While U.S. Talks Withdrawal, Afghan Corruption Soars

While U.S. Talks Withdrawal, Afghan Corruption Soars

WASHINGTON — The farmer picking apples in the outskirts of Kabul must pay the Taliban $33 to ship out each truckload of fruit. The governor sends in armed men to chase workers off job sites if the official bribes aren’t paid. Poor neighborhoods never get their U.N.-provided wheat, long since sold on the black market.

These are some of the elements, large and small, that together form the elaborate organized crime environment Afghans contend with daily. And despite the hoped-for success of the U.S. military surge and President Obama’s claims of significant progress, Afghanistan’s resemblance to a mafia state that cannot serve its citizens may only be getting

The 46-page study, to be released next week, looks specifically at Afghanistan’s heartland: the rural areas of Ghazni, Wardak, Logar and other provinces just beyond the periphery of Kabul. Unemployment is high, government presence is low and the insurgency operates with impunity. Corruption and cooperation with the Taliban reach the highest levels of local governance.

“Nearly a decade after the U.S.-led military intervention little has been done to challenge the perverse incentives of continued conflict in Afghanistan,” the research group says. Rather, violence and the billions of dollars in international aid have brought wealthy officials and insurgents together. And “the economy as a result is increasingly dominated by a criminal oligarchy of politically connected businessmen,” the report concludes.

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While U.S. Talks Withdrawal, Afghan Corruption Soars

So, let me see if I have this straight…

Bribery and corruption run rampant in the Afghan government and all through the local infrastructure of Afghan business and commerce.

Farmers must pay the Taliban $33 to ship out each truckload of fruit, and other foodstuffs that were originally destined for the Afghan people seem to just disappear on the *black market*.

Sounds like a Teamsters operation to me, corrupt to the core. The people down the line get *shafted* while the guys at the top reap the benefits.

The corruption that IS Afghanistan is not what troubles me so much. The nation of Afghanistan has been corrupt for as long as I can remember, and I can remember the days of Charlie Wilson’s War pretty well.

It was MY understanding that after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 we weren’t going into Afghanistan to set up a new government, remake the nation in our image and instill a sense of democracy in the Afghan people, I was under the impression that we were going in there to find and kill the mastermind of the 9-11 attacks, Osama bin Laden, kill him and exact some serious PAYBACK on the Taliban for their attacks on us.

Oh well, what do I know? And in other news:

Dozens Dead as Car Bomb Detonates Outside Afghan Medical Clinic

KABUL, Afghanistan — A suicide attacker blew up his sport utility vehicle packed with explosives outside of a small medical clinic in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday, killing at least 25 people, Afghan authorities said. Some reports put the death toll as high as 60.

The widely varying estimates of the number of killed and wounded in the bombing in the mountainous Azra district of Logar province, some 25 miles east of Kabul, reflect the chaos that frequently follows such an attack.

The Afghan Health Ministry initially said in a statement that some 60 people were killed and 120 wounded. But at a later news conference, ministry official Abdullah Fahim told reporters those figures were wrong, and said new information put the toll at between 13 and 25 killed and 50 wounded.

Din Mohammad Darwesh, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said 25 people were killed and more than 40 wounded in the blast. The different tolls could not be immediately reconciled.

The bomber drove up to the medical clinic in an SUV, and clinic guards tried to prevent him from entering the center’s compound, said Mohammad Zaref Nayebkhail, the provincial health director. “The driver didn’t stop and he entered the compound and reached the main building of the health center, where the truck detonated,” Nayebkhail said.

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Dozens Dead as Car Bomb Detonates Outside Afghan Medical Clinic

It appears that someone in Afghanistan has come up with a new health plan for the Afghan people, ‘Never mind seeking medical care, we will blow you up and your medical problems will all be taken care of.’

Some might think that’s a silly notion or that I’m just being sarcastic, Let me assure you, I am not. There is a strain of insanity that runs through the Islamic people, the more primitive tribes, that still believes:

And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast [it] from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire.

In other words: ‘Never mind that cancerous growth on your face Hamid, we will blow you into a million pieces and you will be perfect in the eyes of Allah.’

That’s pretty reassuring huh? 😕

We have been in Afghanistan for almost 10 years and little has changed. We supported the Mujahideen in their battle against the Soviet Union. After the Russians were driven out of the nation of Afghanistan, other than the facts that the Russians were gone, the Afghan way of life was unchanged.

The Mujahideen went on to become the Taliban and have used the very weapons that WE provided them in their fight against the Russians, to fight against us.

Afghanistan will never change, not for the better, and we are foolish to believe it will.

America has a funny habit, we go to war against an enemy and after we defeat that enemy, sometimes even before the battle is done, think Iraq, and we begin to pour BILLIONS of American tax dollars into rebuilding the nation that we just made war upon.

I think this story fully illustrates the counterproductive waste of troops, money and resources that America has lost in an effort to *civilize* a land that time has forgotten.

Afghanistan is, and will most likely remain, a corrupt nation that will never emerge from its ancient beginnings.

Don’t for a minute think that I am against going to war, I’m not, but if we’re going to make war, then by God let it be WAR and lets get it over with as soon as possible, by any means necessary and bring our troops home victorious, with as little loss of American life as possible and as little expenditure of American dollars as possible. 

War is NOT for the meek nor the politically correct.

Let the WARRIORS lead and let the USA once again be a world power to be reckoned with!

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7 Responses to While U.S. Talks Withdrawal, Afghan Corruption Soars

  1. Lew Waters says:

    The main problem we have had since WW2, is our politicians play at war and just kill a bunch of our Troops. ROE’s cost our Troops lives and prolong war. Korea is still at war, just under a cease fire. Vietnam should have been settled in 1968. Our Troops have the willingness to fight and win. Our Political leaders do not.

  2. dinosaur863 says:

    I agree with Lew, we have not ‘won’ a way since WW2, basically the reason has been because politicians have run these conflicts and not the professionals who train for them. We have poured Trillions in wars since 1945 only to come up with out ANY successful resolution……………in the meantime our men and women today continue being killed! We can’t afford it either money or manpower wise. The rules of engagement are ridiculous (thanks to the pols)……never thought I’d say it - bring em all home.

    Put them on the borders of our own country - we’re being invaded on the south by the cartels and no one seems to care?

  3. minuteman26 says:

    What Lew said. Ten years in pissant countries like Iraq and Afganistan; Really? WWII was fought and won in four years. Time is past due to kill who needs to be killed and bring the troops home.

  4. Rich Timm says:

    Our so called “warrior leaders” have forgotten what it takes to win. In war there are no rules. The Taliban & al-Qaeda sure aren’t following any. Those that have decided to wage war on the Constitution sure as hell aren’t following ROE.

    So…when are these idiots going to learn that to win a war…conflict…kinetic action (LOL) you go in and you overwhelm with firepower. You kill them as fast as you can with whatever you have. Then you march back home the victor.

  5. Steve Dennis says:

    I agree 100%, with the killing of Osama we have accomplished our goal and I think it is time to think about bringing our troops home. We no longer fight wars simply to win the wars; we fight these politically correct wars that we cannot win, this is a shame and a travesty because we end up losing more of our heroes fighting for a cause that is unattainable.

  6. Always On Watch says:

    I don’t often agree with Colbert I. King. But check out this excerpt from one of King’s recent essays:

    …Did we sacrifice all of that precious American blood and treasure so that Iraq can join with anti-U.S. regimes in Syria and Iran to supply Arab states with Iran’s huge natural gas supplies? Iraq was liberated for that?


    Expect at some point a Taliban-infused Afghanistan to follow the lead of the Iraqis and work out their own mutual economic agreements with U.S. foes in the region.

    All those bonds we floated to pay for those wars. All those American men and women who, as Obama put it so eloquently, “will not live to enjoy the freedom that they defended.” All those lost limbs. All those broken bodies with wounded minds. All those losses, so that Iraq and Afghanistan can one day enjoy bountiful relations and have a lasting peace with nations that hate our guts.

    My cousin, the only male of his generation in this family, is at this very moment in the USMC and stationed in Afghanistan. I fear for his life every day.


    Back in 2000, I voted for GWB because he stated that opposed nation building. And look what he did! He got involved in nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan — and allowed the inclusion of shari’a law in the constitutions of those nations. So much for “changing hearts and minds”!

  7. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    And that is my point too. McCain says it’s “isolationism” but I say it’s common sense — though it’s taken me a long time to get here.

    We should have gone into Afghanistan and turned it to rubble, and then make the rubble bounce again. No one would have much noticed or cared. Same for Iraq; kick Saddam’s ass, make war, kill people, then get out. The message should clearly have been: “DO NOT FUCK WITH THE UNITED STATES.”

    Now that it is beyond clear that we don’t have the stomach to do even the tiniest fraction of this, it is beyond time to pull out and STOP our brave warrior MEN from getting killed for nothing.


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