EDITORIAL: Rick Perry vs. TSA

What follows is a very good editorial piece from the Washington Times.

EDITORIAL: Rick Perry vs. TSA

It’s now up to Texas Gov. Rick Perry to rescue the nation’s travelers from the indignity of x-rated airport screening at the hands of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). On Tuesday, a state House of Representatives committee is scheduled to consider revised legislation holding blue-gloved bureaucrats criminally liable for grabbing the private parts of passengers without probable cause or consent. For the measure to proceed further, however, Mr. Perry would have to formally add it to the list of bills considered during the special session now under way.

State Rep. David P. Simpson, the bill’s author, believes that ought to be the natural thing to do for Mr. Perry, author of the book, “Fed Up! Our Fight to Save America from Washington.” Mr. Simpson’s legislation merely clarifies that federal agents do not have a blank check to violate the Lone Star State’s criminal statutes while acting without explicit orders from Congress - no such orders exist. “This is not nullification,” Mr. Simpson explained to The Washington Times. “There is no federal law we’re contravening. We’re seeking to protect the citizens of Texas from an overreach - literally - of a federal bureaucracy that’s gone wild.”

TSA is so brazen that the most perverted aspect of the job has become a selling point used in advertisements: “A career where x-ray vision and federal benefits come standard - become a Transportation Security Officer.”

Support for reining in this unseemly conduct crosses party lines. Phones throughout the state capital have been ringing off the hook, prompting House members on both sides of the aisle to embrace the bill unanimously last month. On the eve of a final Senate vote, however, a last-minute Obama administration threat to ground all air travel in Texas derailed the issue in the regular session. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, a Republican, called on Mr. Perry to add the TSA bill to the special-session agenda. A near-unanimous State Republican Executive Committee joined in that call, as have a number of Tea Party groups.

Grass-roots activists see the importance of taking a stand against federal power that continues to grow without limit. The public rightly wants air travel to be secure, but nobody believes groping grandmothers and toddlers does anything to achieve that goal. Applying criminal statutes to TSA agents doesn’t mean screeners will end up spending time in the slammer. It’s even less likely that the White House would cut off the primary hub airports like Dallas and Houston, which would cause unprecedented travel chaos. Rather, Mr. Perry needs to advance this bill because it would force a rogue federal agency to revise the obscene policies it devised behind closed doors without the support or confidence of the American people.

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EDITORIAL: Rick Perry vs. TSA - Washington Times

The TSA, it’s perverts and the powers that be in Washington, DC that allow them to do their dirty work MUST be stopped, it’s as simple as that. If you want to play in MY crotch you’re going to have to spring for dinner and drinks first.

The Obama administration has threatened to cut Texas OFF from air travel if this is passed by our Texas legislature.

The Obama regime is either HIGH on drugs or is full of something, and I don’t think its cornbread dressing. They can’t take Texas out of the transportation loop, it’s impossible to do so and anyone that would fall for, and believe such a threat, is a weak-minded fool.

Are you hearing me down there in Austin?

Texans are not a people to be messed with! Let’s face the facts, Texas CAN get by without the United States, but the United States would be hard pressed to get by without Texas.

Texas being a part of the Union is a convenience for all concerned, and for the most part, I’m OK with being a part of that Union, but there comes a time when people have to stand up for what’s right, not what’s popular, or what they are told is *right* and what is only being done in their best interest, so says *The Obamessiah*.

Texas needs to be setting the example for America; we need to be leading the way, leading the charge on this, and other Tenth Amendment issues.

Yesterday I posted a piece entitled, Some Texas lawmakers say light bulb bill is bright idea. That is a Tenth Amendment issue. I know that there will be those that see it as *nit picking*, but here is the truth of the matter, *nit picking* is what the Federal government is doing to OUR rights as citizens, they are chiseling away our freedoms one chip at a time, and if Americans don’t stand, as ONE, and soon, there won’t be any rights left to stand for.

It’s that simple!

There is one line in the original post that just jumped out at me, “Grass-roots activists see the importance of taking a stand against federal power that continues to grow without limit.”, so, now I have to ask, where are those *Grass Roots* activists? Why aren’t their voices being heard, loud and clear, and often?

A private citizen such as myself can only do so much, but a well organized *grass roots* group would have a lot more clout, a lot more voice, IF there was such a group. Sadly, here in Rowlett, there is no such group, at least not one that isn’t wrapped in the flag of Libertarianism and Ron Paul philosophy.

Now is the time for activism, not just some bunch of old folks sitting around *talking* about what they think needs to be done, NOW is the time for action, for the community activists to get in this fight all the way.

Hammer your Governor, State Senate and House, call them, email them, send faxes and letters, show up on their doorstep and raise all manners of HELL if that’s what it takes to wake them up.

Attend the political functions in your area. Make a deliberate point to meet, and get to know your City leaders and State Representatives, let them know that YOU are involved and that YOU vote. Believe me when I say this, they WILL listen!

Don’t just show up at one meeting and then write some *tin foil hat* post claiming it’s all a big *conspiracy theory* and never follow up to find out the truth, and see the REAL facts for what they are. Those are not the actions of a reputable *grass roots* organization.

We have a fight on our hands here in America, and it’s going to take Americans from all walks of life to take America back to a land we can be proud of, a land that is looked up to, respected, and yes, even feared to some degree, at least by our enemies.

“It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.” ~ Niccolo Machiavelli~

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15 Responses to EDITORIAL: Rick Perry vs. TSA

  1. minuteman26 says:

    Good post Fred. Its time for a major push back against the Obamaites. Texas might as well lead the way. Then maybe some other states may get a pair also. Wouldn’t hurt if some of these TSA idiots were shown the inside of a Texas jail either. The lunacy has to be stopped. Obama needs to be made to fear Texas.

  2. Texasperated says:

    Your Machiavelli quotation reminds of the movie “The Untouchables” in which Al Capone says, “We have found that you can accomplish more with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone.”

    Keep your powder dry

  3. Patrick Sperry says:

    Let’s all hope that Texas will take the federales head on! Someone has too…

  4. W W Woodward says:

    Fred, While I don’t agree with your assessment of Dr. Paul, I do support your stand against TSA and other federal bureaucracies that are systematically robbing us (often at gun point) of the majority of our personal freedoms.

    I am recommending to my facebook page and forwarding the link to this column to all my e-mail contacts.


  5. TexasFred says:

    Woody — I guess you and I just aren’t going to get along, if you’re a Paulie, you’re not welcome here… It’s THAT simple…

  6. W W Woodward says:

    Fred, - I’m really sorry you feel that way. I honestly believe that our agreements out weigh our disagreements, and that healthy debate can be entertaining as well as educational for both of us. I would not even begin to consider attempting to force my opinions upon you, or closing my mind against yours.

    I’ll not bother you again.
    Woody W Woodward
    Spur, Texas

  7. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    The problem with Libertarians is that you have to buy the entire ranch; you can’t just purchase a few worthy ideas. I find myself, as I quantify in my blog, a Conservative with a dash of Libertarian mixed in as well. The finest idea I’ve heard from Ron Paul is the audit of the Federal Reserve. I couldn’t agree more. But when you associate yourself with Truthers — a group who believe that 9/11 was one big ol’ hangin’ conspiracy — then that group and persons who sympathize are done with me.

    That said, go ahead and let the federal government TRY to remove Texas from the flight plans and paths of PRIVATE companies. I can’t believe that ANYONE would be stupid enough to attempt that, much less state so in public. But on the other hand it IS the Obama Administration.

    I’ll say this: I submit it’s time to call the bluff of the federal government. Regarding the commercial air travel flights into Tejas: “molon labe.”


  8. TexasFred says:

    BZ — The best example of Libertarians that I have to go on are Ron Paul, Debra Medina and a guy here in Rowlett named Jerry Berggren…

    Once you get to know a real LIBERTARIAN, you tend to really develop a sincere dislike for all the others, guilt by association I suppose, but there’s one thing about it, I am damned honest in my prejudices… And I don’t parse my opinions…

    Ron Paul supporters are NOT welcome here, and I don’t care who they are…

  9. Bob Mack says:

    If nothing else, the one issue in which all politicians are intensely interested is unemployment-their own. Here’s hoping Perry does the right thing, stands up to Leviathan & maybe puts some starch in State Houses across the country.

  10. TexasFred says:

    Perry: Still time to decide on a White House run

    NEW YORK (AP) - Texas Gov. Rick Perry stirred speculation Tuesday that he would seek the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, championing his state’s economy before a packed GOP gathering in New York and telling a television interviewer he would engage in a “thought process” before deciding whether to join the field.

    Perry traveled to New York to address the Lincoln Dinner, an annual fundraising event for the New York GOP. He replaced celebrity real estate developer Donald Trump, who cancelled his appearance after deciding against a presidential bid.

    “I find it ironic to be filling in for Donald Trump tonight,” Perry said. “He’s known for saying ‘You’re fired.’ We’re known for saying ‘You’re hired.’ That’s what we do in Texas.”

    Perry, a three-term governor popular with tea party activists, used the speech to touch on several of his longstanding state campaign themes. He promoted his state’s jobs record and economic climate, which he said were a reflection of conservative principles. He urged Republicans to stand firm in opposition to abortion rights and criticized the federal government for excessive regulation and interfering in states’ decisions.

    Perry: Still time to decide on a White House run

  11. TexasFred says:

    I hope he doesn’t procrastinate for too long…

  12. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    The Libertarian Party is the party of Leave Me Alone taken to an absolutely comical extreme.

    There has to be SOME amount of government.

    You cannot, for example, have uncommitted open borders and still survive as a sovereign nation. You cannot make drugs free and legal and survive. There has to be a modicum of common sense in a core philosophy.


  13. Steve Dennis says:

    “I know that there will be those that see it as *nit picking*, but here is the truth of the matter, *nit picking* is what the Federal government is doing to OUR rights as citizens, they are chiseling away our freedoms one chip at a time, and if Americans don’t stand, as ONE, and soon, there won’t be any rights left to stand for.”

    That says it all Fred, we need to stand up to the federal government because they are taking our rights away a little at a time and before you know it we will be serfs. Texas is setting the example and I hope that the rest of America follows along!

  14. PatriotUSA says:

    Recommended this for FB and will cross post to PC if I have energy, which is quite low today due to severe pain. This is actually quite good.

    Libertarians are just severely whacked out nut cases as far as I am concerned. They all seem the same and what you mentioned a couple of days ago about being true ‘free thinkers’ really leaves out the libertarians.

  15. TexasFred says:

    PC — Look at my sidebar, Best of the Web… 😛

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