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I DO appreciate my readers, but recent actions by a select few have forced me to make this page and spell a few things out so that there will be NO misunderstanding on anyone’s part.

1st, let me make this crystal clear, this is MY blog, I OWN it, lock, stock and barrel. It’s not some ‘freebie’, it’s all mine and I pay for ALL of it, and as such, I am the final authority regarding what is said here.

YOU have no 1st Amendment rights here, as owner of this blog, I do, your 1st Amendment rights apply to you on YOUR blog or website, not mine, on this blog YOU are a guest, please act accordingly.

Constructive commentary is welcome on this blog, even commentary that is in disagreement with my position is welcome, as long as it is presented in a reasonable and sane manner, but no one will be allowed to comment here that comes into MY blog and attempts to attack ME, MY beliefs, MY family or MY readers, if you do, you will be banned, it’s just that simple.

If you have a complaint about the content of this blog you can take it up with the owner: [email protected]

All 1st time comment makers must be approved by Admin before their comments will show.