Bachmann Campaign All But Finished - Do You Want a Side of Gardasil with that Corn Dog?

From the mind of my Facebook friend, Zane Cofield.

Bachmann Campaign All But Finished - Do You Want a Side of Gardasil with that Corn Dog?

by: Zane Cofield
CAROLINA BEACH, North Carolina
17 September 2011

GOP hopeful longshot Michele Bachmann has all but ended her political career with her erroneous and unfounded statements about HPV and Gardasil while using fabricated data to back up her attacks on frontrunner Rick Perry. To say “she’s stuck on stupid” might very well prove to be the most spectacular understatement of the 2012 presidential race.

Bachmann, sounding like a broken record, continues ranting on national television and anywhere else she can get three persons together to listen to her that “a woman who called her” reports that her young daughter suffered what Bachmann referred to as “mental retardation” after receiving an injection of Gardasil under Perry’s gubernatorial executive order in Texas. Well if the lady’s daughter is “mentally retarded” and she received Gardasil, I guess that’s absolute proof of … well, something, right?

Apparently Mrs. Bachmann is now being taken to task over her falsified claims — and by her own party, no less.

Fellow presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman when asked whether Mrs. Bachmann is fit to be president had this to say:

“Jon Huntsman gave a frank appraisal of his fellow Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann Thursday, saying the Minnesota congresswoman was qualified to be president, but only by the narrowest of definitions.

“I think she meets the constitutional requirements, of course,” Huntsman said when asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer if Bachmann was qualified to be president.” (CNN News)

Think about that for a moment.

“…she meets the constitutional requirements?”

Those are her qualifications? She’s a citizen? She’s the right age? What?

Huntsman went on to say, about Bachmann’s fabricated claims about Gardasil and HPV: “If you’re going to say something, check your sources, get your information right,” Huntsman said Thursday. “If you’re going to run for president of the United States, people are pretty much going to want to rely on your facts. They are going to rely on what you’re presenting. You darn well better make sure it’s consistent with reality.” (CNN News)

And a dose of reality is precisely what Mrs. Bachmann needs at this point because reactions to her attempted smear of Rick Perry are not want she anticipated and her “pulled out of thin air” assertions have backfired with a vengeance, with reactions ranging from outright laughter by those who see her for the uninformed religious zealot she is, to thousands upon thousands of women voters who now revile her for making their gender appear wantonly stupid and menopausally- ignorant.

“In interviews, Bachmann has repeated a story about a woman who claimed her daughter was rendered mentally disabled after receiving the injection.” (CNN News) Bachmann didn’t actually say “mentally disabled;” what she said was, and I quote, “…her daughter suffered mental retardation.” Ahem. How PC is that?

Social media giant Facebook is rife with posts about the insanity of Bachmann’s comments with dissent and disapproval from both genders, both sides of the Aisle so, what are the real facts?

Michele Bachmann is a textbook example of what happens when a candidate speaks because she absolutely *must* say something, instead of waiting until she actually has something to say. She has been trying to get back at Rick Perry since Ames, Iowa, and it shows.

The facts on Gardasil and Mrs. Bachmann’s fantasy “mental retardation” claims are simple.

“According to the Centers for Disease Control, there is no linkage between the HPV vaccine and retardation, nor any other health problem, other than redness around the injection site and the occasional mild fever that is typical of many vaccines.” (CDC, Atlanta, GA)

So why is Mrs. Corn Dog blabbing like a psych-ward case about this issue on every channel that will allow her air time when these are her qualifications to speak on the issue, by her own words? “Bachmann, though, remains skeptical — against all available scientific evidence. Bachmann says she’s not a doctor or a scientist but added there are still “dangerous consequences associated with the vaccine.” (Fox)

Because she’s nuts, that’s why.

In order to understand what possessed Michele Bachmann to make a complete and total ass of herself on not less than a half dozen occasions in interviews on the matter one only has to have vetted her prior to the fact.

For those who supported her initially because she’s a “Christian” or because she’s “a Conservative,” perhaps they might also want to note two contributory factors to her latest bitchfest against Perry. Why would this woman who some still actually believe to be intelligent defy all scientific fact and then go out on a limb to spread the false allegation that Gardasil causes “mental retardation?”

1. She and her husband also run a counseling center connected to their church wherein her husband helps homosexuals “pray the gay away.”

2. And she’s been miffed ever since Perry stole her thunder by announcing his run for the presidency concurrent with her make-believe frontrunner take-off in Ames.

Imagine a woman scorned, old adages about Hell’s fury notwithstanding. Add to that her religious background that taught her that science doesn’t matter at all. Combine those with her abysmal showing in all recent polls where only a handful of voters — about 7% — actually still believe she’s from this planet and you have the makings of a very bitter woman who is now on a mission. With that dogma in place she apparently feels free to extract “facts” from her rectum and then spread them all over world news.

The good news is that more and more voters are seeing how utterly unqualified and how mentally unstable she is, as well as getting a glimpse of what it would be like to have an emotional and mental trainwreck with her finger on the nuclear button.

Scary, isn’t it?

What if she were president and during one of her visible and frightening mood swings or fits of frustration decides that China ’causes mental retardation?’

That’s just plain mortifying to contemplate.

Now that her spite campaign tactics have dropped her to the lowest polling numbers since she began, she’s excavated for herself a pit from which there is no possible return and all campaign contributions spent in a run for the presidency from this day forward are a waste of perfectly good cash. Those who had designs on her as president and were still going to contribute money to her PMS Fund would do better to send their money directly to The Society To Help Stamp Out “Mental Retardation” and Gay-ness In Our Lifetimes instead because she’s certainly not going to get near the GOP nomination and in fact, she’s one of the reasons a woman will not be elected President during the lifetimes of any of those old enough to read this article.

Spite is a vicious thing to witness and Michele Bachmann is not good at it, not one bit. She’s much too clean-cut, too inexperienced in subterfuge of the Vindictive Kind and, all she’s managed to do with her insipid Gardasil rampage is to convince the other 93% of voters who saw right through her from the start that we’ve always been right.

But at least she’ll always have that corn dog and she can take comfort in that.

Michele Bachmann shows how it’s done…after praying away the “gayness.”

Full Story Here:
Bachmann Campaign All But Finished - Do You Want a Side of Gardasil with that Corn Dog?

This post is about as truthful as truthful can be. Bachmann is taking *STOOPID* lessons from Sarah Palin. She would have been well advised to not go down that road.

And in the spirit of *fair and balanced*, Zane Cofield is a Rick Perry supporter, as am I.

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15 Responses to Bachmann Campaign All But Finished - Do You Want a Side of Gardasil with that Corn Dog?

  1. Katie says:

    There is a term about what happened to her:

    Crash and burn!

  2. Steve Dennis says:

    I think that last debate ended any small chance that she did have of winning the nomination. She knew that her campaign was fading and thought that she had to attack Perry so that is what she did. But she went too far because she ignored the fact that the vaccination order allowed parents to opt out and Perry won that exchange. She also accused him of bribery without any proof and made the mental retardation claim without being able to prove it. She is all done.

  3. retire05 says:

    Bachmann might have gotten away with her rant during the debates, but that was not enough for her, with her falling poll numbers, so she doubled down. But when you start throwing sh!t, people notice the stain on your hands.

    So people started digging into Michelle’s own background. It seems that her own state has a mandatory requirement that all children are vaccinated against Hepititus B, also a sexually transmitted disease, in order to attend public school. And it also seems that at no time during her stint in the state house did she propose any legislation to end that mandate. Nor was there any legislation by Bachmann to provide an “opt-in only” to parents whose children have to be vaccinated against lock jaw, also not a communicable disease.

    Oh, but it just keeps getting better. It seems that while Bachmann wants to label Perry with “crony capitalism” smears because Merck contributed less than $30,000.00 to him since 1998 ($5,000 after the Gardasil issue was dead and buried), Bachmann has had no problem taking $140,000.00 in contributions from other drug companes, including Glaxo Klein who are competitors of Merck in the HPV vaccination market. Or maybe the tons of money that has been donated to her by the insurance companies, who would have had to cover the cost of Gardasil in Texas after Perry’s EO.

    Instead of shutting up, Bachmann has tried to make this the sword she will die on, and in the process, killed any possibility she would become a frontrunner. She is now showing that she is radical, and can’t be trusted to think with a level head. Call the political coronor, a campaign has just been murdered. Crime of desparation.

  4. TexasFred says:

    Bachmann needs to consider this: It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt…

    And honest I wasn’t thinking of her and the corn-dog when I typed that…

    Really… :P

  5. extex_cop says:

    I think she must have eatten too many corn dogs….those things have been known to cause brain damage….or that is what I have been told by a politician.

  6. Robert says:

    Awww, the Primaries, such a fun time… Bachmann, the darling of the tea party :-(

    I like Michelle Bachmann, I like her passion, I like her non-PC way of taking it too Obama… She should have stuck with that. These idiots in the R campaigns are doing exactly what I said they would do. Knife each other when they need to be shanking Obama. They can attack each other by including Obama in every attack. They need to make sure people realize the enemy here is OBAMA. Not each other.

    Bachmann just ruined any chance she had of becoming the first female POTUS and make no mistake she had a chance. But what she has done in the debate and since proves she doesn’t have the smarts or the ability to lead. She’s just tainted her candidacy and that’s too bad. We need her on the stage for a while longer to move the discussion RIGHT. That’s very important.

  7. Robert says:

    Well, um.. Yeah shit, ya got me… Maybe if we get Palin to run at the next debate we can install a pole and hip hop music just to see if one of them can’t resist the urge????

  8. Joanna says:

    there we go again…
    a GOP candicate with ‘SOME’ support…
    I did not like Bachman from the very moment I have seen her…
    it is almost like obama-senator moment:
    can not point the exact spot, but there is something wrong!!!!!
    regardless of my personal opinion,

    America is not ready for another round of

    (I am very well doing as an independent woman, but when she said she went to tax law because HER HUSBAND TOLD HER SO….
    right there she was a gonner for me…)….

    I am very traditional and ‘old fasioned’, but we are NOT talking about running a single, few persons household!!!!!

    I somewhat disagree with your stand on Palin…
    I have some issues with her as well, but …
    she is the only one thusfar to take the bull by its horns!!!
    her love for the Country and energy for preserving “the American way” has not been surpassed…
    and that is what we need:
    a wake up bell for Americans to consider their future and feel once again a surge of EXCEPTIONALISM United States of America represented, is, and always will be!!!!!

    • TexasFred says:

      The only thing Palin has taken *by the horns* is her campaign to be a TV Drama Queen and place her face on as many TV screens as possible… If Palin is a shining example of *The American Way*, I am in the wrong country…

      You need to read the comment just below, Palin is *coaching* Bachmann and they are BOTH losers… Anyone that supported, and ran WITH John Frinken McCain is a loser in MY opinion, and nothing more than a RINO…

  9. Always On Watch says:

    With the start-up of the classes I teach happening last Tuesday, I was unaware of this idiocy from Bachmann.

    I read this posting today.

    Then, I do a little web searching and find that Sarah Palin apparently supported Bachmann on this allegation about the vaccine.

    I had thought that a Perry-Bachmann GOP ticket might be the way to go to defeat Obama in 2012. Well, that’s a non-starter now.

  10. Patrick Sperry says:

    Bachmann, like Palin, has a few very good ideas. She also is way out there…

    Ka ching! Move on folks…

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