ATF promotes supervisors in controversial gun operation

ATF promotes supervisors in controversial gun operation

Reporting from Washington — The ATF has promoted three key supervisors of a controversial sting operation that allowed firearms to be illegally trafficked across the U.S. border into Mexico.

All three have been heavily criticized for pushing the program forward even as it became apparent that it was out of control. At least 2,000 guns were lost and many turned up at crime scenes in Mexico and two at the killing of a U.S. Border Patrol agent in Arizona.

The three supervisors have been given new management positions at the agency’s headquarters in Washington. They are William G. McMahon, who was the ATF’s deputy director of operations in the West, where the illegal trafficking program was focused, and William D. Newell and David Voth, both field supervisors who oversaw the program out of the agency’s Phoenix office.

Documents: Fast and Furious paper trail

McMahon and Newell have acknowledged making serious mistakes in the program, which was dubbed Operation Fast and Furious.

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ATF promotes supervisors from border gun operation

Here we go again, more of the Fast and Furious debacle.

It’s not covered up any longer, and how this BS hasn’t cost Obama his presidency is something I just can’t comprehend. How the BATF can justify the promotion of these individuals is another point that totally escapes me.

These men are directly responsible for the death of U.S. Border Agent Brian A. Terry, and are directly responsible for the deaths of God only knows how many others due to the failure of Fast and Furious and the loss of the weapons they were supposed to track.

“I share responsibility for mistakes that were made,” McMahon testified to a House committee three weeks ago. “The advantage of hindsight, the benefit of a thorough review of the case, clearly points me to things that I would have done differently.”

That’s very admirable of McMahon to admit that he *shares* responsibility for this unbelievable debacle. I have to wonder, when does he tell the world exactly WHO ordered this and when does he implicate U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder?

Oh, WAIT! That promotion…is that the *pay-off* to keep quiet?

I can hear it already, “There Fred goes again, offering up those conspiracy theories about pay-offs to BATF officials to keep quiet about Obama and Holder…” You can count on it, it WILL be offered up by Obama supporters and far left moonbats in an effort to spin ALL blame away from the federal government and their hero, Obama!

Three Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives spokesmen did not return phone calls Monday asking about the promotions. But several agents said they found the timing of the promotions surprising, given the turmoil at the agency over the failed program.

If their names get released to the MSM (mainstream media) look for those *several agents* to be transferred to the middle of nowhere soon. As the picture says, “It’s always about the cover-up“.

McMahon was promoted Sunday to deputy assistant director of the ATF’s Office of Professional Responsibility and Security Operations — the division that investigates misconduct by employees and other problems.

Kenneth E. Melson, the ATF’s acting director, said in an agency-wide confidential email announcing the promotion that McMahon was among ATF employees being rewarded because of “the skills and abilities they have demonstrated throughout their careers.”

There is an old saying that goes like this: ‘One Aw Shit wipes out 3 attaboys’ and someone needs to make Kenneth E. Melson aware of that.

Newell was the special agent in charge of the field office for Arizona and New Mexico, where Fast and Furious was conducted. On Aug. 1, the ATF announced he would become special assistant to the assistant director of the agency’s Office of Management in Washington.

Voth was an on-the-ground team supervisor for the operation, and last month he was moved to Washington to become branch chief for the ATF’s tobacco division.

I don’t care HOW you cut it, spin it, explain it or make excuses for it, this entire Fast and Furious thing stinks. It smells of political cover-up and some sort of reward being given to subordinates in an effort to but silence.

The criminal administration of Barack Hussein Obama MUST be stopped! The entire administration is beyond criminal, they are EVIL and will bring this nation down if not removed soon.

This Fast and Furious debacle only stresses the absolute need for America to elect a true Conservative to the White House and to fill the Senate and U.S. Congress with as many Conservatives as possible!

Our entire future depends on it!

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7 Responses to ATF promotes supervisors in controversial gun operation

  1. Please, you shouldn’t be surprised, this same crap occurred under Clinton and Janet Reno in re Waco and Ruby Ridge. Those were both CFs of the first order and no one went down behind them. I know an agent who had Koresh in his crosshairs WAY before things got stupid.

    This is no different. They were both Demorat administrations. Under the GOP, this would have been on the order of Reagan’s Iran-Contra. . .though there was never any evidence conclusively linking Reagan with authorization of diverted funds.

    Are we actually surprised at this?


  2. TexasFred says:

    BZ – Nothing the Obama regime does surprises me, what surprises me are the assholes that let him and his herd of hoodlums get by with it…

  3. Gosh, as in the AMERICAN MEDIA?

    More and more, you are limited to finding the truth in FOREIGN media such as in the UK. And just how many people, do you suspect, check UK media to find out what occurs in the US? Yes, an infinitesimal amount. Much to the ultimate happiness of the DEM/MSM who are Leftists all.

    We don’t produce actual “journalists” in college any more; we produce Saps, Boors, Tools, Clones, Ignoramuses and Useful Idiots.

    Lord-love-a-duck, that a Journalista would have to actually SPEAK to a person instead of crafting their story wholesale from false cloth, press releases, Strange Cosmos or TMZ.


  4. extex_cop says:

    It seems if you want to get a high post in the Obama Administration you need to be as big of a F#@kup as you can possibly be…then you get recognized by the big man himself. Look at all the crooks, tax cheats, and law breakers he has working for him…so this doesn’t surprize me that these CF’s get a promotion.

  5. Steve Dennis says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that this is a payoff for them to keep their silence, there is no other possible reason for these promotions at the height of this investigation and I hope that Darrell Issa looks into this as well.

  6. Shady says:

    A Screw up promotion beats taking a promotional test any day.

  7. This just goes to show you that the obamanites will do literally anything to create a disaster that supports their agenda and requires drastic action…

    Somebodies head should roll for getting people killed due to their incompetence.

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