DOJ: ‘Mexican-Based Trafficking Organizations Control Access to the U.S.–Mexico Border’

DOJ: ‘Mexican-Based Trafficking Organizations Control Access to the U.S.–Mexico Border’

( - Mexican drug-trafficking organizations “control access to the U.S.-Mexico border” and the “smuggling routes across” it, “resulting in unprecedented levels of violence in Mexico” and allowing those drug trafficking organizations and their associates to “dominate the supply and wholesale distribution of most illicit drugs in the United States,” according to the Justice Department’s newly published 2011 National Drug Threat Assessment.

“Mexican-based trafficking organizations control access to the U.S.–Mexico border, the primary gateway for moving the bulk of illicit drugs into the United States,” says the assessment published by DOJ’s National Drug Intelligence Center.

“The organizations control, simultaneously use, or are competing for control of various smuggling corridors that they use to regulate drug flow across the border,” says the assessment. “The value they attach to controlling border access is demonstrated by the ferocity with which several rival TCOs [transnational criminal organizations] fighting over control of key corridors, or ‘plazas.’”

The assessment predicts that Mexican drug traffickers will maintain dominance of the U.S. illicit drug market for years to come in part because of their “control of the smuggling routes across” the border.

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DOJ: ‘Mexican-Based Trafficking Organizations Control Access to the U.S.–Mexico Border’

Let me say this as nicely as I possibly can; I don’t give a DAMN who controls access to the U.S. border on the Mexican side. I don’t care what happens to anyone that is in control or to those that go against the wishes of the cartels. They are ALL criminals, each and every one of them in their own way.

The cartels and their associates are criminals by their very actions, drug and gun running, murder, corruption and the like, and that’s on the Mexican side of the border. Mexico isn’t going to do anything to upset the donkey cart simply because the cartels are paying them,  Mexican officials and the Mexican government, insane amounts of money to allow them to ply their trade.

Many parts of this DOJ report are credible, even though the DOJ has lost nearly all of its credibility with the Fast and Furious scandal, but they have told the truth as far as the reasons WHY and HOW the cartels control the Mexican side of the border.

Our border, on OUR side, is very weak, very long, very rugged and very inhospitable most of the year due to oppressive heat and difficult terrain.

Despite the past efforts of honest personnel from ICE, CIA, Border Patrol, DEA and local agencies (Sheriffs and Police), our border is virtually WIDE OPEN! Until this situation is brought under control,  there is nothing that will change.

Past Presidents have done very little to secure the border, and have done even less where ILLEGALS crossing that border and doing business in the USA is concerned, but until very recently I was not aware of ANY administration engaging in ILLEGAL acts such as Fast and Furious, the DOJ, BATF, DEA and FBI debacle that has actually placed weapons in the hands of those cartels and their diabolical members.

Now I actually question the authorities on THIS side of the border, our FEDERAL forces; I have to wonder to what extent is the DOJ, and ALL of its associated agencies, connected to this Fast and Furious operation and to what level does the corruption rise within the evil administration of Barack Hussein Obama concerning the cartels and pay-offs HERE in the good old USA.

We KNOW that there are millions of border crossings made yearly, we KNOW than many of those crossing are made by people coming to the USA in search of work, so the story goes, but we also KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that many of those crossings are made by drug  cartels and/or their minions, as they flood this nation with narcotics.

We also know how long the U.S. border with Mexico is:

The border’s total length is 3,169 km (1,969 miles), according to figures given by the International Boundary and Water Commission. It is the most frequently crossed international border in the world, with approximately three hundred fifty million (350,000,000) crossings per year. SOURCE

That’s a lot of border and a lot of crossings being made. Granted, many of those crossings are being made legally, I have NO idea what the percentage of legal versus illegal crossing may be, but we KNOW that there are at least 20 million ILLEGAL residents in the USA as of right now. As I said, that’s a lot of crossings.

The United States is facing a daunting task along the border, what Washington either does not know, or fails to care about is this; we are AT WAR along the US/Mexican border and that war is being prosecuted, from OUR side, with even less competence than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Do we have troops on the US/Mexican border? If we do they are few and far between, and if past performance by the Bush administration is ANY indication, if troops are present, I am fairly certain they are unarmed and there only in a support capacity. Also, these troops would be National Guard, not U.S. military troops, in order to preserve Posse Comitatus.

The United States has been under attack for years, we have been continually invaded for years, and the U.S. government, the very agency charged with protecting the American people, our nation and borders, our lives and our sovereignty, has failed miserably in their duty to WE, THE PEOPLE!

We waste thousands of young American lives, and BILLIONS of our tax dollars, to protect a people that not only hate us, but will immediately return to their status quo the minute we are out of their nations. (Iraq and Afghanistan)

I submit that those troops need to be brought home from and placed on the US/Mexican border with orders to STOP this flow of people, drugs, guns, terrorists and only God knows what else that is pouring into, and OUT OF America.

And while we’re at it, follow the money trail, the cartel money, let’s take a very close look and see how far into the upper echelons of the Obama administration it reaches. The Evil Empire…

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11 Responses to DOJ: ‘Mexican-Based Trafficking Organizations Control Access to the U.S.–Mexico Border’

  1. Robert says:

    What we have here is a lack of leadership coupled with a fear of job loss over country. It’s been that way since before Obama and that’s why we have a prison population that is indicative of the population make up.

    We have criminals coming and going at will, we have our government fostering it and we have a media that blames US for recognizing the danger and wanting to stop it. We have so-called Americans that have allowed this without a word other than to call us racist.

    Holder and Obama should be tried for treason over their actions with Mexico as well as their refusal to do what AMERICA is supposed to do. Protect it’s border and it’s citizens. Arizona, Cali and Texas prisons can attest to the danger that’s here and what’s coming.

    We better elect a POTUS in 2012 with some nuts (Or a vagina) that will handle this shit once and for all… I’m not overly optimistic that’s why I am well armed at all times.

  2. Patrick Sperry says:

    We did at one time, for a very short period have troops on the border. US Marines actually. Then, a Marine did what Marines do, and they got pulled.

    As to Posse Comitatus, we could get creative. After all, then President Nixon did declare a War on Drugs, and defending the nation should not be considered a violation…

    That said; Any American citizen should be allowed and considered either deputized or part of the militia, per the Constitution, to defend by any means necessary our nation.

    Sure, the ACLU, La Raza, and other assorted leftest misfits would scream and holler about that.

    So what?

  3. minuteman26 says:

    Only way I can see to solve the problem on our southern border is to go to war with Mexico. The Mexican government won’t do anything because of massive corruption throughout. Might as well kick their ass and then sell the shithole to the highest bidder.

    • TexasFred says:

      The highest bidder already owns the place, the cartels… Corruption in Mexico is an ingrained thing, it’s been a way of life forever and a day, there is a way to end it, but there ‘s too many wussies in this world for MY solution to work…

  4. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    In general, I don’t disagree.

    Sooner or later, we will have to do two things:

    1. Place federal troops along our southern border;
    2. Place federal troops into major population centers in order to quell riots

    Fact in evidence.


  5. Steve Dennis says:

    Perhaps you hadn’t heard but Obama and Napolitano said the border has never been more secure, and they wouldn’t lie to us, right…..

  6. Always On Watch says:

    Ye, gods! The Obama administration is busy “watching” Facebook and Twitter — the border, not so much.

    • TexasFred says:

      Well, you KNOW why… WE are the REAL threat to America…

      At least to the version that socialist son of bitch and bastard from Kenya’s idea of what America should be…

      Hey AttackWatch, report that!

  7. Jim at CoF says:

    We have I don’t know how many troops and other assets protecting 160 mile swath along the 38th parallel in South Korea. I think the Koreans are quite capable of taking care of themselves. If we applied those same troops and assets along the 1600 mile border with Mexico and announced to the world and to Mexico that as of a given date our troops would be given shoot to kill orders, you might be surprised how quickly the problem would be resolved.

    • TexasFred says:

      Fully agreed… If S. Korea can’t protect themselves after all these years, what the hell kind of ally is that? And why are WE still pouring tax dollars and troops into it??

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