Forces coalescing around Romney

Forces coalescing around Romney

HANOVER, N.H. (AP) - A new reality is taking hold in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Mitt Romney has assumed a position of newfound strength atop the crowded field, armed with a powerful new ally and a bridge to the tea party activists who have dogged his latest presidential bid before it even began. The resounding endorsement of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, topped by another strong debate performance Tuesday night, is feeding a growing belief that the former Massachusetts governor represents the GOP’s best chance at defeating President Barack Obama next fall.

It’s not just that Romney has reclaimed the role he once enjoyed as the Republican to beat.

A confluence of factors - a stockpile of cash, strong polls, a disciplined message, an expanding network and decisions by Sarah Palin and Christie not to mount their own White House runs - are fueling an aura of inevitability for a man whose party has been slow to embrace him. Christie may end up being the missing link, but conservatives have been reluctantly warming to a Romney candidacy for weeks.

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Forces coalescing around Romney

I think everyone that reads here knows, I cut ALL ties to the TEA Party some time back, I just couldn’t be a part of a group that was inspired by Ron Paul and Sarah Palin and one that thought either, or both to be solid presidential material.

If I had NOT cut those ties already, the idea that Chris Christie is some sort of TEA Party *power player*, and the fact that he has now endorsed Mitt Romney, well, that would be more than enough reason for me to walk away.

I may offend the delicate sensitivities of some with the following statement, but frankly, I don’t give a damn who I offend, I never have. I write for ME, I speak the truth as I see it, and if my readers like it, great, if they don’t, they will leave and find another blogger that satisfies their political needs. That said…

Chris Christie sent himself to the bottom of MY list when he nominated Sohail Mohammed to the state Superior Court of New Jersey.

Chris Christie slams fearmongering over Sharia law.

There is an old axiom that goes something like this, ‘If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas’. When Chris Christie got himself into the business of nominating Muslims to  the state Superior Court of New Jersey, that was when he needed his first *flea collar*.

Now that Christie has jumped on *The Romney Express* he needs a *flea dip*. Romney and Christie are peas in a pod. Both are Northeast Governors that are *moderate* yet are assumed by many to be conservative Republicans. Neither is conservative in my opinion, and both are RINOs, Republican In Name Only.

First, Christie supports strict and aggressive enforcement of the state’s current gun laws. He strongly supported the assault weapons ban enacted during the Clinton administration. In a campaign flyer circulated during his 1995 campaign, he attacked his opponents support for repealing the ban: SOURCE

Chris Christie is a JERK when it comes to the Second Amendment and gun ownership. So is Mitt Romney.

Governor Romney vocally supports second amendment rights for all legal purposes. However, his track record and statements show that he strongly supports an assault weapons ban, background checks, and gun registration. SOURCE

As I said, peas in a pod.

Christie, the unapologetic New Jersey leader, sent a clear message Tuesday to the tea party supporters who rallied behind his own presidential bid until one week ago.

“I think he gives us our best opportunity to beat President Obama,” Christie said, adding a specific warning to stay away from Romney’s top rival, Texas Gov. Rick Perry. “I felt Gov. Romney’s a better candidate, and I think he’d make a better president.”

I hope Christie carries some *Wet Wipes* in his pocket, he needs to wipe his face after that huge smooch he just planted on Romney’s ass.

The candidates largely ignored Perry, who was criticized so fiercely during his first debate he complained of feeling like a pinata. Instead, the White House hopefuls on Tuesday aimed repeated attacks at Romney, a sign of respect of sorts in a political world that often rewards strength with negative attention.

Does anyone other than ME feel that there may be a bit of *Romney love* at work in this piece from AP? Some have already anointed Romney as *The One* to replace *The One* that has already taken America into the depths of 3rd world living. I don’t want to appear too repetitive but this needs to be seen over and over: Romney to be GOP nominee – Elections no longer required. Some are already feeling like *The FIX* is in.

One last thing; Has anyone pointed it out recently? Michele Bachmann is an IDIOT…

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann said it’s “not a jobs plan; it’s a tax plan.” “When you take the ’9-9-9′ plan and turn it upside-down, the devil’s in the details,” she said, referencing the Satanic sequence of numbers, “6-6-6.” SOURCE

Isn’t Bachmann one of those TEA Party *darlings* too?

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11 Responses to Forces coalescing around Romney

  1. Shady says:

    If you ask me, this process is turning into a 120mm Cluster Flunk.
    Perry steps into a sh!t hole on his first debate. we now have Chris “I do not wanna run for president but I’LL take the VP spot” Christy smooching up to Romney. It appears as hard as Obama is trying to lose the election, the GOP’s are handing it back to the the Socialist/Marxist Party representative Obama. Please someone from the GOP get on the ball before we find ourselves speaking Chinese in the very near future

    I nominate ANN BARNHARDT for President, this lady has balls; When you finish your meeting with her, you will have no doubt where she stands on issues , and she will tell you straight out her thoughts on you. Also. She will burn a Koran or two or a dozen with you. Provided you have the balls to do so.

    I love this lady.
    with her

  2. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    As I wrote today, it is my opinion that the MSM/DEM are doing their level best, along with the Establishment GOP, to not only pick but THRUST the candidacy of Mitt Romney upon Conservatives.

    Mitt’s no Conservative and, as you point out, absent the YouTube video where he take a whack at a teacher in a public meeting, Christie’s no Conservative either, when you examine his statements and stances.

    When the MSM/DEM chooses a candidate FOR Conservatives, that’s when you back away rapidly.


  3. Jim at CoF says:

    We the people don’t have much voice in the selection of candidates, do we?, Maybe in this day and age we should be allowed to vote on the debates by Internet. At least our voices would be heard.

  4. BobF says:

    Christie also doesn’t believe that being in the US illegally is a crime. People love Christie because he took on the public unions. Here’s a conservataive website from New Jersey that has some information on him.

    The MSM wants Romney because he’s like Obama in many ways. If he gets the nomination, he won’t be able to refute some of Obama’s policies because he has endorsed them in years past. Y-tube has a video of him debating Teddy Kennedy for the US senate and in that debate, he was no conservative.

  5. mrchuck says:

    Chris Christi ass-kissing Romney, that’s what it is, New Jersey style.

  6. Bill says:

    Mr. Romney is ‘a mile wide and an inch deep’; anyone who can’t see that
    in his body language and hear it in voice is blind and deaf. He sounds like
    he’s drinking ‘Five-Hour Energy’ 24 hours a day and he has an answer for
    everything. My dad would’ve said; “Billy, He’s so full of sh-t his eyes are brown.”

    It’s not my style to post commentary solely based on perception or un-sourced
    opinion but in Mr. Romney’s case I’m happy to make an exception…B

  7. LD Jackson says:

    It feels like 2008 all over again.

  8. MLaChance says:

    It makes me angry to think that I could be forced to check the box for a liberal from MA. Refugees from Taxachusetts are pushing, in New Hampshire, for the same garbage which created the mess they fled. I don’t like elitist liberals from MA. I hate that they are trying to destroy my state too. What if I have to cast my vote for one? It makes me angry.

  9. minuteman26 says:

    Anyone who is OK with sharia in this country is either extremely misguided or an enemy of this Republic. Lot of people in the northeast have their collective heads up their asses when it comes to muslims.

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