Hezbollah: Gunmen withdrawing from Beirut

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Hezbollah said Saturday it was withdrawing its gunmen from Beirut neighborhoods seized in sectarian clashes after the army ordered its troops to establish security and called on fighters to clear the streets.

But while tensions in Lebanon’s capital appeared to be defusing, at least 12 people were killed and 20 wounded when pro- and anti-government groups fought in a remote region of northern Lebanon, security and hospital officials said. It was the heaviest toll for a single clash since sectarian fighting began on Wednesday.

Hezbollah and its allied seized large swaths of Muslim west Beirut Friday, demonstrating their military might in a power struggle with the government.

Western-backed Prime Minister Fuad Saniora, in his first public statement since the sectarian violence erupted, said Lebanon can no longer tolerate Hezbollah having weapons. He called on the army to restore law and order and remove gunmen from the streets and accused Hezbollah of staging a coup.

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Hezbollah: Gunmen withdrawing from Beirut

Pay attention folks, take a real good look at the picture, that is what happens when The Religion of Peace decides to flex their muscle, and it won’t be long until that exact same thing happens here in the USA…

If Barack Hussein Obama is allowed to ascend to the Oval Office this will be a real and highly likely scenario right here, in OUR towns and cities, the Islamic radicals are already in place, and I have warned, repeatedly, that all they are waiting for is the order to go ahead with their attacks…

I have felt that they are waiting for their command structure to fall into place, and come November, if Obama is elected to the office of POTUS, they will have that leadership structure set…

Hide your heads in the sand if you like, but it IS coming, and you can either work now to make it NOT happen, or you can do nothing and when these animals called an insurgency starts to operate openly here in America, you can submit to them or die…

Some of us will die, but it won’t be because we submitted, it will be because we went down fighting to defend America, or, what’s left of Her!!

And yes, I know, some will call me a bigot or a racist alarmist, but Hitler was an eloquent and impassioned speaker, just as Obama is touted as being, if the warnings had been heeded prior to Hitler being allowed to take power, well, just sayin’…

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4 Responses to Hezbollah: Gunmen withdrawing from Beirut

  1. jo says:

    The problem is, people don’t listen. They don’t believe something like Hitler can happen here, because they don’t want to admit they’re idiots.
    I am still waiting on someone…anyone…to explain what *change* they truly believe O’Ahole will make. They can’t. *Change * is the word of the day, and the lemmings can’t get enough.

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  3. Patrick Sperry says:

    And I still believe that we should be following the Swiss model, at least in one regard. That being a fully functional battle rifle in every home. Love the new template Boss.

  4. TexasFred says:

    Patrick Sperry, Once we get all the bugs out I think this will be a great template, and it looks like the ‘bugs’ are mostly with a bunch of wannabe Data Base managers at the host…

    Basically a bunch of kids that can play ‘Donkey Kong’, bunch of f*cking dorks…