Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll, Paul ends up second

Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll, Paul ends up second

AMES, Iowa (AP) - Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann won a test vote of Iowans on Saturday, a show of popularity and organizational strength for the tea party favorite five months before the state’s caucuses kick off the GOP presidential nominating season.

The result is the first indication of what Iowans think of the field of Republicans competing for the chance to challenge President Barack Obama next fall. But it’s hardly predictive of who will win the winter Iowa contest, much less the party nod or the White House.

Rather, Saturday’s outcome suggests that Bachmann has a certain level of support and, perhaps even more important, the strongest get-out-the-vote operation and widest volunteer base in a state whose caucuses require those elements.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul finished a close second while former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty placed a distant third.

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Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll, Paul ends up second

Michele Bachmann winning the Iowa is a pleasant surprise. I expected she would do well in Iowa, I didn’t think she would win though, I had assumed that the Paultards would be out in force and that they would take their moonbat hero to victory in a race that doesn’t make a hill of beans.

It’s a pretty strong statement when Paul can’t turn out enough of his Paultard supporters to beat an Iowa native and a REAL Conservative. I guess the dopers that normally support Paul are feeling the pinch of tight money and a down economy, ‘Lets see, do I buy another bag of dope or do I go to Ames and support Paul and scarf up on the free munchies?’ 😛

I suppose I could go off on Michele Bachmann like some so-called Conservatives are doing against Rick Perry. I could use all the talking points from Think Progress, Daily Kos, and Huffington Post to make up all kinds of damning evidence about Michele Bachmann, but that’s not how I operate. Sadly, not all of the folks calling themselves Conservatives are doing that, I am quite serious, some on the right are posting information about Perry that they are gathering from far LEFT sites.

I am all for congratulating Bachmann, not denigrating her because some far left site throws a wad of CRAP just to see if it sticks to anything.

The results of the nonbinding vote, held on the Iowa State University campus, came just hours after Texas Gov. Rick Perry entered the race.

“I full well believe I’m going to win,” Perry told South Carolina voters on a conference call before delivering his first speech as a candidate.

“It’s time to get America working again,” he declared in Charleston, S.C. “America is not broken. Washington, D.C. is broken.”

Michele Bachmann is the only one that had their name officially in the Iowa Straw poll that I could even remotely support. That said…

What I find to be very refreshing is the way ALL of the GOP candidates and every loon on the left is afraid of Rick Perry of Texas! I also think it’s very encouraging that Perry wasn’t even on the Straw Poll and he still garnered quite a few votes.

The libber left, and quite a few that claim to be Conservatives went into automatic attack mode the instant Perry announced his candidacy and are dredging up any piece of dirt they can find regarding Perry. The stories are quite interesting, and could be incredibly damning if some of them were true.

The ones that are true, the ones that many see as a sure shot at taking Perry down have been cast into the pages of history.

Some folks got all up in the air over the Gardasil episode.

AUSTIN, Texas — Bypassing the Legislature altogether, Republican Gov. Rick Perry issued an order Friday making Texas the first state to require that schoolgirls get vaccinated against the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer.

By employing an executive order, Perry sidestepped opposition in the Legislature from conservatives and parents’ rights groups who fear such a requirement would condone premarital sex and interfere with the way Texans raise their children. SOURCE

A lot of people saw this as Perry condoning or encouraging premarital sex, I am NOT one of them.

As I have said on several occasions, there are several things that I disagreed with Perry on, this was one of them, but not for the reason most folks did. I don’t believe in forcing a person to take a vaccination like this, I feel it should be a matter between parents and children, you can’t legislate common sense, but, given the way some parents raise their kids today, or, perhaps I should say, DON’T raise their kids, all in all it may not have been such a bad idea. It was shot down!

Then there is that old stand-by, Rick Perry is a One World Globalist. I covered that topic a while back and seriously think that anyone bringing it up again is somewhere just short of STUPID! Conservatives Need to Stop The Bilderberg Conspiracy Theory Nonsense.

The Texas Trans Corridor? The NAFTA Highway? It got shot down too.

Rick Perry has done a few things that Texans didn’t like, the man is NOT perfect, find me ANY candidate that is and I will support them, but Perry has done a lot more good than bad, and Texans have taken him to task on those issues that needed to be addressed, and THIS Texan will continue to do so.

If one of the current crop of GOP candidates comes out swinging really hard and making a case for them to be supported for all the RIGHT, I will give them a serious look, but with Rick Perry you’re going to get what you see, he’s not going to *put on* for anyone, he talks the way he talks and his *swagger* is just his walk and what got him where he is today.

Will I always agree with Perry? Hell no, but that’s good too. The thing I like about Rick Perry is this, he’s confident, he’s rock solid, he can be counted on, he is an America 1st, pro gun Second Amendment supporter and he isn’t about to change to suit anyone, he will stand by his word, even if it doesn’t go along with the crowd and popular opinion.

Sounds a lot like me huh?

And the *weak sisters* are starting to fall by the wayside.

Ex-Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty ends White House bid

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty dropped out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination on Sunday, hours after finishing a disappointing third in the Iowa straw poll.

“I wish it would have been different. But obviously the pathway forward for me doesn’t really exist so we are going to end the campaign,” Pawlenty said on ABC’s “This Week” from Iowa shortly after disclosing his plans in a private conference call with supporters. SOURCE

Looks like all the *T-Paw* fans got exactly what you’d expect from a guy named Timmy…

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2 Responses to Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll, Paul ends up second

  1. LD Jackson says:

    Points well taken about some of the stories that are being posted about Rick Perry. As I mentioned in my comment on the debate post, I am seriously considering Governor Perry as my candidate of choice. As you pointed out, what you see is what you get, even if you don’t like it. I happen to prefer that to someone who tells me what I want to hear, just because they know it will “soothe” my ears.

  2. Joanna says:

    I did some reading regarding Perry, and sure enough I do not agree with him 100%,
    but also can appreciate the work he has done and stood by his convections right or wrong…
    I like that, and I think many Americans feel the same…
    ….as far I can see he is the best GOP candidate we have and I will stand by him.
    In all honesty I can not stand Romney, and Bachmann somewhat rubs me the wrong way…
    …not sure what it is…
    …maybe the mud slinging with Pawlenty…
    …maybe the lack of ‘fire within’…
    …maybe her past statements…

    also, I am sure: America is NOT ready for another

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