US units exiting Iraq deployed in Jordan to forestall Syrian attack

US units exiting Iraq deployed in Jordan to forestall Syrian attack

As the US completes its final withdrawal from Iraq, American special forces troops have been diverted to positions in Jordan opposite a Syrian tank concentration building up across the kingdom’s northern border, debkafile’s military and intelligence sources report.

As of last Thursday,  military convoys, air transports and helicopters have been lifting US troops across the border from Iraq. They have been deployed in position to ward off a possible Syrian invasion in the light of President Bashar Assad’s warning that he would set the entire Middle East on fire if the pressure on his regime to step down persisted.  

Syria’s other neighbors have taken precautions against this contingency but this is the first time US boots have hit the ground directly opposite Assad’s army.

The incoming US contingents are disclosed by our sources as having been housed at the King Hussein Air Base of al-Mafraq, 10 kilometers from the Syrian border. US troops were sighted Monday, Dec. 12, building surveillance towers and army posts in the Jordanian villages of Albaej, Zubaydiah and al-Nahdah al-Houshah as well as near the Sarham dam of the Yarmoukh River which runs down the international border between Syria and Jordan.

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DEBKAfile: US units exiting Iraq deployed in Jordan to forestall Syrian attack

WHY in the hell are we having to use OUR troops and OUR money to protect these oil rich Arab bastards from killing each other? Somehow, I can’t help but think that letting them have at it, in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt and Jordan is the right thing to do.

If a free and peace loving group emerges, great, but the 1st cry of Death to America or Death to Israel should be met with a nuclear strike that causes death and destruction of biblical proportions.


A nuke is a terrible thing to waste. We have a lot of them just lying around, I am convinced that there must be a ‘shelf life’ on these nukes, use them before their usefulness expires. Not one more of our Sons or Daughters needs to DIE to protect Muslims from Muslims!

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5 Responses to US units exiting Iraq deployed in Jordan to forestall Syrian attack

  1. mrchuck says:

    LOVE THE PHOTO !!!!!!

    It says it all, and should be on all letters, stationary and e-mail and cables to ALL Muslim countries.
    I agree, tactical nuclear devices should be always before “boots on the ground”.

    It is now time to do this, before anymore lives of our soldiers are sacrificed for political wars.
    Again,,,, NUKE THEM before any more of our Armed Forces are placed “in country”.

  2. Katie says:

    Rumor has it that Syria has Chemical weapons. (Guess where he got those.) The troops are there to prevent Assad from using his Chemical weapons on the Jordanians. (He uses them on the Israelis and Syria ceases to exist.) The real truth is that Assad will use it on his own people. (Saddam Hussein used them on the Kurds.)

    Plus it is easy to attack Israel from Jordan than Iraq.

    • TexasFred says:

      30 years ago I had a friend that was a Major in the Jordanian military, he was one of the King’s body guards when he was home but he was at Ft. Bliss doing the Patriot Missile program training…

      I would like to think that Jordan would stand with us, I really would, but sadly, Jordan today is NOT the Jordan of 30 years ago.

  3. Bunkerville says:

    Another big screw up by Zero. It will soon time to drop the big one. Jordan no doubt is wise enough to know it is here today and gone tomorrow as far as our support. Just look at what happened with Gadaffi. One month he gets millions from us, and visits the White House, the next thing he has rebarb up his ass. Tells alot about us. And Hillary laughing when she hears the news, like a clown. She is a clown.

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