Officer a target in Occupy pepper spray

Officer a target in Occupy pepper spray

ALBANY — Police are taking steps to protect an Albany police officer whose family has received threats after he was publicly identified for using pepper spray to quell Occupy Albany protesters last week.

A “wanted” poster seeking information including the home address, telephone numbers and “map to home” of Officer Richard Gorleski was posted Wednesday on a Facebook page used by Occupy Albany.

Gorleski’s address and telephone numbers are not publicly listed. But Gorleski’s father, a Troy resident who has the same first name as his son, began receiving unsettling telephone calls from blocked numbers this week. Troy police said they have taken measures to keep watch on the residence.

“We have, in fact, been in contact with Officer Gorleski about his concerns, and they will be our utmost priority,” said Troy police Capt. John Cooney. “We are aware of Rich’s concerns, and we’re going to take it very seriously and maintain a safe environment for his family, as we would for any person in that position.”

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Officer a target in Occupy pepper spray

The Occupy moonbats promised to interject themselves into the Rose Parade, they were good to their word. A hat tip to Weasel Zippers for the YouTube.

There is no doubt that these OCCUPY cretins are going to hurt our Police Officers, honest business people and innocent citizens at ANY opportunity. There is NOTHING that these people touch that doesn’t turn into crime, filth and disease.

These people are a rebirth of the hippie and anti-war culture of the 1960′s, a culture that led to the birth of hard-core Liberals, the so-called Progressives of today.

These people are, by definition, the embodiment of anarchy.

anarchy — Noun:

1. A state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.

2. Absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

Anarchists are dead set on the destruction of America. That makes anarchists MY personal enemy, and in MY not too humble opinion, an enemy of all REAL Americans everywhere.

If the authorities aren’t going to stop these nation destroying anarchists and domestic terrorists, or can’t stop them, when do We, The People get the go ahead to take them out?

I will say this, and I don’t care how anyone interprets it, an anarchist with a lit Molotov is a TARGET, there is nothing I fear more than a Molotov Cocktail and I would have no guilt or remorse of any kind for tapping that bastard 3 or 4 times.

You have got to make sure, never leave *wounded* anarchists lying in the street. :twisted:

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7 Responses to Officer a target in Occupy pepper spray

  1. mrchuck says:

    You have heard the saying: “The natives are getting restless”.

    Well this surely applies to our current times here in our Republic today!!
    Obama will start stirring up the natives very soon about the Republicans want to eliminate their welfare benefits.
    So, get a head start, go to your local community college and enroll in Ebonics 101.

    The howl will be so loud, the fires so hot, the revolt so large that it will truly scare the “white folks” who are un-aware as to what has been going on.

    I still can hear the leader of 30 blacks pushing their grocery carts, wobbling wheels overloading with loot, saying “anybody seen the motha fu**ing checker,,, and the looters were 2 miles away from the stores!!

    Remember “Burn Baby Burn”??? Get ready as time is running out,,,,,,

    The anarchists will join in with the melee rioting.
    You think LA has been terrorized with the current fire starters?
    Well, just wait till another LA riots, Detroit riots, starts up again.
    Without negro welfare, 50 years of raising their broods on it, there will be holy hell of protest destruction.

  2. BobF says:

    In Washington DC, these Occupy jerks knocked two elderly women to the ground, harassed a family with young children, and blocked a man from taking his two year old son home. In NY City they harassed and followed parents as they walked their four year old children to a preschool. Now, we have this in Albany, NY and in LA.

    You’ll notice these Occupy anarchists mostly do this where decent citizens are either prevented or severely restricted from protecting themselves and their families with firearms. Harass a man and his family in Texas, Missouri, Florida, or many other states and there’s a good chance you’ll be staring down the barrel of a handgun.

  3. R Russell says:

    I have no use for the OWS mob—I saw the same people back in the 1960′s, and as you said Fred that movement gave rise to the modern day Progressive Movement. These are uninfomed anarchist who have no sense of right and wrong and are attracted to the outrageous like moths to a flame—-hopefully, they will perish in the flames or vanish in the light of day.

  4. Always On Watch says:

    The Occupiers’ “float” is pathetic. Show up leftist loons for what they are.

    Meanwhile, in my post today, I have a video of how 3rd graders in central Virginia are singing the glories of the Occupy movement. Sheesh.

  5. minuteman26 says:

    They do make water cannons, don’t they? Cities need to find the balls to use them. Cold water on a 20 degree day will semd a message. Manure spreaders would work also. Oh, and buy more ammo for the riots when they do come to a city near you. Herd culling time is right around the corner.

  6. bmene says:

    if Ovomit cant handle these 1/2 hippie 1/2 a$$holes we the American vets will be glad to step in and put an end to it once and for all. just give us a call,American Legion,VFW we are on ready.

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