Perry: Still time to decide on a White House run

Perry: Still time to decide on a White House run

NEW YORK (AP) - Texas Gov. Rick Perry stirred speculation Tuesday that he would seek the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, championing his state’s economy before a packed GOP gathering in New York and telling a television interviewer he would engage in a “thought process” before deciding whether to join the field.

Perry traveled to New York to address the Lincoln Dinner, an annual fundraising event for the New York GOP. He replaced celebrity real estate developer Donald Trump, who cancelled his appearance after deciding against a presidential bid.

“I find it ironic to be filling in for Donald Trump tonight,” Perry said. “He’s known for saying ‘You’re fired.’ We’re known for saying ‘You’re hired.’ That’s what we do in Texas.”

Perry, a three-term governor popular with tea party activists, used the speech to touch on several of his longstanding state campaign themes. He promoted his state’s jobs record and economic climate, which he said were a reflection of conservative principles. He urged Republicans to stand firm in opposition to abortion rights and criticized the federal government for excessive regulation and interfering in states’ decisions.

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Perry: Still time to decide on a White House run

The Players

Of all the so-far announced GOP candidates in the race, I would take Rick Perry over ANY of them, IF he would go ahead and jump in. I would be thrilled if he did run and we saw a Rick Perry/Michele Bachmann ticket.

What Perry and his staff need to think about is this; there are some *heavy hitters* already in the running, and a few more are likely to throw a hat into the ring before it’s all said and done. Rick Perry is not that well known outside of Texas, name recognition and a solid platform is what needs to happen now.

I didn’t get to watch the debate on Monday night; I was attending a function in support of my home town, a planning session for Realize Rowlett 2020, but from everything I have seen, heard and read, Bachmann stole the show.

There is something about Herman Cain that I just can’t put my finger on, and I’m not sure what it is right now, but I do see some things I really like from Cain, but I still don’t feel comfortable with him, that nagging feeling in the back of my head bugs the crap out of me on this one.

Newt Gingrich is a recycled RINO that is well past his expiration date. Newt needs to fade off into the sunset and just go away.

Dr. Moonbat, aka: Ron Paul, and all of his little Paulinistas need to gather in on central location and hope that *The Mother Ship* comes back to pick them up and take them back to *Crazy Libertarian* land.

Tim Pawlenty is another one that I just can’t embrace with ANY degree of confidence. He is another one of those that says a lot of good things but there is that nagging feeling again. Maybe I just don’t know enough about him, maybe that feeling is correct, I don’t know, but Tim Pawlenty just isn’t doing it for me.

Mitt Romney is a NO from me. Not just a no, but a HELL NO! Romney is a slightly less socialized version of what we have now and in MY opinion, Romney needs to be shown the door and never allowed to walk back in to a GOP function, EVER! Romney epitomizes the term RINO.

Rick Santorum is another one that just hasn’t impressed me so far. According to some stories regarding polls from Santorum’s home state of Pennsylvania, Mitt Romney leads the Republican field at 21 percent, followed by Santorum at 16 percent.

Depending on how much faith you put in polls, if he’s not leading the candidates in his home state, well, that speaks volumes in my opinion.

Here is where I throw a wrench into the works. If Allen West were to announce his candidacy I would drop all of these folks like a hot potato in an effort to be the first one in line to support Allen West.

I felt the same way in 2008 about supporting Fred D. Thompson. I backed his run 100% right up until the time he proved himself to be the laziest campaigner I had ever seen. I never stopped believing in Thompson, but LAZY and politician are not words that go together well, at least from where I sit in the cheap seats.

Rick Perry does still have time to decide on a White House run, but he can’t procrastinate for too long. Like it or not, the race has begun, and other than Michele Bachmann, what the GOP has offered up so far has LOSER written all over it.

Rick Perry won’t be a loser, and I honestly believe that a Perry/Bachmann ticket would signal the beginning of an American renaissance.

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16 Responses to Perry: Still time to decide on a White House run

  1. lighthouse says:

    According to the Governor’s office,

    Governor Rick Perry has decided to sign Bill allowing the light bulbs in Texas.

    Unofficial as yet…

    Freedom Light Bulb: Texas to Allow Regular Incandescent Bulbs

  2. Robert says:

    Perry in the mix would give us all hope. And you would be 2nd in line if West threw in… We’d fight for the first spot and you are far too old to offer much resistance 🙂 (I know you have a BFG)

    Romney NO.. PLEASE GOD NOOOOO… Paul? Um no. Any of the others I could vote for without holding my nose.

    I’d like to throw this out there and see what bites:

    The Republicans this time around need to follow the 11th commandment from Reagan. They need to stay positive. They need to leave the dirty trash at the door until they go after the real enemy which is OBAMA. IF they do this, they will gain points, they will swing voters from Obama in the general. IF they don’t get in the mud with each other it shows a unified front and a unified front BEATS the empty suit every time.

    Perry entering the ring, all he has to do much like Pawlenty, Santorum and Romney is defend his record as governor. He has to highlight HIS actions. All of them HIGHLIGHT their ACTIONS. Obama has to defend his and it’s a loser to anyone that has a clue.

    West would have a tough time against that strategy but I’d still back him.

  3. GM Roper says:

    I’m so disgusted right now with Mr. Comrade Obama that I’d vote for a disgraced dog catcher caught having wild abandoned sex with a Bassett Hound. And THAT wouldn’t be one bit more disgusting than what the 10 foot tall pile of crap we currently see.

  4. TexasFred says:

    GM — And that Sir is the attitude that will give us some lame-assed RINO that has no more business in office than does Obama…

    What the hell has happened to Americans? What the hell happened to the idea of demanding, and getting the very best America has to offer?

    For close to 60 years now I have seen every presidency become a bigger disappointment than the last, then we got Reagan and American HOPE returned… Then came Bush 41 and Clinton, and America has steadily faded into 3rd world irrelevance.

    Am I the only son of a bitch that has the balls to expect a Reaganesque persona from ALL politicians? Am I the only one left that isn’t ready to settle for the lesser of the evils?

    Goddamnitall, this is getting frustrating as hell. I work my ass off to offer serious opinions and viable options and “I’d vote for a disgraced dog catcher caught having wild abandoned sex with a Bassett Hound”, or something similar from a few others, is what I get for comments?

    If this is where America has gone, I am ready to check the hell OUT, if this is the kind of comments I get on what I consider to be very good posts, if that’s the best I can garner, I am wasting my time on a blog..

  5. Lee says:

    Fred, drink a beer before you blow a fuse, it is too dam hot to get that mad about some off the cuff comments.

    Yes, I would vote for Allen West above all others…but he has made it clear that he is not running in 2012…maybe next time.

    Perry is the next best choice, as long as he does not follow W. Bush’s lead. He turned out to be pretty damn close to being a RINO.

    Keep blogging…at least it pisses them off.


  6. Longstreet says:

    “Am I the only son of a bitch that has the balls to expect a Reaganesque persona from ALL politicians? Am I the only one left that isn’t ready to settle for the lesser of the evils?”

    No, Fred. There are at least TWO of us!

    I want to see more on Perry. I was going to contact you concerning Perry’s record in Texas, anyway. So far, I haven’t seen a GOP candidate I can support!

    Hang in there!

    J. D. Longstreet

  7. TexasFred says:

    Lee and J.D. — I have got to continue, what we are facing today is far too important to let a comment like that stop me now…

    I didn’t drink a beer but I had a half a gallon of iced tea and a good dinner with the wife and thought it through, she knew I was pissed the hell off, she had seen the comment and SHE was pissed the hell off too…

    Never fear, as long as I am still able to hit the keys I will keep on hammering, I just hate to work my ass off and get something like that from someone that I have a lot of respect for…

    Time heals all wounds, and wounds all heels…

  8. Bluebonnet Sue says:

    As I recall, I read some pretty negative comments on here about Rick Perry during the Govenor’s race and now he’s the one to support for President ? Has he gone through some kind of rehabilitation that I missed?

  9. Steve Dennis says:

    I hope that Perry runs so that I can learn more about him, I am less than impressed with the candidates who are in the race so far, we need some more choices.

  10. Capt Ron says:

    Bluebonnet, we did discuss some short-comings of Perry’s on this blog, as well we should. The border still isn’t closed in Texas, it should be. However, I believe Perry still has a Constitutional mindset on what he does in our government, and I believe he would carry that into the White house.

    GM, elections are always about a choice. Lately, that choice hasn’t been clear-cut, but until more people get politically involved and start giving a crap about issues and founding principles, we will have to choose the lesser of two evils in elections. Checking out is not an option, educating yourself and the folks in your sphere of influence is the thing to do.

    Fred, you keep doing what you do for us. You have an penchant for stimulating grey matter in a positive fashion. People who think are not sheeple, but informed citizens.

  11. TexasFred says:

    Sue — Yes, I did have a lot to say about Perry, and the last several posts did cover that, I guess you didn’t see them…

    Perry isn’t perfect, by any stretch, but compared to the crap the GOP is running at this time, he is a STAR in the political world…

    I have a buddy in California that has long told me, I am too hard on Perry, he says that compared to California pols, Perry is the epitome of Conservatism…

    If Perry messes up I’ll be the first to blast him on these pages, my differences with Perry in the past are just that, in the past, and even though I still don’t agree with all of his actions, I don’t think there is any THINKING person on earth that fully agrees with every policy of every elected official…

    At this point in time, Perry IS the one I support, but I suggest you go back through the last several posts and read, or re-read them…

  12. GM Roper says:

    Fred, sorry my comment ticked you off old boy. I hope you know I meant it in jest though I really really really am pissed about Obama.

    I am, as I’m sure you are working my ass off to get a solid constitutional conservative in office to replace Obummer.

    Settle down, I guess my humor is misplaced from time to time. A Perry/Bachmann ticked sounds pretty good, as would a Perry/West ticket. Romney/anyone not so much.

  13. Bluebonnet Sue says:

    Thanks for your comments Capt. Ron . Right, Fred. I have missed some blogs . I was fortunate enough to get in a visit out of town with my brother and his family. I’ll check out those previous posts. In the gubernatorial race, I voted for the one who I felt would do the least harm. My choice won the election. I’ll do that again in the presidential race if I have to just to get Obama and his czars out of office. Hopefully, it won’t be like that this time.

  14. BobF says:

    I’ve been a big supporter of Allen West; even contributed to his congressional campaign. I just read today he voted with the Democrat Black Caucus to keep Pigford funding in place. Michelle Bachmann has been fighting tooth-n-nail to end this program that’s bilked the taxpayers out of over a billion dollars so far.

  15. Bluebonnet Sue says:

    I’ve been a supporter of Allen West, too. Another disappointment.

  16. TexasFred says:

    From my friends and neighbor Rich Glasgow regarding Rick Perry:

    If he enters the race, it will only make it more interesting. Mind you, he’s not nearly as conservative as he insists, but he’s to the right of Romney. Establishment republican Sen. John Cornyn (TX) will support him…not sure about Hutchison, who Perry defeated in the gov’s race. He talks tough on border issues but romances Latino groups. He made many people angry over the Trans Texas Corridor.

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