Ron Paul Draws Boos for his Foreign Policy View

Ron Paul Draws Boos for his Foreign Policy View

Texas Congressman Ron Paul briefly drew boos at tonight’s CNN/Tea Party Express debate when the conversation focused on America’s foreign policy.

“I agree we are still in danger but most of the danger comes from our lack of wisdom in foreign policy,” Paul said.

The Lake Jackson Republican explained that America could save money by cutting defense spending and removing US military presence from the rest of the world.

“This whole ‘Muslim world is attacking us because we are free and prosperous’ [theory], it is just not true,” Paul said, drawing strong boos from the crowd.

“We’re under a grave threat because we occupy so many countries,” Paul said. He later added, “There’s no authority in the Constitution to be the policeman of the world.”

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Ron Paul draws boos for his foreign policy view

I can’t think of a nice way to say it, and I don’t particularly care who does or doesn’t like it, so, here it is, RON PAUL IS A MORON!

I don’t care how many of his Paultards come out of the woodwork, I don’t care if I piss of the Paulies and John Birchers of the Rowlett TEA Party, I just don’t care, I am going to have my say about Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is a walking disaster and if this nation is so desperate that it would even remotely consider that old fool as a viable contender for President, then we, as a nation, are already done for. If Ron Paul were to be elected to the office of POTUS, if there is an America left after Barack Hussein Obama is gone, if Ron Paul were the successor, what remained of America would be reduced to some 3rd world dung heap in short order.

Ron Paul is as much a threat to America as are the terrorists that actually DO seek to take America down! Paul just presents a threat in another manner. Muslims seek to destroy us because that’s what they do, Paul WOULD destroy us because he is that stupid in the ways of world theater and foreign policy.

Paul drew some applause when he asked, “What would we do if, say China, did to us what we do to all those countries over there?”

Once in a while Ron Paul DOES utter a decent line, and that one about China was his *high point* for the night. Generally Ron Paul is right on the mark if he is discussing matters of finance, but that’s where the fly gets into the ointment, Paul starts talking about *other* matters and then anyone with more than a dozen brain cells can figure it out, Ron Paul is a threat to himself AND to America!

The guy needs a nice straight jacket and his own padded room.

Former US Rep. Rick Santorum criticized Paul for, in Santorum’s view, suggesting that America is at fault for the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks because of the country’s foreign policy.

“Rep. Paul, that is irresponsible,” Santorum said, adding that a GOP candidate for president “should not be parroting what Osama bin Laden said about 9/11.”

I’m not particularly a fan of Rick Santorum, I don’t have anything against him, I don’t have anything for him, I’m fairly neutral where Santorum is concerned, but his admonishment of Ron Paul was absolutely priceless!

If you watched the video or the debate, it was obvious that Paul was visibly upset, he was about to jump up and down when Santorum spoke, and then when Paul was given time for a rebuttal, Paul wasted NO time in turning the crowd that had just given him a smattering of applause into a crowd that was vigorously booing him!

When papers like the L.A. Times are less than flattering, you need to realize that there is a message being spoken, and it says; your left-wing Libertarian moonbat screed just isn’t making it in the big time.

Ron Paul, long a darling of such gatherings such as the one in Tampa on Monday, was roundly booed during the CNN/Tea Party debate for suggesting that American foreign policy helped contribute to the Sept. 11 attacks.

Paul was upbraided by former Sen. Rick Santorum, long a hawk on taking on radical Islam on a global scale.

“You said that it was our actions that brought about the actions of 9/11,” Santorum said. “Congressman Paul, that is irresponsible.”

Paul, an unapologetic isolationist, defended his views, and said that Santorum’s contention that the country was attacked by Al Qaeda because the terrorist organization resented America’s position in the world was wrong. SOURCE

Here is a dose of REALITY, Ron Paul is NOT a Republican, no matter how much he tries to convince America that he is, at best, Paul would be a RINO, Republican In Name Only.

Ron Paul is a Libertarian of the worst kind and he is an isolationist where military matters are concerned. Isolationism will destroy America, Ron Paul is too STUPID to see that.

Ron Paul is supported by a bunch of mental midgets that believe Ron Paul will, if elected, wave a magic wand thus making drugs legal and America prosperous. That is the definition of a real Paultard.

Who WON the debate?

Personally I’m supporting Rick Perry, and overall he did very well, Romney just comes off like a smarmy bastard to me, I have NEVER liked Romney in any way, but Newt Gingrich hit a few good ones, as did Herman Cain.

Santorum, Huntsman and Bachmann are rapidly becoming *also rans*.

At one point I thought Bachmann was about to do a Palinesque screech in her response to a question, she appeared to be quite upset to me. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Huntsman and Bachmann BOTH bow out soon, I think Huntsman has enough sense to do so.

Bachmann, not so much…but I’d wager she will drop out before Ron Paul does.

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6 Responses to Ron Paul Draws Boos for his Foreign Policy View

  1. Katie says:

    Ron Paul is the Lyndon LaRouche of the Republican Party. He doesn’t deserve a place in any debate.

  2. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Ron Paul is a Truther and an Isolationist, free and clear. No dispute.

    In some ways I advocate isolationism, situationally-dependent. But one cannot operate, now, these days, in a total vacuum with regard to the rest of the planet. One factional issue affects others. No philosophy is perfect.

    I agree with you; in some ways, Ron Paul does have a good grasp on budgetary issues. In the US. I certainly concur with his advocacy of a serious scrutiny and audit of the Federal Reserve. They have operated too long with too little focus.

    That said, when anyone — like Paul — thinks that the US is responsible for 9/11 and thinks that some group, internally, may be responsible for the destruction of two New York buildings — then you’re simply a fucking LOON and you’ve lost me.

    And people wonder why the media ignores Ron Paul?

    Facts in evidence.

    Further: I would NOT want to be one of his clients. EVER.

    Fred: thanks for keeping him in YOUR state.


  3. Steve Dennis says:

    When it comes to financial policy I really like Ron Paul, but then he gets into his isolationism and turns me off. He rightly got booed by the Tea party last night when he blamed the US for terrorist attacks. He just turned some of his biggest supporters against him.
    I know you are supporting him but Perry defending the DREAM Act in Texas last night really bothered me. I still want to support him, but I still need to learn more about him.

    • TexasFred says:

      We all have to look at the best choice for America… This Texas Dream Act is ALL that Perry can really be hammered on, and I too have problems with it… But I would still take Perry over some smarmy bastard like Romney… Obama Lite…

  4. LD Jackson says:

    After how Ron Paul conducted himself last night, saying the things he said, I can’t find it in my heart, soul, or mind to support him. I like what he says on the financial aspects of our nation, but he completely lost me last night when he blamed our actions for what those criminals did on 9/11.