E-mail : [email protected]
Whois :


Pt 2,
If it is any of your business of who I work for, it’s not the U.S. Gov, that time has past a couple months ago, now it’s just a nice peacefull retirement. Investigate, complain, whine put me down for being Anti-American/America dosent matter ! My job here now ? America has no controll over me here, just as they never really had 100% controll of me at any given time, did my job and retired, period.

Some of my rants to you fred on here were just about your misinformation of some subjects - I remember you and some other bloggers stating that Europe OWES the U.S. for 2 past wars. Old history that has nothing to do with modern times. Im sure you have noticed that the E.U. will not bow down to American demands anymore, see, the E.U. is now the big man on the street, not the U.S. anymore. Sure the U.S. has Nukes, but so does England and France, but they dont go around the world threatening other Nations to come into line with their views or policies.

America has lost it’s once respected place in the world and Europe is now the modern political force in the world. We here dont threaten other nations like Bush did - Your with us or against us ! That totally blew the E.U. away, making threats so others come to the aid of the U.S.’s warmongering - Didnt happen did it ? Soon the U.S. will be all alone on the world stage as a failed world power…

Some of your undereducated readers will say things like - STAY THERE we dont need you here ! I have no plans of returning to the country that has endangered it’s citizens, endangered the world like the U.S. has done. I live in a place where I CAN say whatever I want to and the U.S. Gov cant do a damn thing about it. The reason for that is, Im married to a E.U. citizen and the States cant do a damn thing to me under E.U. Laws, I have the same rights as someone born here… So while I make a mint on doing translations at your COSTS… Enjoy life in your crummy country…

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42 Responses to “I told y’all he’s nothing but an Internet Troll”

  1. GUYK Says:

    Hey Fred! Way to go…Now see if you can piss off some of these left wing sumbitches here in the states and get them to move to the E.U. which is a great socialist paradise…Or will be until they let the ragheads finally take over.

    I have no problems with an expatriot who wants to stay in Europe..But if he REALLY believes what he says he should renounce his American citizenship. But I have my doubts he will. He sounds like the kind of cowardly sumbitch that will cuss his country until he is in trouble then expect it to bail his socialist ass out. Fuck him..And maybe he can translate that to his E.U. comrades

  2. Longstreet Says:

    Next time… Europe is on it’s own!


  3. LittleOleLady Says:

    Hmm, it is the opinion of this UNEDUCATED LittleOle redneck reader that Mr. Two Tours needs to go back and get re-educated.. your/you’re.. different meanings. And the grammar rules plainly state that when you use a proper name it should be capitalized (fred/Fred).

    There are several more examples of this (cant/can’t) and I have a difficult time (UNEDUCATED redneck that I am) reading the diatribe through the ‘literacy’.

  4. TexasFred Says:

    LoL, he’s not just a troll, he’s a dumbass troll…

  5. Nunoftheabove Says:


    I am afraid there is too much there to reply to, and there is no use arguing with pigs: it frustrates and annoys me, and the pig can’t understand me anyway.

    Like most blow-hards, he says he will refute something but then doesn’t have the information to do. Case in point:

    “Some of my rants to you fred on here were just about your misinformation of some subjects - I remember you and some other bloggers stating that Europe OWES the U.S. for 2 past wars. Old history that has nothing to do with modern times.”

    Changing the argument is not refuting it. If I agreed with everything you said, I would be you. The American system promotes a respectful exchange of ideas, not vitriolic, hate mongering toward someone you disagree with. And typically from this type of person, when you can’t beat their arguments, resort to name calling.

    Thank you for leaving our “crummy country;” it is now one crumb less.

  6. Sage Says:

    See fred, I dont give a rats ass if your sick OR ready to die, just get it over with and stop all the whinning about all your ailments, typical old people shit, whinning about all your sicknesses.

    Well slap me upside the head and call me a Redneck! FYI you overseas Monkey, Fred was letting everyone who is lucky enough to know him personally and/or associate with him on his site how he was doing, we were all concerned about him. But that is a fault of Rednecks, compassion.

    Another fault that we share is our love for America, a country which has rescued the E.U., when they crap in their pants and fall down on their faces, when some petty dictator comes to town.

    Do us all a favor and renounce your citizenship here and don’t come back when your new country needs our help again.

    ‘Nuff said jackass


  7. bigdadgib Says:

    Do I need to come out there and seperate you two?

    I’m in Monroe, LA… I’ll be in Dallas this afternoon…

    BTW… trolls suck! :)

  8. TexasFred Says:

    Sage, I fixed it with a blockquote function, not a problem…

    Nun, if you read the original post I have linked, you’ll see that I even offered a hand in friendship, and I offered to help the guy build and promote a blog of his own, I tried, I made the effort and you see what I got in return, more insults, more name calling, more childish BS and insults to my friends and readers…

    Two Tours IS a troll, that’s all he is, an anti-American troll, likely some POS German teen that speaks English, because his spelling, punctuation, grammar and diction definitely seem to be on a level of reading and writing ability that is less than high school, or, to put it bluntly, that of an uneducated or semi-literate Euro-weenie troll…

    But, I tried, that’s ALL a person can do, let the troll suffer in his EU heaven, he’ll have a blast when the EU rolls and the ragheads over run them, and you can bet, he’ll be one of the very 1st to be on SKY News crying and blowing snot bubbles as he asks, “Where are the Americans?? Why won’t they come save us AGAIN??”…

  9. Sage Says:

    “Blowing snot bubbles” ROFL!!!

    And Fred did extend a hand to help that monkey as he extended a hand and fixed my “not working italics” post, thanks Fred :)

  10. TexasFred Says:

    And here’s a funny thing, at least in MY opinion, Two Tours claims he doesn’t care WHAT is said about him, he claims we’re ALL a bunch of rednecks that don’t know ANYTHING and have never been ANYWHERE, well, if he doesn’t care, WHY is he staying logged on to the site??

    Site Meter does not lie, he has been lurking for quite a while now, hey TT, you’re not still trying to make comments are ya?? You DO realize that you’re totally banned from making ANYTHING here don’t you?? Even with your floating IP, you’re still outta here…

    You can read the site dude, but that’s it, you are history, and I find that to be very amusing…

    Domain Name ? (Network)
    IP Address 84.61.154.# (Arcor AG)
    ISP Arcor AG
    Location Continent : Europe
    Country : Germany (Facts)
    State/Region : Nordrhein-Westfalen
    City : Essen
    Lat/Long : 51.45, 7.0167 (Map)
    Distance : 5,012 miles

    Language German
    Operating System Microsoft WinXP
    Browser Internet Explorer 7.0
    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; Arcor 5.006; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)
    Javascript version 1.3
    Monitor Resolution : 800 x 600
    Color Depth : 32 bits

    Time of Visit Mar 16 2008 8:32:30 am
    Last Page View Mar 16 2008 9:17:22 am
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    Out Click 9 Comments ?…chives/1020#comments
    Time Zone UTC+1:00
    Visitor’s Time Mar 16 2008 3:32:30 pm
    Visit Number 75,224

  11. RTaylor Says:

    I do hope I read this right - that this clown (my apologies to the clowns of the world) is living in the EU - has he became an EU citizen yet?

    You know, Fred, some folks have nothing more to do than troll around blogs and message boards, making stupid statements about people.

    Two Trolls - ooops I mean Two Tours — you show your intelligence (or lack thereof) with your name calling and offering no more than the recycled crap coming out of revisionist history books and leftist bloggers.

    The EU will need us sooner rather than later and I hope we’re all home watching re-runs of Bonanza instead…

    Written by a resident of South Arkansas where the beer is cold, the deer are plenty and Mossy Oak is our state color…….

  12. TexasFred Says:

    Renee, according to what he posted on GuyK’s site, he no longer holds a U.S. passport and now has a German one…

    I think that’s marvelous to be totally honest with you, one less scum-bucket claiming ties to THIS great nation, if he ever HAD ties to America…

  13. GUYK Says:

    I have several friends in Germany with whom I correspond regularly.. One is a German Military Officer..Kinda high ranking at that..I think I will send him the data from haloscan and site meter and see if he can find out anything about him…Hell, this sumbitch might be a raghead terrorist! The germans ain’t all that crazy about raghead terrorists either..

  14. TexasFred Says:

    Use ALL the stuff I have posted as well if you need to, you haven’t even got to ask…

    The more that’s out there on the troll, the better…

  15. jo Says:


    “.stop whinning”

    I assume to be whining, Mr. TwoTrolls? As well as not knowing your from you’re, and other tacky ass grammatical errors, you are claiming you were American? You are a monosyllabic white trash traitor.

    Old age is not for sissies, but I doubt the troll lives to realize that. And it is a shame that he was unable to comprehend that so many had worried,fretted, prayed and were relieved to learn you were on the mend,Fred.

    Anyway, he has no credibility as an EU citizen until he renounces his American citizenship. He ain’t got da balls.

    Please be fix mah errors too, Mr. Fred.

    Oh..and keep on getting well.

  16. TexasFred Says:

    LMAO @ you Jo…

    Your errors are deliberate, HIS are pure ignorance…

  17. Basti Says:

    Fred you have really hit the big time now! Wannabe Euro trash are now hunting you down and giving you hell! Shit I haven’t had any hate mail for a long time!

    Wannabe Euro trash trolls what ever next?

  18. TexasFred Says:

    For someone that doesn’t care, Ol’ TwoTrolls sure is spending a lot of time reading my blog…

    Saying you don’t care and insulting everyone that reads here, and then to keep hanging out like the irrelevant troll that your are, does that make you a liar or just a desperately lonely idiot that is in severe need of a LIFE?? LMAO… :)

    Irrelevant, that’s Ol’ TwoTrolls…

    Domain Name ? (Network)
    IP Address 84.61.171.# (Arcor AG)
    ISP Arcor AG
    Location Continent : Europe
    Country : Germany (Facts)
    State/Region : Nordrhein-Westfalen
    City : Hamm
    Lat/Long : 51.6833, 7.8 (Map)
    Distance : 5,032 miles

    Language German
    Operating System Microsoft WinXP
    Browser Internet Explorer 7.0
    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; Arcor 5.006; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)
    Javascript version 1.3
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  19. Carl Says:

    LoL, he’s not just a troll, he’s a dumbass troll

    No, he’s an arrogant, narcistic, ignorant, immature, overcompensating-for-a-tiny-one, brain-dead dumbass troll who needs a good ass-kicking once a day.

  20. Carl Says:

    Oh, I forgot…Two Tours is a coward as well.

  21. Debbie Says:

    Great job Fred. The truth is this toll is not alone, there are lot who agree with him.

  22. Right Truth Says:

    Obama’s Nation of Islam Connections and other Sunday Reading…

    The Pastorgate Scandal and the Wreckage of Obama’s Campaign, from Bill Rojas via email: How long it will take for the “God Damn America” story to “die down” is anyone’s guess. The potential exists for many more “revelations” because the…

  23. Murray Says:

    I wouldn’t waste my time by responding to this idiot. Let him/her/it just sit out there and rot in cyberspace - their opinion doesn’t mean dung to me.

  24. Kate Says:

    Dang! I never realized I really am a ‘redneck’. Way cool….and damn proud! :)

  25. Malinda777 Says:

    OK all Fred fans, clear your throats and sing along with me…

    “I’m a REDNECK & I’m OK”
    ‘Won’t let the LIBS break my day”

    Go Fred, what a moron.

  26. cary Says:

    *singing along*
    I’m a redneck, and I’m OK.
    Won’t let the LIBS break my day …

    Fred, good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Hope your recovery continues without a hitch. Judging by the treatment of Two Tours, you seem to be back on your game just fine … :)

  27. Robert (Hey-You) Says:

    I’m with Murray on this one. I’ve got some EU distant cousins over there, including a Belgium Minister of Parliament, and I mostly ignore them. I’d rather deal with my red-neck relatives in NW Florida. :)

  28. TexasFred Says:

    But Robert, it’s SO much fun outing him for the Euroweenie, American hater and all around butt wad that he is…

  29. jd3 Says:

    You are right Fred….you have an Internet Troll on your hands here…(off now with the ban)….whoever it is doesn’t have any credibility or an opinion worth sharing….he can certainly keep it to himself……it won’t anyone’s feelings here…..we could go on and on about our image in Europe and elsewhere but these people need to know that the American people are tired of getting “bit” by the dogs we are feeding……

  30. BobF Says:

    “Im married to a E.U. citizen and the States cant do a damn thing to me under E.U. Laws”

    Hmmm, hides behind the skirts of a woman.

    Reminds me of a little kid hiding behind his mommy and yelling insults at the bigger boys.

  31. Carl Says:

    Hey, Robert (Hey-You)…what part of NW Florida? I’m in Tallahassee and have relatives and friends in the panhandle.

    Fred, little Euro-cracker, TT truly does need a daily attitude adjustment but he’s most likely a pimply-faced, spinless jellyfish who feels more macho safely behind a keyboard. I’m certain if he ever met any of us face-to-face, he wouldn’t have the cajones to actually verbalize what he’s been writing to you. Typical of the worthless troll like him/her.

    Anyway, glad you have you back and look forward to many more blog entries on TexasFred’s.

  32. GM Roper Says:

    Well, I see that I’m late to the party! Damn Fred, can’t you ever manage to save some roasted troll for me? Son, you just keep falling down on da job.

    Having said that, let me tell TT something. TT, (which by the way is another child’s version of Pissing), it takes some gumption to whine about Fred’s letting his friends know that he has been ill and is getting better.

    On my blog, a little over two years ago, I announced that I had lung cancer and that I was gonna fight that sumbich down to the wire (yes, I spelled it the way it reads). I got over one hundred comments on that post and hundreds and hundreds of emails. I established with Fred’s help An Army of Bloggers just to get other bloggers involved in the fight against cancer. I just got back from San Antonio where my Kid brother (58 years young) is recovering from triple bypass and valve re-replacement. I’m 61 and not frail in the least. Come on down to south Texas TT and tell me I’m a whiner to my face!

    By the bye, your grammar is atrocious, I’m beginning to wonder if you are an American after all, or perhaps a whiny European piss-ant who just loves to act out his stupidity on the internet by trolling other peoples sites. If you’ve the courage, which I doubt, start your own blog and attract your own readers, don’t come around and piss on our legs and tell us it’s raining.

    Sheesh Fred, where do you come up with these dudes and dudettes?

  33. Carl Says:

    Y’know, in regards to TT, I am reminded of the following adage:

    “I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.”

    TT is about as unarmed as they come.

  34. Robert Says:

    Funny thing about folks like two tours, he whines, bitches and complains but is not willing to put fourth any effort to correct the “wrongs” at least Code Pink stands and fights,Those nutbaskets have more balls than he does… He ran across the pond to keep from being an American?…. IMO he increased the IQ of our entire country upon his departure.

  35. onthewriteside Says:

    You know you are doing something right when you have lib-tards harassing you. God knows I have my share. Keep up the good work Fred!!!

  36. onthewriteside Says:

    One last note…….

    Dearest Troll,

    You’re on Fred’s turf now and he is the supreme owner and dictator. He chooses what to post and what not to post-at all times-and there is not a dang thing you can do about it.

    The last time I checked the so-called “fairness” doctrine has not passed. Therefore you’re out of luck and printing “any” feedback from you is optional.

    You may find that your complaints would be better received by an organization such as that of the The ACLU-a.k.a. The American Communistic Liberal’s Union. You can lay all your cares upon them in one big gripe session and odds are they will even hold you afterwards. Maybe, if your are really nice they will offer you tree hugging therapy, free of charge.

    They are in the book, so be sure to look ‘em up. With a little effort and the proper guidance, you too can find a place you belong.

    With much love,

    On The wRite Side

  37. onthewriteside Says:

    p.s. to The Troll…

    Don’t let the fact that you’re Euro trash slow you down. The ACLU will still love you. They hate America as well.

    On The wRite Side

  38. ChicagoRay Says:

    There isn’t enough room nor time to say what I wish to say about your lame left wing lying sorry assed EuroPPEEEON pu**y troll, so we’ll just wish you much better health and wish him AIDS from his gay lovers and a long painful illness to accompany him without death, that’s too easy.

    Take care Fred.

  39. TexasFred Says:

    It appears that TwoTrolls is now making the rounds of sites linked here, I won’t even begin to try and tell any of you how to handle the little piss ant, I don’t think any of you need too much advice in that area, some of you fine folks go into KILL mode quicker than I do…

    Grind his ass to powder… :)

    P.S. If you have a setting for block on your email, ya might want to set that too…

    I love having my own domains and such, email spam is easier to kill than blog spam, TwoTwats just tried to send me email and it went *poof*, just like that, no more TwoTwats…

    Some people just can’t handle rejection, TwoTwats is one of em, but from this point on, I will not post a word about the useless piece of Euroweenie garbage, he’s banned here, nothing shows, he can’t make a comment, hell, he can’t BUY a comment, Site Meter tells me how much time he spends trolling the site, well, maybe he’ll learn something IF he keeps reading…

    And now he can’t send email, life is good, I feel great, life is good for us, and getting better every day, and TwoTwats is still an irrelevant, uneducated, lonely, miserable and insignificant Euroweenie internet troll…

  40. Carl Says:

    Fred, you forgot to add “loser” to your descriptives of TT.

  41. Bloviating Zeppelin Says:

    This person clearly can’t read, he obviously cannot write, cannot spell (”speach”), has no sense of syntax — yes, probably a publicly-educated individual from a state of California school. He and Europe should make quite the pair. Please sir, do precisely as you write: stay there. On the other hand, you did make for some momentarily banal entertainment. . .


  42. Patrick Sperry Says:

    Hey BZ! I have a PHD, as in Public Highschool Diploma! From California! LOL

    If he is working as a translator he must be on welfare…

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