A Weather Newsgasm

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A Weather Newsgasm

By Alan Caruba

What major weather events and especially earthquakes tell us is that we live on planet Earth on its terms, not ours. Put another way, we don’t “control” the weather or climate and, despite decades of global warming lies, compared to the sun and oceans, we don’t even influence it.

The best definition of the weather is “chaos.” It will do whatever it wants to do.

By Friday on Fox News and other television news outlets, it was non-stop coverage of Hurricane Irene even though it was barely beginning to touch the North Carolina coast. If there is one thing the news media loves it is a really big potential disaster.

By Saturday afternoon as Irene passed over North Carolina, Anthony Watts, a veteran meteorologist and commentator on Watts Up With That, was reporting, “What we have here at this point appears to be a tropical storm. By the time it reaches New York, it may very well just be a tropical depression on par with a Nor’easter in intensity.” But not a hurricane.

At one point late Saturday, I clicked the remote on every local channel and on every cable news channel. Every single one was reporting on the hurricane. According to my blogger pal, TexasFred, that’s a “newsgasm”.

By Sunday morning, the drenching rain, but no high winds, was already moving north out of New York City and northern New Jersey where I live.

The incessant “news” coverage reflects the way television (and print) news professionals tend to regard viewers as too stupid to make decisions as basic as preparing for the hurricane or evacuating before its arrival, nor do they just report the news, i.e., the facts. So far as Irene was concerned, they engaged in massive speculation and endless predictions.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) became an acronym for incompetence. Presumably lessons have been learned and the agency will perform more effectively if needed.

Americans have been taught that the federal government will always come to their rescue and it rarely does with any efficiency and usually with a great waste of money and resources. Local first responders are usually the best and most reliable.

In a society that is utterly and completely dependent on electricity to function, it is always a sobering experience for many to discover how useless every single appliance in their home or apartment becomes without it.

I am sure I am boring people to death by repeatedly pointing to the way government at the federal and state level, along with many environmental organizations are deliberately making it difficult, if not impossible, to build coal-burning or nuclear utilities. As for transportation, the same forces are allied against any oil exploration and extraction. There hasn’t been a single new oil refinery built since the 1970s. That’s insane.

Now they are gearing up to deter natural gas extraction using “fracking” even though this technology has been in safe use for fifty years. The discovery of vast new reserves of natural gas should be greeted as welcome news by everyone. Only the luddites want us to return to mythical “simpler” times that never existed. It is still easier and a whole lot faster to take the train from New York to Washington, D.C. than to ride a horse.

If a foreign invader had imposed the same limits on our ability to access and use our own vast national reserves of coal, oil and natural gas, we would be in the streets with metaphorical pitchforks.

Returning to the theme of hurricanes, does anyone remember how Al Gore and other global warming liars were predicting that global warming would cause more hurricanes? Well, the East Coast has been through a period of some five years without one making landfall. Since there never was any dramatic global warming, there never was a connection between the two.

It’s worth remembering the previous decades since the late 1980s that were filled with reports from the full panoply of the print and broadcast media. They assured us that global warming was going to transform all life on earth unless we stopped producing carbon dioxide emissions, i.e., “greenhouse gas” emissions. It was a scam to sell bogus “carbon credits.”

This is the same bull we keep hearing about “renewable” energy, wind and solar power, along with ethanol and biofuels. The latter wastes food—corn—and the former wastes open space along with taxpayer’s and consumer’s hard earned money.

We are constantly assailed with extremely dubious, if not outright lies that involve something “scientific”, but science has been corrupted with too much environmental claptrap, political correctness, and devious chicanery. There are good sources of information, but the government and the media are not among them.

Trust your common sense. It is usually a good guide.

© Alan Caruba, 2011

Now we are hearing that the upper East Coast had prepared for the worst but actually got the *best*. That seems to be a wise move, but wouldn’t it have been an even more wise move to look at Irene and realize that it was barely a hurricane?

The news media and state officials did their level best to scare the hell out of everyone in America, over a Category ONE hurricane. FOX News held their best and most popular *talking heads* in town to cover what is, for the most part, a rain storm. In other words, a huge NEWS event for a minor weather event — a NEWSGASM

All I can say is God help these poor bastards if they ever have a REAL Hurricane hit New York City!

And posted in jest - You hear that Irene is now a Cat 4 storm?? Apparently 4 cats were killed in D.C. Any excuse, right Obama?

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8 Responses to A Weather Newsgasm

  1. HoosierArmyMom says:

    Watching the news outlets turn this into something it’s not has been the comic relief of the weekend. Listening to that commie/liberal/latte sipping Austan Goolsby, include that bogus “earthquake” to the growing list of excuses for Obozo not to solve any problems, but instead make them worse… well, I imagine Irene has now been added to the excuse list. I quit listening to Sean Hannity a long time ago, but just happened to turn in the other night to hear this lame brained academic give his lame excuses for incompetence with our weak excuse for a POTUS. I think the libbers are in full panic mode. The media is desperate to make themselves appear useful again as well, but we know better don’t we! LOL!!!

  2. TexasFred says:

    Had Irene happened a bit later in the season they could have named it *Snooki*… An ugly fat bitch that’s WAY over rated… :twisted:

  3. Katie says:

    This time we had the Meteorologist in Chief in the White House. The true reason Obama cut his vacation short.

  4. extex_cop says:

    I think they blew it all up so that it would take the heat off Obama for beng on vacation…again…

    Things happen in 3′s….(1)Earthquake…(2)Hurricane…(3)what next???…Volcano…or maybe a nuke under Obama’s bed…or attack of the Walking Dead - Zombies…oh that’s right Congress is in recess.

  5. HoosierArmyMom says:

    I like the attack of the walking dead zombies! But I’d include Obozo & his Czars and half the SCOTUS too!!!

  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    You’ll be pleased, then, to know that AlGor says “global warming skeptics are this generation’s racists.”

    Perfect, Al, just perfect.


  7. Jim at Conservatives on Fire says:

    Obama can’t catch a break lately. He desperately needs a crisis to take advantage of to help his poll numbers. The earthquake in Virginia was a measly 5.9 and Irene turn out to only be a class 1 or 2 hurricane. He even cut his vacation a day short hoping this was the crisis he needed. What a bummer for poor Barry. LOL

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