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Report accuses Bush of misrepresenting Iraq intel

June 5th, 2008 . by TexasFred

WASHINGTON (AP) - A new Senate report gives a fresh shot of adrenaline to the election-year debate over the Iraq war. President Bush and his top officials deliberately misrepresented secret intelligence to make the case to invade Iraq, according to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

The panel put a new spin on old charges, comparing claims made in five speeches by top Bush administration officials with intelligence reports. The committee says officials wrongly linked Saddam Hussein to the Sept. 11 attacks and al-Qaida; claimed Iraq would give terrorist groups chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, and said Iraq was developing drone aircraft to spread chemical or biological agents over the United States.

None was borne out by intelligence.

The presumptive Democratic nominee for president, Sen. Barack Obama, has staked his campaign on his consistent opposition to the Iraq war. The presumptive Republican nominee, Sen. John McCain, has trumpeted his unflagging support for the war, if not how it was waged.

The report released Thursday follows, by years, an earlier committee effort that assessed the quality of pre-war intelligence on Iraq and found it severely lacking. This report is known as “phase II” and spawned a nasty partisan fight in the committee. It plows well-tread political ground by contrasting what Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell and then-Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said between October 2002 and March 2003, when the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq began, with intelligence reports that since have been released.

“These reports are about holding the government accountable and making sure these mistakes never happen again,” said the committee’s chairman, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va.

According to Rockefeller, the problem was the Bush administration concealed information that would have undermined the case for war. “We might have avoided this catastrophe,” he said.

I, and many other Conservative bloggers have tried, repeatedly, to make people aware of this, the FACT that Iraq was NOT the place to go, we pointed out on numerous occasions that there were no WMDs left in Iraq, Saddam was no part of 9-11 and had no direct ties to the attackers of 9-11, no more direct ties than the USA itself had, think about that one for a minute or 2…

Congressional, Senate and DoD reports have been published stating the above as a factual and accurate assessment, but no one listened, the Bush Bots screamed that we were denigrating their hero, that the only reason we said those things was because we didn’t like Bush, they sounded a lot like the Dems when we criticize Obama and get called racists simply because we tell the truth, and telling the truth was exactly what I and many others did, and the Bush Bots were beside themselves, bordering on terminal apoplexy…

Iraq has all but bankrupt this nation, financially and morally, we have spent 5 years doing the bidding of a MORON as our military settled a personal vendetta for George Bush, there was no other reason for going to Iraq, Bush and Company can plead ‘bad intel’ all they want, they had good Intel, and plenty of it, they had many warfighting experts trying every way they could to convince Bush that this was a very bad and completely unnecessary move, but The Decider had made up his mind, and right or wrong, nothing was going to stop him from settling a personal grudge with Saddam Hussein…

Bush’s press secretary, Dana Perino, said the problem was flawed intelligence heading into the war. “We had the intelligence that we had, fully vetted, but it was wrong. And we certainly regret that,” she said.

And we certainly regret that“, I’ll just bet you do, but you’ve got to wonder, how much regret do the families of the over 4,000 DEAD U.S. troops feel about their loved ones death having been in vain, all for a mistake, an action that never should have happened??

I know, al-Qaida came to Iraq to fight the U.S. troops, AFTER we were there, after we had decimated Saddam’s Republican Guard and deposed Saddam himself, I understand that we have been battling al-Qaida in Iraq and killing them, and hopefully wiping them out, but the fact remains, we were fully on the right track when we went to Afghanistan, that was where the REAL battle was, and al-Qaida would have come there too, they aren’t picky, they’ll go anywhere they have to in their effort to kill American troops, but that isn’t the point of this story, the point is, we went to Iraq on ‘faulty intel reports’ and it is my firm belief that Bush KNEW they were faulty and deliberately disregarded them in favor of the advice from commanders that were kissing his ass and telling him what he wanted to hear in hopes of securing another star…

A soldier goes where he is sent, does the job he is told to do and he follows orders, he has no choice, that’s the job and all soldiers know it, but for a morally bankrupt CiC to order those troops into combat knowing that his Intel was less than accurate, knowing full well that the intended target didn’t need to be ON the target list, when a United States President gives those orders and they come back to bite him as these have, that President should be brought up on charges, and this flippant bitch Dana Perino needs to be horse whipped for the “We had the intelligence that we had, fully vetted, but it was wrong. And we certainly regret that,” remark, is that supposed to serve as some sort of an apology to the families of the troops??

This isn’t about winning or losing the war in Iraq, if the USA can’t take on a nation the size of Texas and WIN, then there’s something desperately wrong with our command structure, from the top right on down thru Flag Officers, winning was NEVER the gripe for me, I’m not a Harry Reid, I didn’t say the surge wouldn’t work, I DID make fun of it for having to be implemented, had Bush left the war to the war fighters and not tried to play ‘Little General’, this would not have had to take place, if you can give me a good reason to fight, it’s game on, but there were NO legitimate reasons for going to war in Iraq, NONE

Is there not one shred of human decency left in the Bush White House and the Bush Bots themselves??

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Report accuses Bush of misrepresenting Iraq intel

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4 Responses to “Report accuses Bush of misrepresenting Iraq intel”

  1. comment number 1 by: Ranando

    I just got home from spending a week outside of Houston on a location project and I can say this.No one that I met in this town cares for Bush, I was surprised. They also don’t care for Obama, Clinton or McCain.This was the Heart of America and it seems that, “None of the above” was their choice and I’m going to have to agree.

  2. comment number 2 by: GUYK

    “…it is my firm belief that Bush KNEW they were faulty and deliberately disregarded them in favor of the advice from commanders that were kissing his ass and telling him what he wanted to hear in hopes of securing another star…”I figure that Bush believed that Saddam had nukes or was at least trying to develop them..hell, even Bill Clinton is on record sayin’ as much and the European allies..such as they are..also believed. Later intelligence reports indicate that Saddam wanted the world to believe that he did have the WMDs..it was his way of staying in power.I don’t like the way the war was fought..although it appears now that it is being won and there may be a chance that Iraq will emerge as a somewhat representative democracy..but always keep in mind that what we in the USA consider freedom is a far thought from what the Islamic mentality sees as freedom.In any event I have several bitches about the way Bush handled Iraq…and I my main bitch now is that with the price of oil being what it is the Iraqi government should be paying the expenses for this war..or at least sell the USA the crude at a discount.Being one who has always believed in the adage “to the victors belongs the spoils” I figure what the USA should do is just take over the gotdamn oil fields in Iraq and produce them. Some reports that I have read claim that the production capability is maybe triple over what is now being produced. Bring that crude oil on line and forcing congress to allow the pol companies to drill for domestic oil and build new refineries might just keep the energy prices near static for a couple of decades..

  3. comment number 3 by: TexasFred

    Yeah, Bush “knowing’ and Clinton concurring, hell yeah, that all the proof we needed to go to war…

    And Iraq selling us oil at a discount?? Try FREE until every dollar we have spent in that God forsaken shithole is replaced…

  4. comment number 4 by: Patrick Sperry

    Some of those nitwits needed to review “the intelligence cycle.”

    Aside from piss poor strategy over all, those folks are just plain being less than truthful.

    Just how stupid do they (the Bush administration) think we are? As noted as a very real possibility by the finest Intel organization that exist, MOSSAD, Saddam was pretending to have WMD’s to hold Iran at bay. Saddam confirmed that to his interrogator just prior to his neck stretching session.

    Now we are basically stuck in a place that we broke and need to fix as a moral obligation. Was Saddam and crew evil? Absolutely. Did they need to go? Of course. Was it our business to take care of that little bit of business? Perhaps, but not in my opinion, at least not in the manner chosen by President Bush.

    Iraqi oil? Hell yes, they can pay for getting rid of Saddam and the Bathist Party. Market it not only to the U.S. But to the whole damned world at half the OPEC rate. Talk about screwing the speculators …

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