Obama: Debt dispute threatens Social Security

Obama: Debt dispute threatens Social Security

President Obama said today he can’t guarantee that Social Security checks will go out after Aug. 2, unless Congress agrees to increase the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling.

“This is not just a matter of Social Security checks,” Obama also told CBS News. “These are veterans’ checks; these are folks on disability and their checks. There are about 70 million checks that go out.”

When CBS anchor Scott Pelley followed up by asking, “can you guarantee as president those checks will go out on August the 3rd?,” Obama said: “I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd, if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.”

The interview airs tonight on the CBS Evening News.

Aug, 2 is the date on which the Treasury Department says it can no longer borrow money to pay the nation’s bills; that could lead to a default and an inability to mail out government checks.

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Obama: Debt dispute threatens Social Security

“Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it” That’s it? That is the best the most disgusting liar to ever INFEST the Oval Office can come up with? Seriously?

The Obama administrations, as well as the Democrats in Congress and Senate are totally out of control. We are being RAPED by the most CORRUPT regime to ever take the White House, and BY GOD it’s time to bring these crooked bastards down, one way or another.


There will be no money to pay Social Security or Veterans benefits but there seems to be a lot of money for all of this:

The Obama *date night* in New York

Air Force One being used for campaign funding stops

Michelle Obama and the kids vacationing in Paris and Africa on our dime

Millions of dollars in stimulus money on ROAD SIGNS

BILLIONS of dollars to Islamic nations in AID

Giving Brazil money for OIL EXPLORATION

73 rounds of golf

Michelle Obama spends lavishly on Spain vacation

Obama has spent $23M of taxpayer money on Kenyan constitution

No money for Veterans, retired Seniors or disabled Americans, but Obama can always seem to find money for anything that HE wants to make happen; vacations, golf, political fund raising, Islamic nations, Brazil, Kenya, but hey, “We can’t guarantee that Social Security checks will go out after Aug. 2, unless Congress agrees to increase the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling” is supposed to be an acceptable excuse from the most egotistical President in American history.

I do NOT parse my words America; Barack Hussein Obama is attempting to use the power of the office of President to blackmail the American people into accepting HIS way or NO way. We are being held hostage and it’s time to break these bonds!

Barack Hussein Obama has LIED to the American people, he has misused tax dollars, he has attempted to *trash* the U.S. Constitution and impose outright Socialism on this nation.

Aug, 2 is the date on which the Treasury Department says it can no longer borrow money to pay the nation’s bills; that could lead to a default and an inability to mail out government checks.

I’m not a politician, I didn’t major in political science but I do have a few common sense suggestions for Obama and Company;

1. Stop spending our tax dollars on YOUR vacations and world travel.
2. Stop sending OUR tax dollars to foreign nations that don’t support us in return.
3. Drill our own oil on American soil and in American waters.
4. Stop importing oil. Stop it! The deficit simply goes away.

I want to extend a HUGE thank you to my friend and fellow blogger Robert Bush at American and Proud for his invaluable contribution to this post!

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17 Responses to Obama: Debt dispute threatens Social Security

  1. Robert says:

    Well to be fair at least he didn’t give guns to chimps… Oh wait… Um.. Moving along here…

    The L.I.C (Liar in Chief) is doing as his mentor instructed. He’s using his teachings to destroy this nation. To turn it into a 3rd world nation that his daddy would be proud of. He and his H.B.I.H (Head Bitch In the House) spent more money in 2 years than the entire cast of POTUS’s before them. Obama care is the reason we have 9.2% unemployment and NOBODY is serious about repealing that monstrosity… That alone would increase revenue by making MORE taxpayers.

    We are on the final leg of this experiment in idiocy. IF we the people manage to give him 4 more years then WE the PEOPLE need to address the issue in other ways.

  2. Alan Caruba says:

    This really is a huge lie because the Social Security fund is not tied to raising taxes or revenue other than that paid into via payrolls. It is far from broke, but the bastard just has to frighten millions of the elderly just the same.

    Alan C.

  3. minuteman26 says:

    Should the checks for Social Security, veterans et al stop flowing. Obama and his minions had better be prepared to run for they lives as their days will be numbered. Going to be a whole lot of pissed off people that won’t put up with his crap any longer.

  4. Dick Robie says:

    The POTUS is an Arrogant Ass. Bet you $100 bucks it won’t happen. If Congress has any balls they will hang in there and let the 2nd of August pass. Read the 14th Amendment.

  5. TexasFred says:

    minuteman26 — Exactly right! I don’t think Obama can stop Social Security, but if he does, I have nothing left to lose… Desperate times call for desperate measures…

    The sorry son of a bitch spends like it’s HIS money if it’s something that matters to him and his cronies, well, he’d better think about this, the U.S. military has YET to pacify Afghanistan and Iraq…

    Where does that goofy son of a bitch think that leaves him if the American people decide to remove his sorry ass, by ANY means necessary?

  6. TexasFred says:

    To the person that sent me this message:

    they need to stop SS checks for a few months to help out the deficit and avoid raising taxes on all if us

    You are a dumb son of a bitch!

    I am a Social Security recipient, I am 100% disabled, by ANY standard, and sitting here writing a blog that doesn’t make me a living is ALL I have.

    If Social Security goes away, WE don’t eat… If Medicare goes away, I DIE because I can’t get the medications I need to keep me alive…

    I am NOT a leech on the system, I am NOT asking for ANYTHING free and I’m not looking for welfare, I paid MY money into Social Security and FICA for 40 years and I still pay taxes on the Social Security I receive… It’s MY damned money and I want some of it back in order to live a little bit of a comfortable life…

    The goddamned Federal government shouldn’t have squandered the money we paid in for several decades…

    And you Sir, can kiss my ass…

  7. Shady says:

    I have only one issue with you Fred, I am not clear on how you stand on this, could you please clarify……..LOL

    As usual you are spot on with this. As BHO continues to shred the constitution and use it in a manner not suited for me write. If the American people do not see him for what he really is, then we are in trouble.

    What I believe will happen, someone will cave in, not wanting to be the one named as the person who defaulted the Nation.

    BHO is out today playing golf, after giving his staff an 8% raise.

    He is an embarrassment to this country plain and simple.

  8. Robert says:

    Whoever sent that message is the definition of dumbass. SS was paid into, SS was a SOCIALISTIC Program that was VIABLE. IF it were used properly. Everyone pays into it and when they qualify for it, they are taken care of. PERIOD.

    Since the federal asshats have been raping the fund, now it’s a problem? MY ASS cut WELFARE, CUT ILLEGAL ALIEN Education/welfare/medical CUT FUCKIN OBAMACARE off at the nuts. Then talk to me about removing something people paid into.

    GAWD DAMN IDIOTS… How about taxing the 50% of fucknozzles that DON’T PAY SHIT? How about taxing every Illegal Bitch that has 15 kids 10K per kid? How about doing something to stop the flood of leeches crossing the border????? GAWD DAMN IDIOTS ALL!

  9. Katie says:

    Here is one. How about not paying the Senators, the Congressmen, the President, the Cabinet and the 9 Crows. Leave the pay for everyone else.

  10. Texasperated says:

    See there’s the problem, Robert. When FICA payments (the “lockbox” which doesn’t really exist) were lumped into the national budget back in the Grated Socialism Days of LBJ, it made the annual deficit appear much smaller because the Socialist Insecurity system was taking in more than it was giving out to recipients.

    Those days are nearly gone. Look into the lockbox and what you’ll find is a stack of IOUs from Uncle Sam. Year by year by year that fund has been raided (aka stolen). In short terms, “it ain’t there bubba.” Now I do not begrudge Fred or any other SS recipient the funds they paid in including even a modest amount of interest. But this ponzi scheme was never on a firm actuarial footing. We all know that, right?

    The gummint just needs to get out of the retirement bidness. Problem is that it can’t happen overnight because we have an entire generation that has counted on it. If you were going to retire tonight at midnight you would have to be one of those undertaxed kazillionaires that Obama hates. Literally, at today’s interest rates, for you to retire even with a paid-for home and car, you would have to have a million dollars invested. Help me out — 20 grand a year (beans and rice subsistence) on a 2% return would require roughly a million bucks, right? No wonder they want to hijack all your money. They WANT YOU to be dependent upon them.

    So how do we wean the American public off of gummint retirement? This is still a bit hazy, but this is the direction at least that I think it has to go.

    1. Nobody who is presently on SS loses so much as a nickel.

    2. People who are presently 55 and not on disability continue to contribute a smaller amount for a smaller retirement. Some of that FICA tax can then go into a real retirement plan. However, when the funds plus interest are depleted they are depleted. Still, nobody loses anything.

    3. People who are presently 40 and not on disability continue to contribute but at a much smaller amount for a much smaller retirement. Again, when the funds that have been invested are depleted they are depleted, as in “gone.” No more soup for you. Thus a lot of that FICA tax can then go into a real retirement plan. Again, nobody loses anything he’s paid in.

    4. People under 40 can roll the dice on Social Security if they wish. Understanding that it is probably not going to be there when they retire. However, they will still pay a portion of their income to pay out the retirement years of #1-3 above. The vast majority of that FICA tax can then go into a real retirement plan. This may have to continue for a few years, but because people in groups 2 and 3 above will not get back huge sums above what they’ve paid in, they may not have to continue paying until age 65. These folks will lose what they’ve paid in.

    5. The ONLY way to get from where we are today to getting the gummint out of the retirement business is to recognize that it has not been totally funded by past contributions and that it does have elements of both a bad tax and a bad entitlements program.

    It’s going to take some belt-tightening. The alternative is that in a few years the gummint will be sending all of us checks that are better used for tinder than anything else.

    Keep your powder dry

  11. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Fred, I have to say, I’ve seen this tactic used many times in Fornicalia, as has Robert.

    The Fornicalia government, in tough times — and other agencies — threaten and then cut needed services first. They cut police, fire, emergency services FIRST so that they can PURPOSELY threaten the livelihood of citizens and the SAFETY of citizens. That’s their PRECISE point. Mr Obama obviously learned this from the Demorats in Fornicalia. Much precedent there in my state.

    However, in those times, the bureaucratic and unnecessary crap does NOT get cut, like “well baby” programs, art programs, media programs, rubbish rubbish rubbish.

    Any more, government exists to purposely HURT the taxpayer unless ALL of THEIR personal bullshit Leftist programs are completely funded.


    Purposely, overtly when necessary, and covertly on a daily basis.

    But beware, Mr Obama. You purposely HURT Americans, and you’ve just gone out of your way to create a backlash. You’re playing a dangerous game here.

    We need a balanced budget amendment, a spending cap. We don’t need new tax increases. We need new taxpayers. Meaning: we need more people back to WORK. A WORKER is a TAXPAYER.

    Mr Obama WANTS Class Warfare! He wants HIS “pound of flesh” in re the Merchant of Venice.

    And he’ll take it out on those who installed him in office because, frankly, he couldn’t care less about the groundlings. Just keep paying your taxes. Harder work, taxpayers, and more of it!

    Taxpayers are the New Niggers. Yes Master, just keep payin’ my taxes and shut up. Work harder!


  12. KrzyBeautiful says:

    I have a physical disability in a lung condition I acquired almost 2 years ago that nearly killed me. I am now, as are my children, disability recipients. This instability frightens me, but more so makes me angry. Why not cut the welfare and food stamps for the lazy bums who CHOOSE to NOT work!!

    Thankfully, my husband Cody (the hardest working person I know), has a good job as a police officer. And he provides a good living for our home. And if ever necessary, I have several skills to fall back on. Such as, I am a certified EMT-B, Mortgage/Personal Loan Processor, & a former medical insurance clerk. I will not sit on my butt and draw welfare, just because I could if I wanted too!!

    ***these things are called SKILLS. Essentials in my life. I will make damn sure my children are ALWAYS provided for!

  13. TexasFred says:

    KrzyBeautiful is my youngest daughter, and she has a lot of attitude…

    I love it! 😛

  14. Robert says:

    Don’t have any idea where she may have picked up that attitude… no clue at all 😐

  15. Longstreet says:

    Alan Caruba’s comment (above) is spot on. Obama is, in my opinion, campaigning by attempting to fire up his base, you know, the “wards of the state” who have been on the dole for generations and know no other way of life. He is counting on them to save his job next year.

    The backlash IS coming — but it won’t be against the GOP. It will be against Obama and his blatant attempt to destroy America as a capitalist country.

    I was ashamed of the Carter administration. I was DEEPLY ashamed of the Clinton administration. I am deeply, deeply, ashamed of the Obama administration — and — outraged at his arrogance and his refusal to make any connection to the people he obviously thinks he “rules.” Observing the behavior of Obama in office is reminiscent of Marie Antoinette’s (Wife of Louis XVI) attitude toward her subjects. Obama is every bit as disconnected from the American people as she was from the French people.

    As an American “senior citizen” I feel used by Obama and dirty as a result. I need a shower just to get the slime off me. UGH!


  16. minuteman26 says:

    Longstreet left out the guillotine. Is what’s needed about now. Can you picture Obama’s head flopping into a basket. Muzzies eat your heart out.

  17. Bob Mack says:

    The only thing threatening Social Security is the lying communist in the Oval Office. CNS says:

    Official Treasury Reports: Coffers Full Enough to Cover Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans, Federal Salaries and Interest—Without Borrowing a Dime

    […] , the ongoing flow of federal tax revenue since the Treasury declared that it had hit the debt limit on May 16 has been more than sufficient to cover the combined costs of federal spending on interest payments, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the Veterans Affairs department and federal workers wages and insurance benefits (including wages and insurance benefits for military personnel).

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