The Return of European Ills?

As noted last night, I read a lot of very fine blogs, once in a while I like to feature a post from them, and this is one that struck me as worthy, it’s from my buddy The Bull at
The Bull Speaks and the post is entitled The Return of European Ills?, enjoy, and visit The Bull Speaks often, he is a very blunt writer, he speaks his mind, he’s not PC and you never have to guess where you stand with him…

Italy is – and has been – in a stage of growing ethnic tension.

The recently elected new mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, was once a proud neo-Fascist – a supporter of anti-democratic, right wing radicalism. He was arrested on three separate occasions for his fascist activities – including at least one fire-bombing where he threw the bomb! Today Mr. Alemanno claims to be firmly in the “Center-Right”.

“Center Right”, huh?

The Bull suggest that the Dear Readers of this blog that savor their Freedom and the Freedom of All Mankind should take a closer look at this little, fast-running man and his plans for the future. Plans that include the immediate expulsion of in excess of 20,000 so-called ‘undesirable’ immigrants that were – until Alemanno’s election – legal and apparently ‘desirable’ immigrants.

The mayor’s argument? That these immigrants are making ‘true Romans’ poorer by the day.

Then there are the gypsies. There are approximately 100,000 of the Roma people living in Italy today. As I write this, police – under orders from Gianni Alemanno – are burning down the Roma camps with the goal of eliminating ALL gypsies from the city limits, and approaches, of Rome.

Then there are the whispers of the need to “cleanse” Rome of some of its “less desirable” minorities – like Blacks, for instance. And the attacks on minority shop owners by gangs of literal ‘brown shirted’ teens demanding that those minorities leave Rome. The same youths that snap to attention whenever their new mayor passes by and offer up their straight-armed Roman salute.

Are you having a slight flash of deja vu?

Thinking that we’ve seen something like this before?

You should.The last guy to act like this in Rome had a nickname – or rather, a title – that was screamed by his supporters where ever he went. Strangely enough, this new mayor of Rome has exactly the same nickname. And like his infamous predecessor throngs are screaming this title as Mr. Alemenno struts by.

Il Duce

The actual name of the last guy was Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini, for you ‘historically challenged’ readers. The Fascist leader of the Italian Social Republic do WWII fame.

Add this, my friends, of what we already know to be going on in Europe, the political weakness here in America, and I think that you – like The Bull – will feel a chill run down your spine. There is more, but you will need to go to European media to find it. Once again, the American media is only concerned with its own agenda.


Bull, out! X 

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2 Responses to The Return of European Ills?

  1. Yes, and what happened to Mussolini? He was hanged. But is it impossible to understand what motivates those of Roma to operate in this fashion? I say no, it’s NOT impossible to understand. And THAT’S what’s wrong with out-of-control or unenforced immigration policies not just in Italy but all over the globe and the US: pretty soon people simply want rationality in their lives, some bit of control, and find themselves forced into situations because those in power refused to listen to the People, disregarded their wishes or, in the state of Fornicalia, completely disavowed their massive majority votes on major propositions such as 1. Gay marriage and 2. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.


  2. Katie says:

    The people of Rome and Europe in general have forgotten their Judeo-Christian roots and have adopted the religion of multiculturalism. This religion has no basis in God. But does have a basis in true evil (whatever you want to call that entity). It is time that Europeans return to their religious roots. Start attending Church again, worshiping God and not their possessions. True morality comes from above, not your wallet.

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