Let’s put the conflict to rest!

Let’s put the conflict to rest!

Recently I was taken to task by a few folks that we are referring to as FAUX Conservatives, this whole thing started because I stated a personally held opinion, in a private email, one in which the individual asked me what I had against Michelle Malkin, and I told him:

“She is a FAKE, she spouts off about stuff just to be saying it, she cares NOT what it is or who it may hurt as long as it gets her some notice, a Drama Queen and “ME ME ME ME ME By God look at ME!!!” She is what makes the Conservatives of this nation look bad, my opinion. I refuse to click on her site.”

After further prodding via private email I went on to say: “I hate Malkin, she’s a reactionary hatchet faced gook bitch and she released some peoples personal info, out of spite, and then went apeshit when they released her’s in return, she is a hypocrite and apparently you are not as well aware of that bitch and her agenda as you think you are.”

Well, because of my PERSONAL opinion the members of the Reject the U.N. blogroll have been maligned as racists and supporters of murder simply because I also stated that I fully believe that we MUST station troops on the border and shoot to kill anything that crosses that border, at anything other than a LEGAL crossing, those fine folks on Reject the U.N. are maligned because of MY opinion! Not their opinion, MINE, and that is the most unfair hypocrisy of all.

What happened to free speech I wonder? I guess to some it only applies when THEY speak because several members of a so-called conservative site have been attempting to contact the members of the Reject the U.N. blogroll, asking them to stand up for what’s right or some such and to leave that blogroll, well, why just the UN roll??

They even went so far as to say that my racist (gook) hate speech and advocacy of murder (border security) was all the reason that was needed to DEMAND that my blog be taken off the ‘net, I guess these babes in the woods have never read REAL hate speech.

I don’t know, just guessing here, but maybe the accusers are too stupid to realize that there are 10 blogrolls sponsored by me, no matter, here’s the deal:

I make NO apology to ANYONE for my opinions of Malkin or my feelings towards the secure border that I feel we must have, if my opinions on those matters doesn’t sit well with you, if those opinions give you pause or make you uncomfortable in any way and make you feel that you want off of ANY of the blogrolls I sponsor, just drop a comment here and it’s a done deal.

You see, in ALL honesty, the blogrolls are a pain in the ass, but since I started them, I’ll maintain them as long as there are members that want the maintained, but for some odd reason these FAUX Conservatives seem to think blogrolls are life or death and that MY blog will go away without them, they are NOT life or death and I am here to stay!

I don’t make one penny off of the blogrolls and to be quite honest with ALL of you, once your site have been linked and ranked because OF a particular blogroll, that’s it, from that point on it’s nothing more than a LIST of blogs that makes it easy to keep up with who has posted recently and no one gains any additional blogosphere rankings from it.

So, if MY personal political beliefs don’t line up with yours, if my beliefs make you uncomfortable, just say so and we can part company, you’ll keep on blogging, I’ll keep on blogging, and the world will NOT end.

So, there ya go Donnie Dickless, you and your 10 or 12 supporters, that vast multitude you keep referring to, can have at it, makes no difference to me, and if you can talk everyone into dumping the rolls you may have actually done me a favor and made my life a lot easier.

Now it’s out there for everyone to see, on a blog that actually has more than a small handful of readers, and the choice is up to ‘the people’.

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35 Responses to Let’s put the conflict to rest!

  1. Ranando says:

    I’m staying……When the shit hits the fan there’s no place I’d rather be than in a foxhole with TexasFred, I know for sure that he’ll have my back.

    Plus I know for sure that he’ll look at me and say, “Just think Ranando, someday we’ll look back on this and laugh”.

    Keep up the good work Fred, many of us depend on you.

  2. TexasFred says:

    Ranando, I’m laughing already, at these dumbshits that think the wetbacks are NOT trying to take over the nation and think that we won’t end up with URBAN WARFARE right here in America…

    And I’ll be laughing even harder when those asshats are crying and begging and pleading for all the REDNECKS to come and save them…

  3. Jo says:

    I have a serious hate for people that try to pick MY friends, always have, always will. It’s a freakin’ childish game and I ain’t playin’.Thanks for letting the choice be mine….too bad the other individual couldn’t be mature about it…what is he…like 16 or sumpin ?I picture him like this :Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh you hurt my feelers. Ima take my ball an go home…waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. TexasFred says:

    Damn Jo, you call it as well as I do, you’re OK in MY racist, NAZI, Redneck, beer drinking book!! :P

  5. Jo says:

    Hush up and pass the damn beer, Fred. :D

  6. Katie says:

    I am a proud member of the blog roll and if that makes me a racist then I’m a proud racist.

    In the 1970′s the Tower of Babel, known as the United Nations, declared Zionism as racism.  I was a proud racist then.

    Today the open borders traitors declare that closed border advocates are racists.

    I am a proud racist then!!!!!

  7. TexasFred says:

    Thank you Katie, these same pseudo-conservative scum also tried to imply that I was anti-Semitic and stated that I would be happy if they we’re dead, especially if they were Jewish, and nothing could be further from the truth..

    I am a very blunt individual and I am very plain spoken, no one ever has to worry about where they stand with me, and yeah, I said GOOK, and I’ll likely say it again too, hell, I have said a lot worse, but I NEVER bashed the Jewish faith or Jewish people in ANY way, but it certainly is strange that these so-called conservatives would come up with such an unfounded accusation like that, makes me wonder if perhaps that’s not where the FAUX Intellectuals own prejudice may lie.

  8. Phred says:

    I`m stickin with you Fred. This is a good example of whats eating away at our country and way of life. Everytime some cry baby whimpers - people fold up and begin to want to be PC. They stop thinking for theirselves, and take on the opinion of the cry baby. Who was it that said, ” If you don`t stand for something - you you will fall for anything ” ?I dropped Malkin off my blogroll some time ago. Frankly, she bores me. To Dickless, I say ( again ) If you are the friend of my enemy, you are my enemy.Bartender, bring us another round.

  9. Kate says:

    Ya know Fred, we may not always see eyeball to eyeball on everything….but criminy…I’m with Ranando!  I’d rather have YOU in my corner than some spineless twit who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.  I’m stickin’, and they can all bite my over sized ol’ hinder!

  10. Cary says:

    I’m with the rest of these beer-drinking, redneck, racist, NAZI Fred-following crazyheads on here.I wouldn’t be able to ask for a better crew to hunker down with.At least I know exactly where I stand with each of you, and if there is any doubt, all I have to do is ask.  I’m sure I’ll get the answer I need, which may not necessarily be the one I want.

  11. Cary says:

    (sidenote - I’ll be the designated driver, since I don’t drink beer anymore, that way the rest of you can carry on as before)

  12. TexasFred says:

    Cary, that seems to be the problem exactly, they asked and got MY answer, and it damn sure wasn’t the answer they wanted, although I have to say, had they read my blog before going stoopid, they would have been fully warned…  :P

  13. Kate says:

    Cary, we can switch out…

    I don’t drink either.  :)

  14. Cary says:

    ‘zactly, Fred. Deal, Kate.

  15. ablur says:

    I’m here and I’m staying.  We might not agree on every point but freedom of speech and perspective are individual things.  You can tell them to not bother contacting me.  If you need support I’m with Fred and Company.  How can there be so many thin skined, lame brained, pansies in this great nation? 

  16. Basti says:

    Ya think its bad now?  Just wait until the high-yaller gets elected.  Y’all ain’t seen nothing yet.

  17. TexasFred says:

    Damn Basti…  LMAO…

  18. Gawfer says:

    I don’t always agree with you Fred, but the funny thing about freedom of thought is: I don’t have to. Nor do you have to always agree with me. And I’m ok with that.

    The fundamental truth is we are Americans who are watching our country slowly slip away, and there’s very little we can do except shout and point. So, I’m gonna keep shouting along with everyone else, and just perhaps, someone will take notice before our flag becomes the Stars and tacos.

  19. Patrick Sperry says:

    Screw them all, and pass the beer.

  20. SoCalOilMan says:

    First post here, but I’ve been dropping by for the last week or so and I think I have a feel for this site. I love reading opinions that are undiluted by PC crap. Undocumented aliens in this country are illegal, hence calling them illegal aliens is not disparaging Mexicans, Haitians or whoever, it’s just affixing the proper moniker to the law breakers.

    Reading the blogroll for Reject the U.N., looks like you set it up and run it, so it’s yours. Who are these people to come in and say that you shouldn’t represent the entity you set up?

    If those listed below “Editor in Chief” disagree with your opinion, they could leave at any time. I just love outsiders that show up and tell you how to run your business.

  21. TexasFred says:

    SoCalOilMan, welcome, I have read your blog as well and find it to MY liking…

    Some folks think freedom of speech is just ducky, as long as they control the mic, well, that’s great, they can say anything they like, on their blogs, and I am going to support them in their posting, even if I don’t agree with it, but when I post something THEY don’t like all we get is calls for boycott and removal from the ‘net…

    Talk about your basic hypocrisy..

    And a note to Saberpoint: If you think this was ANY kind of a concession post, you’re a bigger MORON than Dickless is you illiterate wretch…

  22. Duk Chan says:

    me no thinky you stinky-
    me come from boat, me get visa, me get grene card, me go school becoming American.

    me lovs American, American Power hates American.


  23. Ranando says:

    What the F**K is a Saberpoint? Some kind of Butt-Plug or something?

    As far as Don’s PHD, F**K him. Those who can do, those who can’t, teach.

    A PHD is what you get when you can’t get an MD. It’s kind of like becoming a Chiropractor, you wanted to be a Doctor but couldn’t make it.

    To think this asshat is out there teaching our kids the Circle-Jerk, WTF.

  24. TexasFred says:

    Who IS that masked man??

    Here’s a clue: What’s up Doc? :P

  25. Ranando says:

    That’s Obama’s brother…………..

    Am I right? Come on I have to be right, am I?

  26. Ranando says:

    This is driving me nuts………..

    I’ve seen this guy somewhere………

    Is it Eloy Oakley?

  27. BobF says:

    Since when are Mexicans a race of people and why is wanting to protect your borders being a racist?

    When the excrement hits the air recirculating device in the streets of America, I want to be with the folks found on here. We’ll be well armed and watching out for each other.

  28. Phred says:

    That`s right. Invest in ammo, not oil futures.

  29. Robert says:

    Well never let it be said I didn’t try to reason with his “intellectual” ass.

    Gawfer destroyed him at his place for the error of his ways, I think the person at saber point or whatever actually was the smart one, he kept the issue between you two. ALL of us have issues from time to time but to involve all of the folks that read you or know you or whatever is some dumb ass maneuver.

    I bet they had to burn the school down to get that nutbasket out of 5th grade, and supposedly he’s a PHD?

    His writing is professor-esque and his ability to talk down to everyone is certainly like a snobby professor so I must assume he’s a liberal plant…. LOL

  30. RTaylor says:

    While trucking, on the rare occassions I actually turned my CB on, my favorite line was “I’ll drive my truck, you drive yours”. Same with blogging - I’ll blog my way, you blog your way.

    If folks don’t like what you write, they don’t have to read it.

    We’ve been called “racist” and all kinds of names because of our stance against the Mexican truck pilot program. I even lost a paid blogging spot because I refused to back down on my beliefs. Funny thing is that everything we predicted over a year ago has come true (from drug smuggling to illegal alien smuggling)..

    They are just jealous, TexasFred. Probably just attacking you to try to increase their readership (happened to me.. backfired miserably on the idiot who did it, too..)

    Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it - having to deal with the second-semester, second grade name calling and silliness by folks who have nothing more to do than troll blogs making stupid comments..

  31. TexasFred says:

    RTaylor, that is exactly what they have done, and it DID backfire on them, if they lost Gary, Sue and Cary then they lost 3 of the very best he had as readers…

    I think Rob at American and Proud said it best, he’s a libber ‘plant’ and he has some of these folks by the short and curly… :?

    One in particular, Samantha West, seems to think Dickless is a God in the blog world, she is a Marine groupie I think, she loves EVERYTHING Marine, not sure exactly why, maybe a relative was a Marine, whatever, she told me off about the border issue thing saying I was calling for HER Marines to commit murder.

    Well, for 1 thing, she is apparently a reading and comprehension challenged old gal, I called for the National Guard to be place on the border, NOT the USMC.

    And additionally, the man she apparently worships was engaged in a Marine discussion about 2 years ago and he denigrated the entire USMC and I personally took him to task over it, then he comes back NOW and says, “I was just joking”…

    Well, I wasn’t…

  32. Kate says:

    It just scares me who they’ll give a PHD to these days. Is there some kind of oddball litmus test they give ‘em? Those 3 letters use to actually mean something, now the only thing they mean to me is someone decided the real world was too much for them, so the spent a great deal of time and money on learning something they never put to use. Nor, does logical thinking need to be a requirement either. And obviously, maturity isn’t a requirement.

  33. cary - Botan Ichihara says:

    Piled Higher and Deeper.

  34. GUYK says:


    Fred I have no doubt you know my feelings about the sumbitches..FUCK ‘EM!

  35. Ranando says:


    Send his email to Oakley and let him see how Don is represnting LBCC. How one of his people is speaking on the web.

    Believe me they won’t put up with this nonsense.