Spokesman: Gov. Rick Perry running for president

Spokesman: Gov. Rick Perry running for president

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Texas Gov. Rick Perry is running for president, a spokesman confirmed Thursday, a move certain to shake up the race for the GOP nomination much to the delight of conservatives looking for a candidate to embrace.

Perry spokesman Mark Miner said the governor would make his intentions known on Saturday while visiting South Carolina and New Hampshire just as most of his presidential rivals compete in a test vote in Iowa.

Official word of Perry’s entrance into the race came just hours before eight candidates, including GOP front-runner Mitt Romney, were to appear on stage during a nationally televised debate.

It wasn’t much of a surprise. The longest-serving governor in Texas history has flirted with a presidential run since spring and has spent the past few months courting Republicans in early voting states and laying the groundwork for a campaign. He met privately with potential donors from California to New York and gave rabblerousing speeches to party faithful, casting himself as a fiscally responsible social conservative.

His intentions became even clearer over the past few days when officials disclosed that he would visit an important trio of states, a campaign-like schedule timed to overshadow the debate and the Iowa straw poll and, perhaps, wreak havoc on a field led by Romney.

Unlike others in the race, Perry has credibility with the at-times warring camps of the GOP’s primary electorate. The pro-business tax-cutter who has presided over Texas’ recent economic growth also is a devout social conservative with deep ties to some of the nation’s evangelical leaders and Christians who dominate the pivotal Iowa caucuses.

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Spokesman: Gov. Rick Perry running for president

Let there be NO MISTAKE, I have had my issues with Gov. Rick Perry, I have taken him to task, on this blog, for a number of issues that I felt he needed to be challenged on.

Let there be no doubt in anyones mind, if I feel that Rick Perry needs to be taken to task as our Governor here in Texas, as a candidate for POTUS or as the President should he be elected, I will do so in my usual fashion! He would expect nothing less, and for that I truly respect Gov. Perry.

That said; all in all, Rick Perry is going to run and I am endorsing him.

So, now the battle can begin in earnest.

Unlike others in the race, Perry has credibility with the at-times warring camps of the GOP’s primary electorate. The pro-business tax-cutter who has presided over Texas’ recent economic growth also is a devout social conservative with deep ties to some of the nation’s evangelical leaders and Christians who dominate the pivotal Iowa caucuses.

But Perry also has never run a national campaign before, and it’s unclear whether his Texas swagger and sometimes unorthodox policy positions will sit well with GOP primary voters outside his state. Another open question is whether he can raise the money necessary to mount a strong campaign against those who have been in the race for months or more.

Texas Swagger; that’s called being a MAN and having a ton of confidence in yourself and your ability. Here in Texas we call it *having a set of BALLS*, that’s something Obama has NO concept of. I just hope the GOP hasn’t gone so far to the LEFT and embraced the Dem Lite persona to such a degree that they can’t see Perry for what he is; one hell of Governor and a man that would most likely be one of the best presidents America could have.

Until today there was NO candidate that I could honestly support. I detest Sarah Palin, and I know, many love her, I am not one of them and even though she didn’t announce, I have been fearful that she would, and I am totally convinced that she would be almost as bad for America as Obama, in a different way, but as bad.

Herman Cain left me cold.

Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul? Seriously?

Mitt Romney is NOT a Conservative, not in ANY way, he would be nothing more than a slightly different version of Obama. Think Massachusetts and Romney Care.

I had seriously wanted to see Allen West get in the race, I still feel that he is an outstanding man of character and would be an excellent POTUS or VPOTUS, but so far he has disappointed his followers by not getting in.

In my not so humble opinion, Rick Perry and Allen West would be the most dynamic and Conservative ticket the GOP could offer, and Obama will go down in flames!

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14 Responses to Spokesman: Gov. Rick Perry running for president

  1. GM Roper says:

    Ditto, DITTO and DITT-FRIGGIN-O. I’ll back everything you said about the Gov. This is also to put you on notice, I’m officially, but not surreptitiously stealing that button.


  2. Texasperated says:

    Well, I already stole the button and have it on my FB page where it has stirred the ire of the Paulutians or whatever they are (Plutonians maybe). But like you, Fred, I have some issues with Rick Perry. Number 1 issue is the Gardasil fiasco. Having said that and Trans Texas corridor and a couple of other things — there is nobody else in the race who is as strong as Perry on:

    1. Second Amendment
    2. Tenth Amendment
    3. Federalism (arising from #2)
    4. Getting gov’t out of the way of business and jobs
    5. Health care
    6. Fiscal responsibility

    OK, let’s boil it down to one thing. Everything you hate about Obama you’re gonna love about Perry.

    Keep your powder dry

  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Well, let there be no mistake; he’s in and it’s official.

    I believe his biggest challenge is going to be Romney; no one else has the cash or the current support. It’ll be a race between those two men for the GOP.

    Don’t yet know much about Perry.


  4. TexasFred says:

    BZ — Stay tuned, everything that is known about Perry will be posted here, Texans already know most of it and we STILL support him…

  5. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Interesting article about Romney, just in, here.


  6. TexasFred says:

    Mittens… Obama Lite… No pun intended.. 😛

  7. Katie says:

    Perry is better than Obama. 1000% better than Obama. I could vote for him very well.

  8. BobF says:

    Bobby Jindal would make a good running mate too.

  9. PatriotUSA says:

    I have been waiting for Perry to jump into the fracas of the GOP and am pleased he is finally getting in. I have issues with him but nothing like I do with the other candidates and since Perry has way more positives than negatives, he gets my support and I would vote for him without any hesitations. The rest of the GOP candidates are nowhere near The weight Perry brings to fight right away. Romney is a weak, pathetic rich boy and all one needs to do is look at the state of ragachussetts and the health care model he brought in. This is the plan that obamacare was modeled after in many ways. I have a couple friends who live there and have no liking at all for Romney and what he did.

    Fred has done a good job taking Perry to task when needed and we can expect no less now that he is in the mix for this nomination. Too bad Allen West is not available as a running mate and Jindal may not be a bad choice.

    As a native Texan stuck in Pooregon I am pleased, very pleased about this!

  10. Joanna says:

    I can not help myself, and add my 2 cents 🙂
    Gov Perry might be not perfect, but he is THE VERY BEST CANDIDATE!!!
    does he has some flaws?…
    of course he does…
    ….I hate ironing and washing windows…
    does this make me a bad housekeeper and a wife?
    no, because overall I manage my household with an iron fist!!!!!
    …to the enjoyment of all involved…
    one thing going for Gov Perry may be his handsome appearance…(aside of his political carrier and record)
    I know….however in common thinking that should be irrelevant ..it plays a HUGE role…
    remember Clinton and all soccer Moms peeing their panties , disregarding the values and records…policies…involvements…American stance?……
    the point here being..with our brain dead society looks are very important…

    don’t get upset…I am not talking about Texas Fred , his readers…
    I am talking about millions of women voting on bases of personal appearances versus knowledge and understanding of politics!!!

    As far as Allen West goes…
    I love this guy!!!!!
    but I also think he is a PATRIOT enough to know, he would lower the chances at this very point of any well known, Republican candidate…
    and takes a back seat …
    your disdain for Palin very well might be secured…
    and I do share some mixed emotions…
    …there is no other person (conservative) to employ such untarnished love for the Country!!!
    the libtarded media took her through a wringler and came up:
    her family was scrutenized, rediculed…
    her private e-mails checked few times over!!!…
    her character…her patriotism…
    her love for the Country and American people?….unshaken!!!!
    and as far as I am concerned:
    Ms Palin is the only one to get in obama’s (or anyone) face without a apology!!!!
    She loves the Country, she loves Americans, and she holds dear THE CONSTITUTION of the United States!!!!! and the rights of Americans written down by our Founding Fathers….

  11. Capt Ron says:

    We know about the issues with Perry, and I back you up Fred. Knowing those issues, I still think he would make a very good President. I will add I don’t believe Ron Paul would be good as President, but as Chairman of the Fed he would be excellent. Ron Paul would crack the books and start going through them with a fine toothed comb.

  12. BobF says:

    Chris Matthews slams Perry and Texas as ignorant. I hate Matthews and his shrill whinny voice. He’s nothing but a product of inferior breeding.


  13. TexasFred says:

    Bob — Best reason I can think of to vote for Perry, the Libs hate him, and that’s a damned good reason I reckon!

  14. BobF says:

    Just watched Perry’s anouncment on TV and I like it.

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