What did we learn from Iowa last night?

What did we learn from Iowa last night?

Iowa has got to be THE most boring place on earth. If you’ve never driven across I-80, border to border in Iowa, try it sometime, you’ll be looking for a huge cup of coffee every few miles just to keep from falling asleep at the wheel and killing yourself! 😛

Even the Welcome to Iowa sign lets you know, BOREDOM AHEAD. 😕


Iowa might be a really good place, but the only thing I can think of that makes Iowa any kind of a stand-out is, they have the 1st presidential activity, the Iowa Hawkeyes, lots of corn and some MASSIVE hogs.

And in ALL fairness, the Iowa caucuses don’t have all that great a record in making picks.

I had some serious concerns over the last several weeks when Ron Paul was polling as high as he was, but last night the Iowa GOP proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, they are NOT as dumb as I first thought them to be. They’re close, I mean, it appears that they believe Mitt Romney is a Conservative, so, that alone casts a lot of doubt! 😛

Real Conservatives have NO USE for Mittens Romney.


I know the train of thought that’s running through the minds of GOP voters, anyone but Barack Hussein Obama, to the point that *some* would even vote for Ron Paul if, by some seriously strange quirk of fate, he were to become the GOP nominee.

I’m fully convinced that Obama has got to go, I was convinced that he never should have been here to begin with, but the GOP threw up the weakest ticket imaginable when they gave us McRino and Northwoods Barbie as the only alternative.

Some believe, and I am one of them, that the RNC/GOP has already made the decision, Mitt is the one this year. And look at the endorsement he picked up today, John McRino.

The only thing that would make this any more a case of Deja Vu would be for Romney to come out right now saying that if HE is the nominee, Sarah Palin would be his VP choice.

Sadly, I know some people that would mess their pants if that were to happen, “Well ya see, I don’t like Mitt, I’m only voting for him so Palin can be the VP.”

We heard it last election, you can bet that it would be said again, and once more I am going to point out, Vice President is a mostly *do nothing* position unless the POTUS is taken out of action through some set of circumstances. I didn’t vote for McRino for that very reason, besides the fact that I detest the old bastard, I felt that Palin was the LAST person I would want in charge of this nation. Now, I almost see an exact repeat of 2008 about to happen here in America.

So, Michele Bachmann is OUT, I believe that’s a good thing. John Huntsman didn’t play, he felt that Iowa was beneath him and had no significance, he was likely correct. Perry finished in 5th place but, it’s Iowa, it is NOT a bellwether of the nation. Ron Paul came in 3rd place, ahead of Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich, and it looks like Rick Santorum gave Romney a run for the money.

Again, it’s Iowa, it’s a caucus, it’s NOT a binding vote, not in ANY way. Basically, what we saw last night was a feel good event for the state of Iowa that, in truth, has little, if ANY bearing on to political complexion of the 2012 race.

Who won the Iowa GOP caucus in 2008? Mike Huckabee … and where is he now?

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8 Responses to What did we learn from Iowa last night?

  1. minuteman26 says:

    How is it that two pissant states like Iowa and NewHampshire are seen as deciders of who the GOP nominee will be? In my mind they are irrelevant.

  2. Shady says:

    You know what I like about IOWA………..
    They have tons of hog farms Fred…lots of HOGS as in PIGS, I love it!

  3. mrchuck says:

    Iowa is the flea on the elephants ass yelling rape!
    Means nothing, all hype and pompus.

    The real test will come much later when the Republicans vote as to who will be their candidate to defeat Obummer.

    Anything can happen in this time.

  4. Bob Mack says:

    But I have a fondness for Iowa, Fred, due primarily to a cross-country trip in the early ’70s. A stop in Des Moines to replenish my beer supplies led to a pleasant evening with a lady Cornhusker. Nostalgia aside, I don’t think we should be so quick to anoint our nominees based on what a handful of people in states with 6 (Iowa–down from 7) or 4 (New Hampshire) electoral votes think.

  5. OrergonBuzz says:

    I’m going to ignore all the vitriol here aimed at Iowa (where I grew up) because I think it is generated from a political point of view which is subjective rather than personal experience which is objective.

    This may be the inappropriate place for this, but I wonder if anyone has any additional information about Iran building missile bases in Venezuela?
    If this is actually happening it seems to me that the candidates should address the issue. There is a blog entry on American Thinker about this with some supporting information.

    • TexasFred says:

      Ignore it or not, I really don’t care… I take TONS of shit about being from Texas, so you see, quite honestly, I don’t give a DAMN…

      Venezuela and Iran? American Thinker? Why don’t you ask American Thinker… If I had anything about them I think you know I would write about it, if there was anything to it… I am not going to fisk American Thinker looking for a link to their story, but you can send it to me on email if you like…

      Re: Iowa… At least I didn’t make a tacky comment about the MASSIVE hogs being the Iowa cheerleaders or the chicks trolling bars.. 😈

  6. Iowa? I like the Iowa 80 TA truck stop, and pheasant hunting there…

    Iowa as a political entity really is much ado about nothing. So the Paultards came out in force, so what? Mitt Romney came out on top by a handful of votes. Now, that is almost as scarey as McCain endorsing him!

    Bluto for POTUS! 🙂

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