The Iowa Debates of August 11th 2011

Here is a piece I took from Facebook, a note written by my friend and neighbor Dr. Richard Bacon, and published here with his permission.

Dr. Richard Bacon is the GOP Precinct Chair in my area of Rowlett and he is a no nonsense Conservative, a pillar of the Second Amendment, a true Patriot, is an ordained minister and pastors a local Presbyterian church.

The Iowa Debates of August 11th 2011

I have not read any analysis from last night because I wanted to come to the issue fresh this morning and write from what is a “raw” perspective without input. I may change my perspective after reading other analysis — and I say that because I think I have already changed my view somewhat by sleeping on it.

1. The Fox News Channel team was the biggest loser of the night. What a terrible job they did. Bret Baier was possibly the best of the group, but he was supposed to be moderating and didn’t. The other panelists and especially Chris Wallace were out of control. More about Wallace later on in the note.

2. I did not want Newt Gingrich to do well because I do not like him personally, but he came off as the best of the group. He seemed angry, but I suspect that was because of the first question proposed to him by Chris Wallace. Wallace, with his usual sneer, asked about Gingrich’ campaign team basically deserting him. By the way, this is the indication to me that Rick Perry would be entering the race. But that is strictly an aside. Wallace asked Gingrich about being “undisciplined in campaigning and at last report a million dollars in debt. How do you respond to people who say that your campaign has been a mess so far?” Gingrich rightly pointed out that what Wallace was asking was not an issue or political philosophy question, but a “gotcha” question. Newt’s response was classic: “I took seriously Bret’s injunction to put aside talking points and I wish you would put aside the ‘gotcha’ questions.” The crowd loved it and it did put silly Chris Wallace in his right place.

Gingrich went on in his answer to that question to point out that Ronald Reagan had 13 senior staff resign on the morning of the New Hampshire primary and his campaign manager then laid off 100 people because he did not have the money to pay them. He then explained that he intends to run on ideas. Gingrich has got some good ideas, by the way. Ideas that will work tomorrow morning. He also has a track record of getting legislation through a divided congress (Democrat Senate) and an opposition party president. His Republican House of Representatives passed welfare reform three times before Bill Clinton finally signed it. Gingrich is not a “Tea Party Conservative” by any stretch of the imagination. He is a pragmatist — but he is not a status quo pragmatist. He is a futurist with ideas, unlike anyone else who appeared on the stage last night.

3. Michelle Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty were more concerned about having a “spitting” contest than they were in solving the difficulties in which the nation is presently involved. It would be nice to see as much energy focused on President Obama as either of them had focused on the other last night. Yes, I understand that they are running against each other for the nomination of their party. So why are they this intent on internecine squabbles that will strengthen the Democrats more than anyone else. They must remember that today’s sound bites are tomorrow’s loss.

One question was asked of Bachmann about submitting to her husband if she were to become president. I’ve seen all the comments referring to the “sexist” question, but while it was perhaps another “gotcha” question, it was not sexist in the context of Bachmann’s professed bio sheet. She has stated that she did not originally want to go to law school, but was encouraged to do so by her husband. Because she is a “submissive wife” in her words, she went to law school. In other words, she did what her husband wanted her to do rather than what she wanted to do. That is the whole point of her story or it has no point at all. So the question basically came down to one in that context of whether Americans would be voting for her or for her husband for POTUS. It would have been a sexist question to ask “what makes you think a woman can be president?” It was not sexist to ask how, in the context of her own bio information; she would make decisions while at the same time remaining a “submissive wife” (in her own words). She gave a nice answer about love and mutual respect, but she did not address the question. Perhaps it should not have been asked, but then maybe she should eliminate from her bio the part about being a “submissive wife” too.

4. Romney seemed to accomplish what a frontrunner must accomplish. He did not make any terrible mistakes. He answered the questions about Obromneycare — not to my satisfaction — but he did go toe to toe with Pawlenty on it. He also said he would sign a bill repealing Obamacare.

5. John Huntsman was in the wrong debate. He does have executive experience like Romney, but there is no appreciable difference between Romney and Huntsman except that it’s Romney’s “turn” just as it was McCain’s “turn” in 2008.

6. Ron Paul showed up with his usual rants. Agree or disagree, Ron Paul has been a consistent Austrian in economics and libertarian in foreign policy for years. He is, for all intents and purposes, an isolationist. I think he does make some good points as far as the US being the world’s policeman and pulling back from what has become almost or fully Imperial foreign policy. But his solutions do not address reality and even when he talks loud and waves his arms he still doesn’t have good solutions. If I were going to vote for someone strictly on his political economics it would be Ron Paul. But Dr. Paul brings a lot of other baggage with him that frankly I think would be disastrous and even infantile if we attempted to implement it.

7. Rick Santorum did not get enough questions in my opinion. Bret let some of the other participants harangue one another because it makes for good television. But it came from Santorum’s time. And then when Santorum asked for the same courtesy that others had been extended (speaking past the bell) it was not given to him. Santorum is a man with experience and could be a good president. Maybe he will be one day. But he did not shine on the stage. Santorum’s best moment of the night, in my opinion was probably his worst in the opinion of many. He explained that we ought not to make an exception in our abortion laws for the children of rape. Their lives also have a right to be protected. Santorum, if his views were to become law, would impose criminal sanctions on doctors who perform abortions for any reason, though he did leave a small crack for the life of the mother being at stake.

8. I understand Herman Cain makes an excellent pizza and has brought a couple of corporations back from the brink of bankruptcy. He probably has some good ideas. Whether they are good or not, they are thought out. He has three step programs for this and four elements that must be included in that. It kind of reminded me of pragmatic preachers. But he simply does not have the chops yet to go up against the folks he has to go against. Keep him in mind for VP or for a future run.

9. Rick Perry was not there, but is expected to announce his candidacy Saturday at the Red State gathering in South Carolina. It will be a welcome addition. I am a Texas Republican — something almost unheard of before John Tower. I think Rick Perry has done a good job as governor of Texas. Does that mean he will make a good president? So far we don’t even know if it will make him a good candidate. He has made some mistakes as governor of Texas. Most of those mistakes he has admitted and has reversed where possible. Something I think some folks don’t realize is the complexity of Texas politics. Our constitution is one of the longest in the country and originally dates back to Reconstruction. That will all play out. Let me say one thing and you can take this as a positive or a negative as you wish: Rick Perry is not George Bush and they don’t even like each other. Perry is an Aggie. ‘Nuff said.

The joke is that they were going to name a street in Austin after Rick Perry but couldn’t because nobody crosses Rick Perry and gets away with it.

Here’s MY input to this story. I know that Rick Perry hasn’t *officially* announced yet, but here are five facts to know about the candidate for when he does:

1. He’s an author
Perry has written two books. On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts are Worth Fighting For, published in 2008, is about the positive influence the Boy Scouts have had on America’s young men. In Fed Up! Our Fight to Save America from Washington, published in November 2010, Perry discusses his support for limited central government.

2. He wasn’t always a Republican
Perry was elected to the Texas House of Representatives as a Democrat in 1984. During the presidential primary in 1988, he was chairman of Democrat Al Gore’s campaign in Texas. Michael Dukakis eventually won the Democratic nomination, and lost the presidential election to George H.W. Bush. The following year, Perry announced he was switching parties.

3. He pals around with rock stars
Perry’s friend, rocker and activist Ted Nugent, performed at his second inauguration ceremony in July 2007. The performance – and in particular, Nugent’s decision to wear a Confederate flag T-shirt onstage – sparked controversy.

4. He married his childhood sweetheart
Perry and his wife, Anita (Thigpen), met at a piano recital when they were both elementary school students in Texas. Anita Perry received a degree in nursing from West Texas State University and has led a number of health projects around Texas. The couple, who wed in 1982, have two grown children, Griffin and Sydney.

5. He can’t resist a good prank
While a student at Texas A&M – where he initially wanted to study veterinary medicine – Perry figured out how to drop M-80s into the plumbing system on the second floor so that they would shoot out of toilets on the first floor. He also, on one occasion, put live chickens inside a fellow student’s closet.

Full Story Here:
Rick Perry Running for President

As this race progresses I am certain that I will be presenting much more to my readers, and as candidates fall out I’m sure that there will be a crowd of *failures* on the GOP side that *Blame Bush* if Rick Perry emerges as an immediate GOP frontrunner.

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16 Responses to The Iowa Debates of August 11th 2011

  1. dinosaur863 says:

    just some thoughts about debate and this blog……..
    1) was unable to repost the original email to Tea Party (Tyler) page, no idea why…..but did let me repost Texas Fred Blog.

    I watched the Cowboys last night because I really like Cowboys Football- and knew the debates would be replayed again on Fox, I watched most of rerun after Hannity, but honestly feel asleep couple of times.

    My take on debates like this are there are some catchy answer but not a lot of substance - all the candidates are just saying what they KNOW we want to hear, and really don’t think anyone of them outside of Gingrich said anything different. And Gingrich just showed that he could at times be aggressive.

    I feel that Gingrich is the most intelligent of all, but do not believe he has a chance, both parties are afraid of him…….and really like Michelle Bachmann - but I listen all the time to what the candidates say, and not so sure they said anything of substance - different last night.

    I really enjoyed your run down on Perry, having just moved to Texas last Oct (2010)…….I am really interested in how he conducts himslef afer he declares, I still think he would do better to push sucession and run as the first president of the ‘new’ Republic of Texas, G*

  2. BobF says:

    Palling around with Ted Nugent and the college pranks are good qualifiers for Perry as it shows he’s a red-blooded American. Besides, look at what is taking place in Texas compared to the rest of the country…people are moving to Texas.

    I really like Herman Cain but I think the author is right in that he would make a better VP right now. I like the fact he’s not a politician and when it comes to economics, he knows what he’s talking about and what it takes to turn this country around economically. Unfortunately, being POTUS is more than economics. But, this is a man who learns fast, real fast and in a couple years would be more than ready to become President.

    It seemed Rich Sanatorium was getting the short end of the stick when it came to time. I believe he would be a good president.

    I don’t trust Gingrich. He’s thrown conservative (JC Watts) under the buss to appease a liberal (Jesse Jackson) when Watts called Jackson a race hustling poverty pimp. He also supported a liberal RINO in a NY election over a true conservative.

    I still have a hard time trusting anyone who was elected by the people of Massatwoshits. All they’ve given us over the past 40 years are likes of Kerry, Frank, Dukakis, and anybody named Kennedy.

  3. TexasFred says:

    Bob — Isn’t it funny how telling the truth can get you in so much trouble?? Je$$ie Jack$on IS a race hustling poverty pimp….

    I guess the truth must have hurt… :P

  4. Bob Mack says:

    The problem with ALL politicians is that one of them will win…

  5. mrchuck says:

    Governor Rick Perry reminds me of one of the ALAMO DEFENDERS way back in 1835.

    He knows what “molon labe” is.

    I like that he jogs in the morning with a .380 pistol in his shorts.

    I like it that he is a Texas A&M Graduate.

    I like it that he was an Air Force Pilot.

    I like it that he will stand and deliver his message against anybody.

    I like it that he isn’t a “mealy mouth, like Clinton and the definition of what “is” is.

    I like it that he has mentioned “seceding” from the OBAMA UNION.

    So, if he decides to run, I will place my check upon his name on the ballot.

    I take this right of ours, to vote extremely seriously, as I trained, studied, and served in Our Armed Forces to protect and defend our USA rights and freedoms.

    And as a disabled vet with shrapnel still within me, and an irascible old fart, I will defend our Constitution to my last breath.

    I am also a Texas A&M Graduate, Class of 1960.

    THEREFORE, I will place my precious vote that I fought for,,,, for Rick Perry, Gov of TEXAS,,,, for President of the United States of America.

    I also feel whomever Rick Perry approves as his running mate, will also be fine.

    If there anything is the above declaration that needs further explanation, please contact me.

  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    I’d have to concur with Dr Bacon. Gingrich, on the basis of that debate alone, came out on top. He can debate with the best. That said, there are places Gingrich would go that I would not willingly follow, not the least of which involve economics and the environment. He too is Old School and I don’t believe Old School will serve us well under our current situation.


  7. WhoBeen says:

    Great commentary…by far the most objective analysis I’ve encountered so far…
    Like most, I have not made up my mind as to who I will support…no one has surfaced to the top while some are beginning to drown… The prank in #5 above was a favorite in my high school days (circa late 1950′s), the boys room on the second floor was above the girls room on the first floor and although you never knew for certain that someone would be sitting on the throne below an occasional scream could be heard for a country mile after a cherry bomb went through the plumbing with a well-timed flush from above. Thanks for the memories!

  8. dinosaur863 says:

    Read every comment, all thought provoking………..keep up the good work Fred!

  9. Right Truth says:

    I pretty much agree with the article. Pawlenty and Santorum were “whiners”, as always. You can’t trust anything Gingrich says, he has proven that over the years. Ron Paul was a loon when talking about Iran. I think it will end up between Romney and Bachmann, I prefer Bachmann. As to Fox, they missed a great opportunity.

    Right Truth

  10. myfoxmystere says:

    To be honest, whoever beats the moonbat in the White House will take a beating from the 0bababots the next 4 years. 0baba will see to it that his successor will be miserable for the next term.

  11. myfoxmystere says:

    Keep up the great work Fred!

  12. myfoxmystere says:

    Oh, by the way, you forgot another truth: Fat Albert $harptongue is a big fat racebaiting Oreo! Or is it a HoHo?

  13. myfoxmystere says:

    Sharpton’s been blowing his gas lately, but the media’s been keeping him on the down low to distance themselves.

  14. Robert says:

    Well I didn’t watch the debates. I was out in the woods enjoying the scenery or as I like to call recon and training for when the crap hits the fan… I did catch the recaps and I gotta say Mr Bacon’s recap was by far the best I’ve read.

    Perry is in. Get ready those who support him, it’s gonna get ugly. It’s not going to be for the weak. Perry is going to be called “GWB part 2, Racist, Hatemonger, Racist, RINO, Racist and probably racist, did I mention racist?”

    Remember 2008, anyone opposing Obama is racist. Anyone who is white running against Obama is doing it only because Obama’s a black man.. It’s going to get ugly. Look for liberal sites to portray him as a KKK member, look for Morphs from GWB to Perry… It’s going to be a tough road for Perry but I’m supporting him in the primaries.

    Note to any liberpuke bastard that may read this blog… “racist” aint gonna fly this time.

  15. LD Jackson says:

    I think Dr. Bacon pretty much covered it. What stood out to me was Bachmann and Pawlenty quibbling and Gingrich’s take down of Chris Wallace.

    Concerning Rick Perry, I really like the man. Not saying I agree with everything he has done, but coming from an Oklahoman, it seems that he has done right by Texas as it’s governor. I haven’t decided who I will support in the primaries, but right now Perry is weighing heavy on my mind.

  16. deltamike67 says:

    What scares me is Ron Paul’s naivete when it comes to Iran. His position was “Blame America” and if we’d only shut down our “militarism” the world will become peaceful and everybody would leave us alone. It’s basically the old Soviet position that WE are the problem! I don’t think so. His knowledge of Islamic Doctrine, especially that of Ahmedinejad’s Eschatological stance that he will be the one to create the chaos that will usher in the 12th Imam, the Mahdi. Dr. Paul didn’t have a clue! He just said “well, China, Russia and India all have nuclear weapons. Why wouldn’t Iran, in order to get respect?” He doesn’t realize that Iran would actually USE nuclear weapons! On us with an EMP strike, and against Israel.

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