Chased home: Mob attacks man in his house

Chased home: Mob attacks man in his house

‘We got you, you white mother————!’

ABOUT 11 P.M. on Sept. 9, dozens of youths with bats and pipes descended on a tidy residential area of Port Richmond looking for white teens who allegedly had attacked an African-American kid at Stokely Playground a couple of hours earlier.

Two fearful white teens spotted Mark LaVelle on Indiana Avenue near Belgrade Street and asked for help. Suddenly, the mob appeared. LaVelle, who said that he didn’t know the two kids, who looked to be 13 or 14, ran with them into his nearby house.

” ‘We got you, you white mother————!’ ” LaVelle said he heard someone yell in the “mob” of black and Hispanic youths.

Inside his house, LaVelle, 37, called to his wife, Kim, 30, to go to their bedroom with their twin 13-month-old boys, Mark and Mason, and to call police. He also ordered his two other sons, 11 and 17, and his nephew, 7, to stay upstairs.

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Chased home: Mob attacks man in his house

I don’t mean for this commentary to denigrate Mark LaVelle and his efforts to protect 2 kids he didn’t know, all the while placing his wife, children and himself in a position that left them vulnerable to serious injury and/or death, every man has to make his own decisions, and I don’t know what the gun laws are in Philadelphia, but I have to say this, to face a MOB of angry people, armed with bats and pipes, be they Black, White, Hispanic, whatever the case may be, and to do so unarmed, is the most incredibly STUPID action a man could take.

You’ve all heard the old axiom ‘Never take a knife to a gunfight’, well, that applies to bats and pipes as well.

I’m not going to tell you I can’t be over-run by a MOB armed with bats and pipes, but I can tell you this, the 1st 35 or so are going to be whipping my ass AFTER they have been shot coming through the door, and that’s only if I can’t get to spare magazines.

A while back we had a *gang fight* develop on our street, right here in Rowlett, 50 or so kids, all appeared to be Black, and this is NOT a Black neighborhood per se, but it’s in a bit of a secluded area of town, one that doesn’t get a lot of police patrol for some reason.

My wife and I were watching TV that night and we heard a *ruckus* in the street, so, I went to the door to have a look and voila, a GANG of people was coming down the street fighting and raising all manners of HELL among themselves.

I was, as always, armed, and as soon as I saw what was going on I told my wife to get the shotgun and the BIG guns and get em to the door ASAP, the fighting had spilled over into the yard of a neighbor across the street and was now heading back into MY yard.

Before that happened I was pretty well armed, as was the wife, and trust me, that Texas woman KNOWS how to use a gun and WILL do so, anyway, as they started up into my yard I was on the phone with 9-1-1 and they had officers on the way, but as this fighting closed in on MY house and in MY yard I took it upon myself to move it back out into the street and away from us.

I have to say, the response from the Rowlett Police Department was swift and large. They arrived in force and cleared the mess right out and I didn’t have to fire on these people as I was legally allowed because they WERE in MY yard and I DID feel that my life, the life of my wife, and our property was threatened.

With the two teens hiding in the house, LaVelle, 5 feet 10, 220 pounds, a well-known sports-league organizer and coach in the community, went outside to try to calm the angry mob.

They were standing on his steps. One shouted, ” ‘Something’s going to happen now!’ ” LaVelle recalled in an interview Friday at his house. LaVelle got nervous and went back inside, locking his door with a deadbolt.

But the attackers pounded on his front windows and kicked his wooden door so hard, it flew open and some of them entered his house.

Right about here is where the carpet cleaners would be earning their money.

Kick in MY door here in Texas and come in armed and if I don’t kill you myself, you are facing a number of charges, not the least of which is burglary, then there’s aggravated assault with intent to do serious bodily harm, and you could possibly bring attempted murder and weapons charges against these individuals if the right D.A. were to want to make an issue of it.

Actions like this put The Castle Doctrine in play and the theory of a firing a *warning shot*. (Thank you Blue Moon) :P

Again, I don’t know how things work in Philadelphia, but where I’m from, if you have some idiot(s) coming through your door uninvited, you fire a *Warning Shot*. You shoot the 1st SOB that comes through the door and let that be a warning to the rest of them.

“The first guy hits me with a pipe. The second guy knocks me in the face. All I’m hearing is my wife and kids screaming,” said LaVelle, who feared that the next time they saw him, he would be in a casket.

He said that he was able to push the attackers out the door, but then a third man – who had a gun – tried to extend his arm. LaVelle grabbed onto the gunman’s lower arm and shoulder so he couldn’t raise the weapon. Then, police sirens screamed in the neighborhood, and the mob turned and ran.

Again I have to say, I am NOT deliberately criticizing Mark LaVelle, he apparently put up a valiant fight, a man will do that when he’s protecting home and family, and it takes some serious guts to face down an armed crowd like that, but it also takes a lot in my opinion to go through this world that we live in today and NOT be well trained in the use of firearms and fully prepared to use them in the defense of your family, your home and yourself.

When we had our little *gang fight* a while back the *bad-asses* began to run away from the area immediately once they realized there were well armed citizens standing their own ground and protecting what was theirs, as soon as our Rowlett Police arrived the crowd scattered like roaches when the light comes on.

LaVelle was able to identify three of the people from the melee. He said he did not know if they had been chasing the white teenagers, or if they were just trying to find someone to attack.

Police arrested Bergson Morin, 21, of Rosehill Street near Wyoming Avenue, Feltonville, as the man with the gun. They arrested Enrique Delgado, 32, of Rockland and C streets, Feltonville, as the man who hit LaVelle with the pipe. And they arrested a 17-year-old juvenile as the one who punched LaVelle in the face, giving him a black eye.

LaVelle said that the next day the mother of the juvenile came back with some other people, banging on his door, screaming. LaVelle, who was at a charity sports event, was called back to the house by one of his sons.

When he got home, LaVelle said, the mother yelled at him, ” ‘You white mother——, you got my kid locked up! You got my son locked up because he’s black, you’re white!’ ” The mother claimed that her son had been “a witness,” not an attacker. To that, LaVelle said if that were true, it would come out in court.

But the mother, according to LaVelle, then yelled: ” ‘If you make it to court! I know where you live!’ ”

Police public affairs could not confirm yesterday if the mother has been arrested for making threats.

Here in Texas this *mother* would be in jail for making terroristic threats, that is, if I didn’t invoke my rights under the Castle Doctrine and evict her from my property by ANY means necessary.

Morin and Delgado, who face charges of aggravated assault, conspiracy, burglary, weapons and related offenses, were scheduled to face a preliminary hearing in Municipal Court today, but the hearing got postponed to Nov. 7. Delgado, who is in state prison, was not brought down to the city. Also, both defense attorneys requested a lineup in the case, which the judge granted. Morin is in custody in county prison. Their family members could not be reached for comment Monday.

So, it appears that at least some laws in the Philly area are similar to those here in Texas, at least the perps are being charged as they would here.

LaVelle, who runs sports leagues composed of youths and adults of different races, said he doesn’t want any retaliation on the people who attacked him. But the attack has instilled fear in him and his family, and he hopes that there will be more of a police presence in the neighborhood.

His wife is afraid to stay at home, and “every time I hear a car, I’m looking out the door,” he said.

“It’s not a good way to live.”

LaVelle is right, it’s NOT a good way to live, but I have to make note of this one fact, there is NO mention in this story of LaVelle having a weapon to protect his home and family. I stated several times in this piece that I didn’t know what the laws were in Pennsylvania in regards to guns, and more specifically, The Castle Doctrine.

It turns out that Pennsylvania does indeed have a recently passed law on the books that does cover The Castle Doctrine.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tomorrow, August 27, House Bill 40 takes effect.  This NRA-backed Castle Doctrine legislation was signed by Governor Tom Corbett on June 28.

Introduced by state Representative Scott Perry (R-92), HB 40 would permit law-abiding citizens to use force, including deadly force, against an attacker in their home and any place outside of their home where they have a legal right to be. It would also protect individuals from civil lawsuits by the attacker or the attacker’s family when force is used.

The Senate companion bill to HB 40 was sponsored by state Senator Richard Alloway, II (R-33).  Please thank both Representative Perry and Senator Alloway for sponsoring this important self-defense legislation.  Contact information is listed below. SOURCE

So, Mr. LaVelle, who was attacked on Sept. 9, apparently DID have a RIGHT to use a gun in the defense of his family and home, apparently, for whatever reason, he hasn’t seen any real reason to.

Maybe it’s a personal, moral or religious reason that LaVelle didn’t have a weapon, who knows, but I am still of the opinion that deadly force is needed, even, nay, especially in these modern times in which we live!

Remember this, the attack on LaVelle wasn’t racially motivated, either, you see, only WHITE people can be racists. Pay NO attention to the Blacks and Hispanics yelling, ‘We got you, you white mother————!’

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13 Responses to Chased home: Mob attacks man in his house

  1. Texasperated says:

    Warning shot: shoot the first SOB through the door as a warning to the rest of them.

    Keep your powder dry

  2. James Shott says:

    Having as our first black president a man who likes to promote racial division has, in my opinion, done more to incite incidents like this one than anyone or anything in decades.

    I fully expect more of these events to occur as time passes.

  3. minuteman26 says:

    The rhetoric by “Barry, King of the World” and the black Marxists in Congress have brought race relations back to where this country was in the 60s. Remember the riots in Watts, Detroit and Philly. We’re close to being there again. If you live in an urban area with a large minority population, your foolish not to have a firearm for self/home defense.

  4. Jim at CoF says:

    I agree with James. We will see more of this. Obama and the Democrats are intentionally trying to provoke racial unrest.

  5. mrchuck says:

    Lay them out and stack them like winter cord wood,,, is what would happen here.
    We don’t have negro problems here in East Texas.

  6. Another reason I don’t live in a populated area. But Fornicalia is pretty much as dysfunctional as any state can be — with the EXCEPTION of the northeast states.

    I’m like you, Fred. I carry. Wherever I go. My aged Sig P220 is very popular with me, holds me in good stead whilst I am BACK in Patrol as an ancient and creakingly-overweight Sergeant. I completely re-armored it in 2003 as my department’s Rangemaster, then re-armored it again this year after I went back to the Sig Armorers’ School. This baby’s essentially a brand new gun and I trust it — literally, after all — with my life. Every day. Every shift. I could easily have gone back to days with my seniority; I chose swings, 3 pm to 1 am. Where I came from.

    I submit this, as I’m sure you would agree: the piece-o-crap “Fast And Furious” abortion on toast program was instituted SOLELY in order to entrap and arrest AMERICAN gun dealers — but it, instead, only exposed the soft underbelly of liberal machinations within the BATFE itself.

    People storming MY cabin? As with you, I can call it myself: “Ready on the left? Ready on the right? All ready on the firing line!”


  7. This is the sort of story that needs to be shoved in the faces of the anti liberty and freedom crowd. No use for hi cap mags huh? No need for decent training huh? No need for anyone other than police or military to have a firearm right?

    Places like Pennsylvania, and Philly especially need a good dose of reality injected into their brains, and laws.

  8. BobF says:

    Reverse the situation here and have a gang of whites going into the house of a black man trying to protect his family and two kids from harm and you would have the FBI investigating. This would be classified as a hate crime and those arrested would do hard time. The white kids mother and her friends would most likely also be arrested for a hate crime.

    Here in Missouri they recent revised their Castle Doctrine and CCW laws. Both were made more friendly towards persons who possess a CCW and those protecting their homes and property.

  9. LD Jackson says:

    Let me be perfectly frank here. I do not have a concealed weapons permit, although I could easily get one here in Oklahoma. It would be extremely difficult to conceal my Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum, at any rate. :) However, if someone attempts to kick in my door, they are going to be in some major pain. I have no desire to injure, maim, or kill anyone, but if they take it upon themselves to break into my house, then so be it.

    Honestly, how can anyone, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, say that a man or a woman does not have the right to defend their lives, their loved ones, or their property? It doesn’t make any sense to do anything less.

    • TexasFred says:

      Larry, as I am sure you know, in your home, office or car, you don’t NEED a CHL…

      As to being in a world of hurt? With a .44 or .45, it won’t hurt for long.. :twisted:

      I don’t want to have to shoot anyone either, but when it comes down to me, my family and my home, or them, it’s gonna be them…

      And make no mistake, there are 3 well trained GUN FIGHTERS posting on this thread, and all 3 of us will tell you the same thing, it’s not something you want to do, it’s not something you ever forget and it’s nothing even close to what those guys teach on CHL courses and ranges…

      REAL gun fighters have a serious problem with *paper punchers*, target shooters, and I have yet to meet ANY person that came out of a CHL course that didn’t think they were God’s gift to gun fighting…

      I don’t know what the hell they teach those guys but some serious psychology needs to be involved, all the training in the world on targets, all the pep talks by CHL instructors be damned, NOTHING they can teach you can EVER prepare you for the mental impact you suffer when you take the life of another human being, even if it’s a VERY bad guy that needed killing, nothing can guarantee that you’ll pull the trigger that 1st time…

      Sadly, I have seen people that were veterans, had been in gun fights or military combat that *froze* at the wrong time, there is something in the human psyche that just kicks in at the wrong time once in a while, unless you are such a veteran that once the gun is drawn you’re operating on pure instinct, and that my friend is NOT something they teach in a classroom…

  10. NativeSon says:

    Mr. Chuck–I LIKE YOU!!! :)
    (I like the rest of y’all too) I just love it when “negro” is used correctly in a sentence! :)

    Remember, “Gun Control” means hitting what one aims at!

    Be and Stay Safe!

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