Cain stumbling under glare of national spotlight

Cain stumbling under glare of national spotlight

ATLANTA (AP) – Herman Cain is learning the hard way what it means to face the glare of the national spotlight.

After captivating Republicans hungry for an alternative to 2012 GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney, Cain has made a series of stumbles that have left some questioning whether he’s ready for the White House.

His words and actions have drawn more scrutiny since his rise in the polls catapulted him into the top tier of the race for the party’s white House nomination.

But Cain has sometimes appeared to be in over his head. Consider what’s happened over the past week:

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Cain stumbling under glare of national spotlight

I don’t like Herman Cain. I am NOT riding *The Cain Train*. I have no intention of getting on that so-called Cain Train, and I am pretty sure that some will see it as me simply being a racist or a bigot, and to some degree, maybe I am.

I have a serious problem with Ebonics. Herman Cain speaks in Ebonics, and to me, to my way of thinking, I find that very disgusting, and an embarrassment. I know that we, none of us, speak English as they do in England, but you would think a man of Herman Cain’s supposed skill and knowledge would learn to speak in a proper manner and lose the Ebonics.

Cain’s manner of speaking isn’t the only thing I don’t like; I can’t see where his 9-9-9 plan is anything other than a point of confusion, for HIM as well as many other Americans.

Here are a few stories garnered from recent news reports, ones not from far left morons that are bashing Cain simply because they want to. I found a great post on Facebook and was going to use it, right up until I saw the source: Mother Jones… I have to wonder, is Mother Jones the mother of Alex Jones? :?

So, first I present this;

Have We Been Punked? Is Herman Cain a Shill for Romney and the GOP Establishment?

It is my opinion due to several sources of information, that Cain is working with Romney and the GOP Establishment to cause a Romney win for the GOP Nomination. Maybe this wasn’t the case from the beginning, but I strongly suspect it is now. I’m not alone in my suspicions, either. This is being discussed on Twitter and on other Conservative Blog sites.

It is widely believed that we have a 3-man race between Romney, Perry and Cain, at this point. The Establishment GOP wants to pick the Nominee. They want to give us another McCain, namely Mitt Romney, whether we like it or not. Trouble is, Romney can’t win, if the bulk of the Conservatives stick together on one Candidate. The Suspected GOP Plan is to keep a split in the Conservative vote between Perry and Cain. That will result in a victory for Romney, which is a victory for the Establishment who wants a RINO. They win, conservatives lose. MORE

And then there’s this:

Cain’s glib confusion on just about everything

For a while during Tuesday’s Republican debate, it wasn’t clear if Herman Cain was running for president of the United States or the Fruit Vendors Association. Responding to a criticism of his 9-9-9 tax plan, Cain said: “This is an example of mixing apples and oranges. The state tax is an apple. We are replacing the current tax code with oranges.”

When more criticisms came, he again took refuge in the produce aisle. Cain was not taking a position on apples, but he was stoutly in favor of oranges, and he was adamant that they should never be placed in the same bag.

What the exchanges revealed is that Cain lacks a flair for metaphor as well as a working grasp of his own platform. He emphatically denied the charge that his 9 percent business levy would function as a value-added tax. But the analysis commissioned by his own campaign, which he urged everyone to read, takes a somewhat different view. MORE

And this excellent piece from Charles Krauthammer:

Krauthammer: Cain Is “Incoherent” And “Winging It”

“I saw him on Stossel. On abortion, entirely incoherent. On the one hand, people ought to have choice, on the other, life is sacred from the very beginning and abortion ought to be illegal. This isn’t a complicated issue. It’s either one or the other, it can’t be both. Stossel was simply stunned and if you combine it with the 9-9-9 stuff, it’s not just he hasn’t thought it out, he’s winging it and that’s a real problem,” Charles Krauthammer said on FOX News’ “Special Report.” MORE

This next piece points out, yeah, it’s HIS campaign money, but it sure strikes me that there may be some ethics violations at work here, the story tells you why.

Herman Cain spent over $100,000 of donor’s money buying copies of his OWN book

Herman Cain may have based presidential bid around his 9-9-9 tax plan, but some of his other numbers may not be adding up.

Financial filings show that the GOP candidate has used over $100,000 of donor’s money to buy copies of booklets that his own company profits from.

Mr Cain is the sole owner of a corporation called T.H.E. New Voice, Inc., which sells self-published booklets, DVDs and videos chronicling the pizza magnate’s rise to fame.
This news may present legal issues for the presidential candidate, since he is the man that would be profit from this payment to his company. MORE HERE

I have a close friend that is a financial adviser and we talk, a lot. Some of HIS advisers are saying that they are seriously looking at backing Herman Cain. These are hard core GOP guys, with MONEY, lots and lots of money.

I have told my friend, in no uncertain terms, I think HIS advisers are backing the wrong candidate if they back Herman Cain, and so far, I have seen nothing to change my opinion.

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9 Responses to Cain stumbling under glare of national spotlight

  1. Texasperated says:

    Fred, I’m probably going to get a number of our TEA party friends upset with me because so many of them think Cain is the best thing since…well since jam and bread to go with the TEA. But I find Cain not only to be unprepared to be president, I further find his 999 plan to be downright dangerous to the economy. Beyond the fact that it is not a spending reduction plan, it opens a whole new “revenue stream” for the feds. Does nobody else see the problem with this. “Well just keep an eye on Congress,” Cain says. I have a better idea — how about we keep an eye on him instead.

    Consider the flat 9% corporate tax. This means that US companies will no longer be able to deduct the cost of labor. This becomes increasingly important in a service and information economy such as ours. So, if there is no deduction for labor costs, why not have that call center in New Delhi instead of New Branfels? In other words, rather than being good for jobs, the Cain plan has the capacity of being destructive of the jobs that are left in the country.

    Second, consider the 9% personal income tax. Unless you are one of those millionaires and billionaires whom Obama and Romney want to tax at an even higher rate, you are probably not paying over 12-15% income tax now. But more importantly, you will no longer be able to deduct mortgage interest. Seeing as how the present economy began its downward fall with the bursting of the housing bubble and given that it still hasn’t recovered, who will buy a house and pay $1500 a month when they can rent the SAME HOUSE for half that and not have any of the foundation problems that ownership brings. Remember that for the first half of your mortgage, the interest eats up the lion’s share of your mortgage payment. Without that deduction, housing will continue its languorous recovery.

    Finally, consider the 9% federal sales tax on top of the state sales tax. This means that every item we buy will cost 9% more than it used to. Cain says “buy used.” You’ve got to be kidding me? That’s supposed to restore America — buying stuff that other people have already discarded? No, what the 9% federal sales tax will do is the same thing the VAT tax does in European nations — it will drive a large percentage of the economy underground and cost revenue for the states and local governments who actually do things.

    This is all before we even consider Cain’s “empowerment zones” which are simply the old enterprise zones left over from Jack Kemp’s day. In other words, the first thing Cain will do is change his “flat” tax so that it benefits the “poor” and “inner city” folks. Now how is that less complex than what we currently have. Before you know it everyone else will be lined up at the government trough again.

    Better than Obama? Marginally.

    Keep your powder dry.

  2. Steve Dennis says:

    I think that Cain’s rise in the polls is because people are looking for the anti-Romney cadidate. For awhile that candidate was Perry but his stance on the DREAM Act hurt him so people started looking at Cain. Now that he is in the spotlight I think his star is going to start to fade. I liked him until he came out with the 9-9-9 plan but I cannot get past the 9% sales tax and will not vote for him.

  3. mrchuck says:

    Herman Cain will change,,,like the wind blows.
    Who has the best chance to kick Obama’s ass out of the office??

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