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Gov’t Says Gas Prices Could Hit $4

NEW YORK (AP) - Retail gas prices could climb as high as $4 a gallon this summer, but prices at such lofty levels will make many Americans think twice about hitting the road this summer, the Energy Department said Tuesday.

High prices and a weak economy are expected to cut demand for gasoline by about 0.4 percent during the peak summer driving season, the department’s Energy Information Administration said in a monthly report on petroleum supplies and demand. Overall consumption of petroleum products will drop by 90,000 barrels a day this year. Previously, the EIA had projected petroleum consumption would rise by 40,000 barrels a day.

Average monthly gas prices will peak around $3.60 a gallon in June, the EIA said. However, prices could rise much higher than that at times.

“It is important to note … that even if the national average monthly gasoline price peaks around $3.60 per gallon this summer, it is possible that prices at some point will cross the $4 per gallon threshold,” the EIA said.

The government had previously estimated that average monthly prices would peak near $3.50 a gallon. Many analysts predict prices will peak close to $4 a gallon.

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Gov’t Says Gas Prices Could Hit $4

I guess this pretty much puts the libbers LIE to rest, the one that said Iraq was a ‘War for Oil’, because if it really was all about the oil, then Iraq has been a dismal failure.

I never did buy into the libber BS mantra of ‘War for Oil’, Bush isn’t that smart, he is a vindictive guy though, and that is the reason we’re in Iraq, and in MY opinion, us being in Iraq is the reason OPEC and Company have the price of crude oil at over $100 a barrel, and here’s something else to consider, the U.S. military is being hit HARD by the price of fuel to keep the war machine running, Military feels hit from fuel costs.

We are being bankrupted by the Bush administration and his Debacle in Iraq, and it’s going to get worse, everything you wear, eat, drink or whatever you buy at a store, ANY store, was brought TO that store by a truck, likely a BIG truck, a Class 8 18 wheeler that gets maybe 7 to 7.5 miles per gallon if he is a good driver and keeps his foot out of it, and with 300 gallons of fuel capacity, it takes over $1,000 to fill the fuel tanks so deliveries can continue, and take a guess at WHO is paying for that increased fuel expense.

Yeah, you guessed it, it’s us, ALL of us, you and me, as well as the families of the drivers, and the drivers themselves, ALL of us suffer from this out of control economy and high oil prices and the trickle down costs that are added to the price of goods brought by trucks, the cost have got to be absorbed, passed on to the consumer, and that means higher prices to consumers, or the drivers will not be able to keep on running and making those deliveries, and I am pretty sure that it’s not going to get any better, not any time soon.

Maybe we DO need to take the oil, maybe that would be the best thing to do, at least we would see some real gain and a return on the BILLIONS of tax dollars we’ve wasted in Iraq, but remember this, NO amount of oil will EVER make up for our troops losses.

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8 Responses to “Gov’t Says Gas Prices Could Hit $4”

  1. RTaylor Says:

    $4 per gallon? They just found this out?
    My solution in the short term is to reduce/temporarily suspend fuel taxes. They won’t, but it’s a pleasant thought…….

  2. Patrick Sperry Says:

    That the war in Iraq was about oil is, and has always been a red herring. That going to war over economics is wrong is yet another red herring. There was a reason that Jefferson sent the Marines to “The shores of Tripoli.”
    I think that yes, we should take the gas. Sell it, and use the money to pay for this mis-begotten adventure. Then, nuke the damned place. But that’s just me…

  3. Ranando Says:

    At Pebble Beach California gas is at $5.35 per gallon.

    NBC11’s Bob Redell traveled to the city of Gorda California where a gas station is charging $5.40 for a gallon of full service premium. It just might be the most expensive gas in the country, Redell reported.

    Gas is like water or air, you have to have it no matter what it cost. I don’t even think about it anymore. I don’t worry about things I have NO CONTROL over.

  4. GUYK Says:

    I have no doubt that if Iraq was not sitting on billions of barrels of oil reserves there would be no fighting going on there…yeah it was about oil. But not for the same reasons as the left wing screams was an attempt to secure the resource from the Iranians and looks like we are gonna lose to them after all if the left wing has their way.

    If Iran gains control over Iraq whats next? Kuwait and of course Saudi..will the left wing then fight? I have my doubts…

    Wars are fought for economic gain..forget about the morally right and wrong. Yeah, the shamans will use a religious theme and the leaders will use a nationalist theme to encourage people to fight..but the bottom line is that it is about an economic goal that could not be achieved through diplomacy.

    The economic gain is not necessarily for the leaders of the countries at war..many times such as Iraq it is about the economic well being of the country.

  5. Kate Says:

    OPEC has us by the “shorts”. We can thank the environazis for that.

    In the short term, drilling and building refineries won’t resolved the expensive gas for our summer travel, this year, or next….but in the long term, until someone can come up with a viable solution (and I don’t mean our food supply going in the gas tank!), it will relieve some of the problems.

  6. BobF Says:

    Something doesn’t seem right to me. Didn’t at one time OPEC set the price for a barrel of oil and their it stayed until their ministers met again? Now it seems Wall Street is setting the price for a barrel of oil which fluctuates daily.
    Did I miss something?

    I hate to say it but it seemed like when OPEC was calling the shots, we weren’t getting screwed as bad.

  7. Old Soldier Says:

    I’ts all bullshit and we all know it. GWB and his buds in ragland are all in it together. I voted for him not once, but twice, talk about being hoodwinked. Well I started riding my bike to work today, even though it’s only about 2 miles, and I am a senior person by the law, I am doing my part, untill my back gets so bad that I will have to start walking to work. Something has to happen pretty fast, because I don’t know about the rest of the world, we in Texas are getting fed up. Who know what a pissed off Texas might do.

  8. TexasFred Says:

    Scrapiron, you need to read this:

    “no one will be allowed to comment here that comes into MY blog and attempts to attack ME, MY beliefs, MY family or MY readers, it’s that simple…”

    Sorry, you just lost all credibility… C’ya…

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